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Saturday, September 27, 2014


Unusually I woke up as early as 7am especially on a Saturday morning.. 
normally I will wake up much later den my hubb as we need to open door for my PT maid at 8am..
Unusually hubb n mi converse berry weird..
Hubb to mi: Dear... y this few days u like can't slp..
Mi to Hubb: Where got? Only today wat...
either one of us will just woke up and say to each other 'Dear I love you...'
Unusually hubb woke up too and pray straight away... 
normally he will drag n drag till before 11 or 12 (this really piss mi off sometime...), even can wait till he bought breakfast back and ate...
Unusually I can't finish my favorite fishball noodles and kopi..
Unusually I stood up and wanna go do my laundry...
All the Unusually actually led to this, kinda hinting and telling mi that something is gonna happened..
And it did...!
Just when I wanna do my laundry, I saw smoke coming out from my neighbor's flat...
Trying to be calm..
I asked hubb to go out to check if they were burning stuffs or if the flat was on fire or something..
just when the smell got stronger
Hubb dashed in and shouted 'Yes, it's on fire'
and ask mi to evacuate and go downstair with my PT maid
I was like 'OMG... my clothes still hanging at service yard' and got scolded by my hubb..
and just when I went outside the hse...
The whole corridor was already so smelly and smoky...

Hubb called SCDF and rushed to informed the rest of our neighbours at our level and subsequently the guys help to inform the rest of the neighbours at other level to evacuate..

Not sure what really happen and I really dunno what to do...
Heard that it's actually their wedding day o(. __ .)o
It really sad to hear that..
Deep down I was praying,
praying that the couples will be fine..
praying that their house will be fine...
and of coz
praying that my house will fine too...

Kudos to all the SDCF members..
Thank for all the great hard work...

Kudos to my neighbor...
Though we are those Hi-Bye-Smile neighbor, in time of needs we are selfless and give all our best to help out before the professionals arrived..
I strongly believe that after this incident, we will no longer be Hi-bye-smile neighbours and will be closely bonded...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My shopping therapy

I think I will need to talk to Sam (my insurance agent )...
especially I'm a shopaholic..

Do we?


At times 
when I feeling down at work or with family or even with my hubb.. 
Shopping really put me in a better mood..
simply a top or pumps or anything I love, really brighten up my day alot...

Why I call myself shopaholic?

Answer as below...
This is all within a month nia.. OMG!
I had been doing a lot online shopping ever since
Obdesignhad open to overseas shipping..
Taiwan website to buy plus size clothings online... (I always go to the shop when i visit Taiwan... speak of the devil... my taiwan posts still hanging there =.= )

I just see my shopping history!!!
18August - I bought 4 tops 1 bottom

28 August - I bought another 4 tops
18 Sept - I bought 4 tops and 2 bottoms
 I really in need of another wardrobe already...
BTW the quality is berry good n nice and most importantly is cheap...
My buys always in an average of S$15!!


This is not all of it leh...
Ever since I was intro to Taobao, I get super doper addicted!!
I even see ppl buy like furniture (like for the whole house wor!) 
For mi...

I bought stuffs like sleeping wear for wedding, cupcake holder, LOVE plates, bom
bom deco n balloons for our candy bar for surprisingmylove.. I even bought winter boots, neck cushion for my Europe trip lor!!!! And and and iphone 6 casing too.. 
oh ya... n 2 pumps (seem like i had been adding more n more! whoopz!)
I noe I suppose to save $$$ but all this is need leh (okay I NEED IT)...
Hubb wun kill mi de la!! (so far ba!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


What a Wednesday! What a mid week! Oh Gosh!

Started with the express bus which I took every morning to work, changed the bus route TODAY due to the F1 race this weekend.. The bus stop which I gonna alight, is just two stops away which wun take mi more than 8mins to reach(depend on the bus queue, normally less than 5mins if no queue of bus ar).. Today it took more than 15mins to reach the bus stop.. I was supposed to be early today as I left home early.. Who knows!
Anyway, yes! It's no big deal la... FML only *____* for not checking on the bus route thingy...
Not wanna complained about this, I know F1 race is kinda of yearly thingy already, but this is like the first year I get so affected.. OMG!
Okay just tahan for 3 days, just 3 days will do...

Feeling so lonely at work.... My girlie took half day MC today and threw me all alone... (okay, hope she is alright liao)

Worse part of the day... I DIDN'T MANAGED TO GET THE IPHONE 6 FROM SINGTEL....
I just dun understand that why did all this telcos open date for peeps to pre-register their interest few days before the launch date and they didn't limited to peeps who had pre-register their interest to book their collection date on the launch date.. Why! Tell me why...
I was so damned excited and happy that I had managed to book my interest on the 12th and I thought I got the phone... NOOOOO, I didn't...
Received a sms to log in at 3pm to book the collection date, and I log in at 3:03pm to book my appointment... TO my horror, 128gb is already OOS... thought it's fine for mi as I dun intend to get so big space but WTH... muz all peeps be so fast anot..
Forget it...~~~ Just carry on filling my details which didn't take mi more than 1 min lor... Just when I clicked enter.............. Browser busy! BEst... Come I clap for you!!!!! Still ask mi to refresh my browser... Something is NOT RIGHT!!!!!!
And this happened!
(deleted the photo which show it OOS as it lagging my blog!!! )
Time checked~~~~3:05pm... Sad max....!
So yes... no iphone 6 for mi till the next launch date...

Best Part of the day... My big day is coming in Dec... as my actual day bridal include my sisters morning dress so will need sisters to make the trip down for fitting... one of my sister who is my made of honour ask in the grp chat whether should we meet up earlier since it is PH on tat day.. Non of the sisters replied.. (muz be waiting for one another to reply la... ) which i dun blame anyone of them at all but i already make my effort to private chat one by one liao.. shouldn't i get a better reply~~~~ Best reply ever!!! "i tot u 2 chatting with each other" n "she oso nv reply wat"... last part " i now berry busy".........
 hello i saw u online in whatappz leh before i app u de hor!!! sad max!!! 
I ask all u girls be my sisters because i really appreciate every single of u in my part of life.. and i really do need all your support and help! since u have the time for facebook n instagram... simple reply wun took up much of your precious time ba... 

Just wanna voice out my sadness and thought!!! 

Finally meet up with hubb and sam(my insurance agent! thanks babe for the dinner n chocolate from germany too and also yr ear!) for dinner.. for complaining... for voicing my sadness.. for relieving stress... 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Universal Studio Singapore date with girlies

==Late post ~ 06/09/2014==

Here I am once again at Universal Studio Singapore ❤❤❤
4 -5 times already (just this year =.=")
but with different peeps!
This time with my lovies girlies and partners..

Met for breakie at Vivocity
Supposed to be triple date without my minmin but cat's hubb. was sick, down with slight stomach flu so cat jio minmin instead!!

WE really enjoy ourselves...
First time from 9am to 9pm at USS..
12 hours of craziness!!

Journey started with stroll walk from Vivocity to Sentosa!
WE realised it's free admission during weekend... so yeah! to this impromptu walk...!
**pardon mi for the blurness of photos as hubb dun let mi bring my pinkie to USS coz he scare will rain!! Not a single drop lor!!!** Dunno to thanks him or scold mi sia...! But I love him la... *v*

AS our tickets are free!
we got ourselves the express tickets (once per ride) for S$50.00..!

Please note that the price of the express ticket is not fixed ~ they depend n season and crowd!

Even gonna queue up to take photo with the fake Minion

Fun peeps!

Please dun ask mi why I open my mouth so big!!! (shake head... tsk tsk!)

We also got to see all the Halloween deco first!!

Peers pressure is really powerful!!
Mi actually took the mummy ride again ~ Can't believe it!
Got shock once again!

Never gonna take it anymore!
Vomit***** Omg!

Hubb joined my two girlies, bett and cat for 6 times of Mummy rides
yes, they are crazy!!!

Mi and minmin  with the 'WOW"

Really blessed to know my girlies!
You girlies rocks! (except for the peers pressure of taking the rides =.=")

Happy hubb!
Though we had annual pass, he never once took so many rides in a day
especially 6 time Mummy ride, 3 times transformer, and I even play the Jurassic Park with him lor!

Glad he enjoyed himself with my peeps..

Ended the day with firework
Dinner at the Malaysia food street!

Had a super wonderful and tiring day!
All of us had aching feet and body but we enjoyed ourselves..
Will definitely organise another day like this..!

Love you people!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Melt ~ The World @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I am going straight to the point RIGHT NOW!

I'm not sure how you guys think and feel
I had the best buffet in Singapore at Melt the world Café at Mandarin Oriental to celebrate our 9th years anniversary...

The minute I stepped in the café, the tempting beautiful desserts just carried mi away!


Who says desserts have to eat last?

For mi
Desserts first please!!

 (okay, I still prefer TWG)

This is the culprit that carried mi away! Whoopz
This is super yummy!


Japanese sushi and sashimi

 Amazing selection of seafood

First time took more than the prawn!
 I told hubb
"I only take to take photo"

In the end, I finished all of it!

Pardon my word!
It's damned fresh and damned yummy!

I never ate so many different kinds of seafood at 1 go..

 Thai Food
(sorry... I only rem to took pic of the crackers! and I ate 3 bowl of this mixture wor!)

 Indian Cuisine
(Never intend to post this photo but... )

Local delights
My stomach already full of desserts and seafood so I never eat any of this..

to cheese and cold cuts

There's also a bbq section which actually flankly speaking nothing special..
Heard there's a outdoor BBQ hut with the selection of roasted pig and satay and many more but sadly it nowhere to be seen!
not sure if it is because of the rain or what..!

I'm already spoilt over here with tons of selections of food, especially dessert..

Special thanks for the anniversary cake

Next time, Can I have chocolate cake instead...?

Melt the world Cafe @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel
5 Raffles Ave, Marina Square 
Singapore 039797

Service 5❤/5❤
All staffs will go the extra mile for all guests..
This is what I see, the manager (sorry, I nv catch the name of the Indian manager) bring out a scarf for the 1 of the guest who I believe she just mentioned the restaurant temperature is cold.. Still, the manager actually wow mi...
This is what I encountered, hubb requested a surprise cake for mi for our anniversary and he just mentioned that he allergies to nuts.. The manager actually came to us and wanna ask a chef to follow us around just in case there's any nuts content even with the sauces etc.. Appreciate this alot though we rejected his offer (abit shy la)

Food 4❤/5❤
1 more ❤ deducted for our pocket..
SGD$88++ is a bit way to expensive for buffet dinner 
But the variety and quality is worth every penny from your pocket.. 4❤ goes to this...

If you were to go to Mandarin Oriental Hotel by Marina Square, look for the toilet beside John Little!
You will see the sign stated Mandarin Oriental Hotel juz above the exit door, dun be scare, just walk down the stair and you will see the hotel.
Take the lift up to level 4
Start your buffet fantasy!  


Happy 9th years anniversary to us♡!!
Thanks you for being the one and only one in my life!
The one who tahan my bad temper…
the one who stand by mi, understand mi, know mi, love mi as much as I love him…
the one who give mi his berry best for my life…
 despite there's up and down, thanks for holding mi tight and strong for 9 years and counting…
I love you and I will promised u that I will be yr wonderful wife as much as I noe u will be my wonderful hubb!