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Friday, October 21, 2016

[Korea - Seoul] Everland Theme Park

Prefect day to start off ~ OOTD in the lift
Always love mirror in the lift
Super excited cause we are going to Everland theme park lei!!

Breakkie at MAC ~ it always a must for mac whenever, wherever country I went to..
Korea mac had the worse service I had been to.. Even due to different language, Malaysia /Thailand mac service crew still does a better job..
Just happen I saw how the Mac crew do hand signal like whatever kind to one of the customer (I think he is from Taiwan lah..).. Even though she didn't show tat kind of attitude toward mi(I bet because I speak English..) but I always thought MAC should had the best service de..
Oh well!

With the help from our airbnb host, Yong, we managed to grab bus transport and admission tickets for 40000 won for the 2 of us..
One issue ~ we had difficultly searching for the bus, we dun even know where to wait for the bus too..  

After dunno how long the journey we reached Everland, cause as usual I knocked off the minute the bus drove off.. WHoopz!
I remembered we need to change another bus before reaching Everland entry lah..
But WHERE's the photo ar!!
Pardon mi lah.. Was having a bad day that day, headache and restless day!! DAmnit!
What do you think of when you came to Theme park!!??

The fun ride isn't it!!
Oh well, for mi isn't the case... I came here for photos and food of course!! hahaha that mi lah.. which is why I get so excited to have the chance to go to Disneyland in HongKong!!

Oh ya... speak of Hong Kong, I flying in Sept with my 26 weeks baby bump.. Hence we gonna cancel our Disneyland trip..

Our journey started...!

***Warning~~~~~~~~ Photos overloaded ya!!

While I took hundred shots of photos, Hubb only took one and the only shot!!

Not like I like Line friends so much lah, I just can't resist cute pluffy stuffs!!
If happen you have the chance to step in to our nest, you will see how much pluffy stuffs hanging around our nest.. YES not just the bedroom.. I can't imagine how it will be like when our bun bun is out..
Our berry first ride ~ Sky cruise
Took this to get to the top if not I think I will kill my Hubb..
My dream, my favorite, my weak point
 Cute little boy actually wanna pose for mi to take a shot of his 'tiger' paint on his face..
Sorry boy, due to the sunlight, mi didn't catch yr tiger face..

Some of the scary rides..
You will never see mi on all this rides for sure... I think my heart can only stand ETP ride ba..

World's ninth fastest, fourth tallest and sixth longest wooden coaster!!

I been hearing screaming every time the roller coaster started! Kinda scary! I can't imagine if I was to sit on this ~ oh well, y am I imagining it when this wun even happen..
Hubb and I started with this locking hands thingy HAHAHA...

Miniatures in the Park

Princess Umji!
Okay I totally dunno who is she lah.. Maybe some cartoon character in Korea..
But we still spent 40 mins just to watch the 'dun understand' play! Kinda interesting lah.. It will be good if they use English ba since this is a theme park and also tourist attraction..

Hop on the bus for the ZOO.. It located in the Everland theme park itself..
Excited mi!!


I almost wanna persuade Hubb to book a private tour just for this!!

Hop on the second park of the Zoo ~ more like Jurassic Park style lei..
This ride is kinda special as it goes on land and water too..
Oh I remembered running run came here to shoot before.. hahaha!!
Giraffe Kwang Sooo!! Whoopz!  

Some tourists got the chance to feed the giraffes, some get overly excited especially the kiddos..
Lucky I choose the right side to sit on the bus as
I'm way to scare to get close to the giraffe lah..

Feeling sick, nauseous and headache at the point of time...
I bet I'm too hungry
It's freaking 3pm and we haven't eat our lunch and our last meal is at freaking 8am in the morning!!
Hubb wanna starved mi hor!!

Super act yi ge cute please!! Hubb requested and I just did all this!!

Hubb Favorite picture!

Ended our day with the sweetest moment
Sunset, sweetsss!
Definitely one of the places I will come back for when I have the chance to fly back to Korea..

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