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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Yoz everyone..
Miss mi rite...
Been busy the pass few weeks or so
busy with my new job
Busy handling my new load of stress over dere
Oh ya..
I change new job last week liao
though I have less freedom over dere
cannot use internet
cannot do thing my way cannot tis cannot tat
ermz pay is kinda attractive cum it's at Orchard area
wat more
i dun have to work on Saturday
But i'm still not reali use to de new environment over dere
plus everyone isn't tat friendly
I work for like 7 days liao but i still haven't talk to every1 over dere
not i anti-social lor
is juz tat the ppl dere isn't reali tat friendly de lor
maybe perhap i'm still new to them
plus i onli got 3 weeks to learn everything
as my colleague who taught mi de is going on leave for 3months
i juz wonder how i going to die liao lor
Let's pray hard nothing will happen this few months
Hope everything will went well ba..
Today is my bendan's uncle birthday...
Went to Tong Le eat Dim Sum buffet...
dun reali like dere
where got buffet dun have enough food for ppl to eat de
i mean when we wanna order in the buffet list
they claim no more liao but if wanna order separately
which pay separately den got
where got like tat de rite
somemore not juz 1 dish onli leh
each person cost like 19+++
expensive rite
no good no good
Rite now,
we are over at bendan's uncle hse
juz eaten the GoodWood Park durian cake plus durian crepe
is so super doper nice
Bendan now throwing mi aside lor
he slping soundly,snoring away
when i cannot slp
bad bendan