Sunday, October 9, 2016

[Korea - Seoul] Yoogane Chicken Galbi Myeongdong

Bestie Ai highly recommended us to try this..

Yoogane is one of the many Galbi in Korea. Galbi refers to grilled dishes in Korean food that marinated meat in ganjang-based sauce.
Google that Yoogane has a few branches in Seoul, they have 2 branches in Myeongdong lo..
I think I looked quite shag and tired over here!!
In fact I am lah..
Came here right after Everland theme Park with a heavy head somemore... Oh man.. I hope I can enjoy it even more...

Before cooking
After cooking
 I think Hubb still have the phobia of this color of food ever since our scary lunch that day..
We even ordered the seafood pancake just to wanna eat it together with the chicken galbi..
 Oh well
Personal feel: Not that fantastic lah, not like must try maybe it due to highly recommended and you tend to set a higher standard but it good enough lah..
Definitely not my Hubb kind of food that he will come again.. Sorry!! 

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