Friday, September 12, 2014

Melt ~ The World @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I am going straight to the point RIGHT NOW!

I'm not sure how you guys think and feel
I had the best buffet in Singapore at Melt the world Café at Mandarin Oriental to celebrate our 9th years anniversary...

The minute I stepped in the café, the tempting beautiful desserts just carried mi away!


Who says desserts have to eat last?

For mi
Desserts first please!!

 (okay, I still prefer TWG)

This is the culprit that carried mi away! Whoopz
This is super yummy!


Japanese sushi and sashimi

 Amazing selection of seafood

First time took more than the prawn!
 I told hubb
"I only take to take photo"

In the end, I finished all of it!

Pardon my word!
It's damned fresh and damned yummy!

I never ate so many different kinds of seafood at 1 go..

 Thai Food
(sorry... I only rem to took pic of the crackers! and I ate 3 bowl of this mixture wor!)

 Indian Cuisine
(Never intend to post this photo but... )

Local delights
My stomach already full of desserts and seafood so I never eat any of this..

to cheese and cold cuts

There's also a bbq section which actually flankly speaking nothing special..
Heard there's a outdoor BBQ hut with the selection of roasted pig and satay and many more but sadly it nowhere to be seen!
not sure if it is because of the rain or what..!

I'm already spoilt over here with tons of selections of food, especially dessert..

Special thanks for the anniversary cake

Next time, Can I have chocolate cake instead...?

Melt the world Cafe @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel
5 Raffles Ave, Marina Square 
Singapore 039797

Service 5❤/5❤
All staffs will go the extra mile for all guests..
This is what I see, the manager (sorry, I nv catch the name of the Indian manager) bring out a scarf for the 1 of the guest who I believe she just mentioned the restaurant temperature is cold.. Still, the manager actually wow mi...
This is what I encountered, hubb requested a surprise cake for mi for our anniversary and he just mentioned that he allergies to nuts.. The manager actually came to us and wanna ask a chef to follow us around just in case there's any nuts content even with the sauces etc.. Appreciate this alot though we rejected his offer (abit shy la)

Food 4❤/5❤
1 more ❤ deducted for our pocket..
SGD$88++ is a bit way to expensive for buffet dinner 
But the variety and quality is worth every penny from your pocket.. 4❤ goes to this...

If you were to go to Mandarin Oriental Hotel by Marina Square, look for the toilet beside John Little!
You will see the sign stated Mandarin Oriental Hotel juz above the exit door, dun be scare, just walk down the stair and you will see the hotel.
Take the lift up to level 4
Start your buffet fantasy!  


Happy 9th years anniversary to us♡!!
Thanks you for being the one and only one in my life!
The one who tahan my bad temper…
the one who stand by mi, understand mi, know mi, love mi as much as I love him…
the one who give mi his berry best for my life…
 despite there's up and down, thanks for holding mi tight and strong for 9 years and counting…
I love you and I will promised u that I will be yr wonderful wife as much as I noe u will be my wonderful hubb!

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