Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's Today ~ Looking back!

❤Our 9th years journey❤

 11sept 2005!
The start! 
19 years old teenagers met at Escape theme park..
Both in a different department ~ He as carnival n retail staff whereas mi as ride operator!
I still remember I was supposed to be matchmaker de..
but somehow the red strings jiu tied both of us up..
Not as smooth as we wanna it to be.. he as a good good boy type n mi (hummm as say by frenz n family *=*) ah lian type...
many dun see good in us.. we did quarrelled becoz of those ppl! Stupid us!! 
But seem like we prove u wrong..! 

A year together in 2006
Hubb went serving NS..
I rem that 3 mth of bmt passed berry fast
but tat 5 days of out-field can be a torture and lesson to us...
especially it fall on our (my) birthday n I had to keep looking at my phone waiting for his call..
oh man! tat was the day!! 
even though he not with mi tat day, he make sure he had his troupe ready ~ ready to surprise mi.. he got my ITE buddies each to show up with a rose for mi.. how sweet rite..! n LJ (my close fren at tat time!!) to show up with a birthday cake n card with sweet words n 3 roses... 
Da~tang! he showed up the next day with my favorite sunflowers! 
Tat was the time I know I truly deeply madly fall in love with him.. 
Weird enough! I can't find the photos every where... Sad max!

Second Year ~  2007
 21st birthday..
Refreshing my memory reading back my past blog, who says blogging is for the sake of blogging..  
I realised I nv post our birthday photos and shit happens!
(just tell mi, where is all my photos gone to!!!)

Thanks Hubb for the national day parade tickets too!
Too bad, u busy working (helping out)
and mi with your family enjouying ourselves....

Third Year ~ 2008
First time travelling out of Singapore by plane and with hubb and his family to Taipei.. I totally fallen in love with Taipei..
Click here but dun be shock!
This is mi o_0"

Shoo shoo!
Wanna update more on 2008 but I totally no have memories..!

Fourth year ~ 2009
Looking back on Fb it seem like we kept going Sentosa...
facebook power... 
But also this is the beginning that most of my friends started to envy mi and jealous about mi.. I had been getting comments and remarks that 你真幸福... and etc..

Fifth year ~ 2010
Started to travel more and enjoy life even more..
First time went for concert and it's Show Luo 罗志祥 ^o^ OMG!!! and also Jay Chou 周杰伦..
And also Hubb been bringing mi to JB, KL genting and even Thailand.. Simply love the life hubbb been giving mi...

Sixth year ~ 2011
This is the year when Escape theme park creased the operation!

The place where we enjoy working..
The place we first met..
The place that bring us both together..
now it will always remain in our memory!

Seventh year ~ 2012

The Proposal
The day I say YES!

Thank you guys!
Thanks everyone who were presented on that day..
I was so happy, touched and excited!


this is the year where both mi and hubb started travelling without our family!
somemore 2x visit to Taiwan in a year..!
First with his NTU friends
Second time just the 2 of us and to take our wedding photos... : )

Really a happy girl liao lor...

Oh ya!
And.. we got our berry first key...!

Eighth year ~ 2013
Left my comfort zone!
Changed a better job on the same year...
Life get better!
This is the year that almost, almost every month we went out of Singapore
from Malaysia (dunnoe how many times this year wor!!!)
to Batam (3 times)
to Thailand (2times)! 
WE (okay I) love flying...!

First time to Universal Studios Singapore and we got the 1 year annual pass...!
This means I can go as many times as I love to... Thank you hubb...

Nineth year ~ 2014
Just celebrate our 9th year anniversary at Melt the world café
and just 100 more days to #lovewithyinandloh
yeah to Europe trip for honeymoon..!
Can't wait!

Finally manage to flashback some memories...

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