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Thursday, September 29, 2016

[Korea~Seoul] Nami Island-> Petite France -> Lottemart Seoul Station

Nami Island, garden of morning calm and Petite France are all reachable via shuttle bus in Gapyeong.
You can cover at least 2 of these 3 places within a day or even all of the 3 places provided you plan your timing well based on the shuttle bus timings :p
(PSST: can someone slap mi!! Why didn't I take a snap on the bus timing... Blur mi!!)

Anyway, we skipped the garden of morning calm.

From Gapyeong station, you can approach the staffs and check with them which is the shuttle bus queue to Nami island.
Lucky us, there were a few U students around the area, doing survey or talk.. They approached us, probably to do the survey, end up helping us get to queue.. Whoopz..
Still, appreciate their help..

Totally forget the price, but I remember we have to keep the shuttle bus ticket properly, coz we can board the shuttle bus and alight at any stop and board the bus again..

First stop ~ Nami Island

I'm really not a fan of Korean craze but of the picturesque lane of tall trees is juz too irresistible! Personally I would prefer to see during Winter time just like the Korean drama "Winter Sonata"..
I saw some photos from my friends' and I totally no feel of going..

Opening Hours: 7:30 am - 9:30 pm Open all year round
Entrance fees: Foreigner 8,000 won (5,000 won + round trip ferry 3,000 won)

Was so hungry that Hubb and myself just hopped in the first food stop that caught our eyes..
Nothing fantastic though..
Super hate it when the Ahjussi kept asking mi to flip the chickens, literally flip and flip.. I believe it could be due to the charcoal they using were super hot and he worried the chicken to be overcook..

But but but, I need to take photo ma.. Y you come and disturb and mai help mi flip jiang..!!

Finally filled up our tummy ~ not a satisfying enough lah!!

Yeah to 'Welcome to Naminara Republic'

Hmm.. this should be the one I looking forward lor.

But who ask us to come after Winter season lei.. Who to blame lei..

 On board!
Toward Nami Island from Gapyeong Wharf

Frankly speaking, indeed I'm actually berry excited.. I always been wanting to come here..

Psst: There are 2 ways to get to Nami island, either by Ferry(which I did :) ) or Zipwire (No way I'm going to take this way lah! =.=).

Managed to snap a few shots without many photobomber behind us..
Not easy though!!
The crowd is scary lor..
Btw this is not the one we looking for ar, maybe because this is not the one in Winter Sonta but what the different ar!!?

Not in a good form to take selfies actually, but who cares right!!
Abit regretted to tie up my hair early in the morning, cause not able to let it down after that due to the rubber band mark..

Was excited to saw Singapore 'snowman' in Korea..
Paiseh Hubb... Taken a blurry shot!

Asked Hubb a stupid dumb question!
Mi: Ehh... Selamat Datang??
Hubb: Hello!! Our mother language is malay ar, not English nor Chinese ya..!

I know lah.. but just didn't get through my brain ma!!

You are the reason that I'm smiling!

Winter Sonata Filming site ~ First kiss

  Wasn't hungry but was tempted by the piping hot bun and of coz the crowd lah..
OKAY, I"M typical SINGAPOREAN mah!
Surprisingly, it's damnnnnn good..
We even went back to get second pc..

 And so, after a super long walk, finally we found the statue... YES just this statue.. ;)

Special thanks to the 2 malay girls who help us take this few shots.. (hmmm... actually is I offered to help them take a shot, so I get them to help us back.. hahahaha.. Okay lah hor!)
 Cannot lang fei to choose just 1 photo to post right.. Suddenly miss our Jeju tour guide... Hahaha!
And so we ended our trip at Nami island..
Frankly speaking, I wun say I wun come back anymore though it really too over-rated but I definitely wanna come back during Winter/snowing season.
(if only I have the chance lah..!)

Second stop - Petite France

Seriously, totally not worth coming here at all.. The admission is way to expensive liao lor.. 8000Won lei.. =.="
I swear I wun wanna come back here ever again!!
(4000won maybe can consider lah.. :p)

Nevertheless, still gonna thank Hubb for making all this happen lah..
If only, I never say I wanna come right..

Not a fan of the prince too!
I wonder why did I wanna come here lei!

Trying to be funny here!! Well, I simply missing Paris (Europe) so much, not sure when will I be able to fly there liao..
What is the suitable age for child to travel ar!!?

Well, I really dun recommend peeps to visit here.. Frankly speaking, it has really nothing, NOTHING for mi to visit them again..
WHY nobody stop mi from coming!!?

Pop over to LotteMart @ Seoul station again on our second last day in Seoul..
I bet the only place I miss in Seoul ba.. *Say what!!*

I just realized I never take much photos in Lottemart!! WTH
But I remember, Hubb and I had a big argument one of those days to Lottemart, totally forget what we argued liao lah..
Chill~~~ We still as loving as always! ❤❤❤

Guess what we found!
Rice wine and Ice wine in cans!!
As we are not a alcohol person, so this is just prefect for us to try it..
Oh ya! Read online about puddings and been wanting to try it..
SO we bought 2 different flavor to try out..
It really tasted good lah, especially den honey pudding, it even provide honey in a packet for u to add it into the pudding.. Well, not possible to try all flavors, perhaps next time liao lo, which I dunno when lah..

Same in Bangkok ~ Big C
There are carton boxes for you to pack all your buys..
Unlike at Big C, Lottemart provide you with strings, scotchtape and scissors..
Somehow some people will juz mis-use it lah.. Well!!
Our buys for juz 1 trip to Lottemart, imagine we went there twice!!
First time with all the tibits and second time with all masks..
Heng we didn't bought all together, if not I wonder how Hubb going to carry it back for mi..
Oh oh, Hubb usually dun let mi carry heavy stuffs de so not I dun wan to help him lah.. Whoopz!
But but, I'm not preggy at that period ya!
Our totally loots sorry it's Food of the trip
Okay back to Hotel and we got our airbnb host to help us order this fried chicken which he highly recommended us.. He mentioned this was the best fried chicken he ever had..
The number on box for your reference!
I really miss eating maggi mee man!!
(oh.. coz for our baby, Hubb dun like mi eating Maggi mee, and so I shall be good girl and cut it down..!)
The chicken is damn doper good!!
So much different from those we bought it randomly near our apartment the other day..
WE even finished it..
Highly recommend!!
Just can't wait for my coming Hong Kong trip!!
I know my delay post on Korea post! HAHAHA.. Must forgive the tiredness of preggy ma!