Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It's my BIRTHDAY month!

July is the month..
A special month.. 
My birthday month~ okay our birthday month.. 
Abit more special this year~~ firstly is our big 30 this year, no more 20++... 
OMG!! 时间都去哪儿了!

One more thing, this is the last year celebrating as both of us.. Next year this time will be a family of Three..

Thanks Guan Yin Ma!! 
Today 5 July, nurse from my gynae called to tell me the result of my Panorama test (oso called the DNA test)... Everything is good, baby is healthy and I know the GENDER lo!!! 
Shhh... Not going to announce first just in case any of my friends or family see this...

OMG!! I need to calm down abit!!! hahahahahaha... Still so excited over...!! Already started carting all the baby clothes and socks and shoe and etcccc... Help!!!!!

Well bb, thank you for being healthy.. Mummy will continue to stay healthy and eat more food for you for the next 5 months plus.. Please be good too!!

Am still struggling with my Korea blog, so I skipped and jumped to BKK, and I'm flying to Hong Kong in Sept'16.. 
Yes I'm flying again!! 
Never been Hong Kong before so I'm kinda excited over it though Hubb kept saying I wun like it de lah... Who care!! 
As long can travel who dun wan!! hahahaha!!

Counting down already!!
22 - 24 Jul - Family chalet BBQ at D'resort downtown east
27 Jul - My big 30
28 Jul - Hubb big 30
16 Aug - BB detailed scan
23 - 26 Sept - Hong Kong trip 


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