Tuesday, October 18, 2016

29 weeks scan and Cousin wedding

It's been 3 weeks plus since I last seen my baby girl..
After a long wait(not like berry long lah, but juz can't wait to see and hear my baby girl..!), finally  get to see and hear my baby girl heart beat last Friday 14 Oct'16.
Always feel so touched!!

Thank you for being healthy and also absorbing all the mummy food intakes..
Mummy is losing weight while my baby girl gained weight.. Not a bad sign anyway isn't it!!
Gynae mentioned baby is in a good and healthy weight range..
Please continue to stay healthy and dun forget to give mummy yr kicks every night...

I really dunnoe how to see my baby scan photo..
Beautiful bed of flowers
Attended Hubb's cousin wedding at the church.. First time attended church wedding and didn't expect it will be in a auditorium.. 
Anyway, thanks for inviting.. It was a great experience and eye opening experience..

Okay vain mi when saw a bed of beautiful flowers so not going to waste it..
Snap and snap!  
Went back home to rest before we headed off for second round of the wedding..
Tired die me!!
Knock off right after I washed up and slp straight 2 hrs before waking up to prepare..
Love the effort done by the newly wed!!

Menu and seat arrangement name tag
Table deco
Wedding gift ~ cactus
Simply love this kind of wedding rather than the traditional kind but well...
it's as costly ya...
Not going waste such a nice make up hor..

Training in process!
Jiselle, you see your daddy.. Getting prepared for you..

The food is yummy!
Photo booth taking earlier this morning!!
Wishing the newly wed ~ Ken and Hannah everlasting love!!!

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