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Sunday, September 4, 2016

[Korea~Seoul] Loco Quan 401 restuarant, Sunset at Namsam Seoul Tower

Finally get my hands started on Seoul blog lo.. I swear I'm trying my best already...
Somehow feel that lucky I choose not to blog per day if not I think I will be even slower to update ba..
Okay finishing soon le.. Hang in there plss...

From Jeju back to Seoul, feeling super excited wor(I didn't noe I will be so disappointed after that..)

Why did Hubb look so shag!! 
I bet from taking care of mi throughout he journey lah.. Muackz!

 Our airbnb stay for the next few nights and I freaking dun like it..
Dun feel like bringing it up over and over again.. Read it here for more ba!!
But one thing for sure, I definitely prefer hotel stay than airbnb..
our day started with #ootd hahaha

 First stop 
Loco Quan 401 restuarant
Address: 8th floor of Champion Building. 41 Myeongdong 10-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
 Always been a super fan of running man 
so I get super excited when heard Hubb bringing mi here.. 
Though I really wanna go Gary's restaurant at Hongdae for their bbq big intestine!
No chance for this trip liao!
  Seldom take alone shot so must credit yi xia!!
 Didn't expect there's totally no crowd at all even it is lunch hour wor!!
Only like 3,4 tables of ppl including us!! 
Thank for accommodating mi!! hahaha

After lunch we walked from Myeongdong to Namsam Seoul tower, sound crazy isn't it..
At least I think I'm crazy to agree with Hubb to walk all the way to Namsam Seoul tower!!! 
To and fro!!
Not like it 10-20mins you know!!I totally feel that it took an hour plus to walk there!
Thank god for the weather if not I think I'm going to kill Hubb!! 

 Ticket for cable car to Namsam Seoul Tower

Imagine instead of the cable car, you can walk all the way up without needing to pay any penny!!
I think this is way nut case lah..
Walking down already going to kill mi, imagine I need to walk up the stairs.. Thanks but no thanks ya!
Seoul's version of the "locks of love"

Our version of Locks of love ~ Shy❤❤❤
Didn't buy locks from SG and didn't wanna spend $$ just to lock our love there.. (one of my butts told mi, she can't find her locks even it just 2 months apart, plus she locked it at a place she will not forget de.. )
 So we decided a different way to lock our love there..
Beautiful isn't it!!

OH my GOSH~~~ What kind of face is this lah!!
Finally manage to get ppl to help us take couple shots... Super shy to do pose lor!

Just YOU and ME

To my HUBB, thank you for making this trip happened.. Thank you for taking good care of mi.. Thank you for loving mi!!
I love you! Can't wait to proceed to our next step of life!

Sunset at Namsam Seoul Tower, was totally unforgettable..

And so, bye Namsam Seoul Tower, till we see you again

(not possible unless we coming with new company who never visit here before lah... Still I love this place a lot..)

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