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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August is OVER!

Finally managed to finish up all my Korea post.. This time trying different style to blog it, not like day by day basic but attraction by attraction, mainly because there will be most posts and individual post wun be super doper long lah.. Worried some may doze off while reading lah.. HAHAHA!

28 Aug
My brother's son 1st birthday party was held at my brother new nest.. SIL was transferred home too, still sleeping as usual.. Just hoping everyday for her to wake up.. Appreciate all my friends who added her in their daily prayer.. REALLY appreciate it a lot..
Happy 1st birthday Deon!!

Ordered a buttercream cake from Corine and Cake but was slapped with a super bad experience..

Was so angry when my brother texted mi that the candy was broken and the delivery man replied that there's nothing he can do! WTH right..
Like wat you expect mi to do cause you just need the cake right.. 
Tried to WA the whole to the baker but no replied (even till today..) 
In the end we put the broken candy back, weird but no choice right.. 
Forced mi to choose the last solution which is the social media-facebook.. 

Baker finally replied through FB the following day saying will check with delivery company and till now still no reply!! Making mi losing trust on all those homebased baker!! Oh man..
First time and perhaps maybe the last time..

22 + 3 weeks
Still feeling tired everyday, I just need to get to my bed at 10pm every night but I woke at 8am almost every day lah..
Yesterday managed to drag myself out of the couch just to bake some cookies for Hubb.. Standard abit drop lei not sure if is due to my steps or I'm just too tired.. Glad that Hubb still love it lah.. Tried putting cheese to my last few pcs, turn out still not too bad but not Hubb favorite of course..

Impromptu booked for stayaction at Siloso beach resort for our 11 years dating anniversary next weekend.. Thank you Hubb for giving in to mi... Everywhere is so expensive!! Managed to get a night stay at Siloso beach resort for $250! We just booked cause we really need a break.. THOUGH I think I need a travel break more than a stayaction right now... PSST! okay I'm flying in 22 more days to HongKong lah!!  

Speak of HongKong trip ~ managed to finalize our itinerary.. Abit disappointed that I'm not able to go to Disneyland, kinda been looking forward to it de.. Oh well.. have to go with the majority even though Hubb oso wanna bring mi there but he more worried with my 26 weeks baby bump, more like Human Bumping lah.. Well.. another reason for mi to travel to HongKong next time lah... (Hubb kept saying I wun like HongKong de due the person attitude lah, this and that.. HAHAHA!!)

Aiyo times really flies like nobody business. It's the last day of Chinese ghost festival.. Somehow I still hoping the time flies faster a little bits and stop the time when I'm in Hong Kong... 

Exciting September ahead!!! 
16 more days to see Bun bun
22 more days to Hong Kong

Sunday, August 7, 2016

RINVIN're going to be Parents!!

Writing this post when I'm in my 17th weeks.. (Yeah!!)

Finally passed the sensitive 3 months ~ 12 weeks of silent...
Happy that we had passed that period and let's not beat around the bush and lay it on straight...

Yes I'm pregnant!!

No more shhhhhh...

I have been waiting to announce and now that I can finally spill the beans... It had been so hard keeping hum and sitting on the news.. Especially when family and friends keep asking when we wanna have our own and blah blah blah so on.... Even when I heard friends announcing they were pregnant....

Trying period
As you may have read it, I lost my precious one last Sept'15 and Hubb and I been trying hard since then even though Doc recommended to wait at least a year..
Been super paranoid over months and months, trying all ways and methods, from lying flats from mins to pillow underneath yr butts.. Hahaha.. Yes you may be laughing but I really try it all..
Conclusion is pillow under yr butts is definitely a myth.. If it's inside, it is...
At last, I decided to buy the ovulation kits from TaoBao (oh man this is really creeps....!) It works wonders!!! I been recommend my friends who is trying to use it.. It definitely help a lot, at least for my case..

First try and Bomb...

I have super irregular menses which make mi even harder to keep track my most fertile period..

I super recommend the ovulation kits..

Of coz dun have to buy those from Watson la.. There's plenty ppl selling in Carousell, or you can just get it from Taobao.. It works the same.. Mine is from Taobao anyway.. 1 pc abt 20 cents, why not...

First Scan

Feeling so much relieve when Gynae confirmed my pregnancy.. My heart was jumping so fast that I can't catch my breath at all.. I bet Hubb feels the same too..

Due to my previous loss, Gynae was also kinda paranoid, same goes to Hubb and myself.. Was given a injection to protect the womb and the baby plus oral medicine too.. I'm having spotting at that time too..

Second/Third Scan

One fine day, I was bleeding than the usual spotting.. Was so worry that I rushed to see gynae.. Feel so relieve when gynae confirmed the heart beat and assure everything is just fine..

But I was given 1 month of bed rest hospital leave for me to have to good rest at home..

Surprisingly, I didn't gain weight in fact I lose abit of my weight.. Was quite worry abt it at the beginning..

Fourth Scan

Everything started to settle down. Feeling more relax already.. I'm glad everything turn out well and smooth..

Heartbeat normal!

Size normal!

My weight just a few hundred grams gain, but Gynae assure mi that everything is fine as long as Baby is growing well..

Did Panaroma test (DNA test) turn out fine too and we know the gender already..

Hubb dun wish mi to announce it so soon.. So gonna wait till Sept, till Hubb announced it in his FB.. *Roll eye* But I like..

Pregnancy announcement

Decided to use Hubb instead of myself in our announcement photo.. Still feeling bad toward Hubb... But it is absolutely no wrong way to announce it like this ma.. Horr..

Main reason is SPECIAL ~ Dun you think so~~~~!? At least I think so la.. 

Another reason is I can't find the prefect shot for the announcement.. Dunno why every photos cannot make it.. Kinda sad lah.... Jin long bo selfies liao lo...

Feeling so great right now.. Can't wait for my next visit for detail scan~~~~