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Friday, October 31, 2014

Wedding Negative Thought

To Me
Wedding is all about both families tying a lovely knots..!
Wedding should be happy exciting occasion involving all yr closest family and friends...
but there's always someone something for u to get piss and upset off.. 

1) Sisters/Bridesmaid
It really not easy to get (okay, ask!) the correct person to be one of your sister.. Should you get someone you are once close?? or Should you get someone you are close now?? or should you get someone who can help you?? or should you get someone who just wanna be sister for the sake of being your sister...?
What is the definition of SISTER/Bridesmaid? What should they do and help or just waiting to get the gatecrash hongbao? Can someone enlighten mi please!!

From the stir.cafe mom website :
"When you started planning your wedding, you couldn't imagine doing it without her. She's that friend you've know forever, and while you haven't always seen eye to eye and have gone stretches of time without speaking to each other, you're blissed out on love and you want her to be part of that. Until the actual planning gets under way, that is. "

WOW...! But not to this extend, I shall 'fired' any of my brides la... Just this describe my thinking now...!
To mi, bridesmaids are suppose to be helpful, at least to help out the bride to get all things done and ready for the big day.. and seem like all are waiting for hongbao only...
Not that I'm saying my sisters are bad, no good... just that this is not what I believe it should be...and it seem like I had to beg and beg, beg on almost everything... They were excited when I asked them to be one of my sisters but when date are approaching.. Not as if I have a dozen of sisters leh... Just 5 of them and I started to have the feeling that they dun really wanna get participated .
I'm really getting discouraged. I even getting a gift for each of them which I still asking myself, why should I?  Argh! If only!
AS for brothers, personally I think guys are more easy and straight forward and plus a bit of helpful and auto ba... (at least I dun hear any complain from Hubb, just the car issue that bother mi a little bits)

2) Wedding Invite
It is all about Yes or No and NO MAYBE....
For those who haven't hold yr banquet will never know how important it is for u to reply the newly weds.. while u are checking with who going who's not or 'oh ya... forget forgot' ... (wth!! this oso can forget...) newly weds are also waiting for ur reply... beside waiting, they have to plan their seating arrangement, wedding card and so on... It really important to revert at the earliest...
Hubb done up a goggle invite, but but but.... we supposed to have 30+ replied on address de (for friends only la..) but less than half reply and this half oso kept being requested by us... Hello... I dun see tat hard just to click and fill in the details leh... We are making tons and tons of efforts to make our big day special and meaningful.. but all this are really getting us discouraged...

3) Table Arrangement
Guest favourite questions ~ "Who else you invited", "I dun wan to sit with him/her", "Can put mi sit with him/her", "I sit with who ar"..
Hello... It's my wedding not yrs...! Wait till yours den you arrange la... Wah piang!
Next is how you going to arrange it... by the group of peeps they know, what if they are common friends from 2 different groups.
Sometime, I wish I could have a free seating style but what kinds of disasters gonna happen leh! You never know.....

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Sunday

Finally feeling so so so much better... 
Voice still recovering but at least I'm feeling more energetic!
A long long way ahead.. glad tat I'm not so weak to stay home today!!
(speak of the devil... yesterday was so weak once again and had to stay home and sleep almost the whole day... @-@!) 

Bought our king-sized mattress with TilamKings intro by my girlie,bett! 
Highly recommended!
okay let mi ask u all a question! 
If u were the sales person and there's 2 mattresses tat yr client is keen on.. 1 is $999 the other 1 is $1699, which 1 would u recommend? 
I believe most sales person will choose $1699 ba... 
of coz! I dun mean the $1699 is bad.. it also berry wonderful and we love it too...
But I would prefer a harder n firm mattress den a softer n hot..
He recommended based on wat we are eyeing on - $999 and he never once hard sell the $1699..
he even agree tat $1699 will feel warmer... 
Thumb up... 

Next up... went to Tampines to purchase the bed frame which we been wanna buy few month back..
Finally something done!! 

meet up with my in-laws to buy goldies for mi and hubb... 
of coz included my 四点金!
so happy so excited so fortunate! 

My biao jie WA mi this...! 
Loh's family having steamboat without mi... 
still sent mi this.. Bad rite!!!

I oso having yummy dinner with Yin's family la... just nv take photos! 

my loots from Ob design is here..! 
Tell u... their delivery is super doper fast man! 
I love it...

This is one of it...
my winter coat for coming honeymoon trip to Europe... 
Let mi think of a hashtag :p
wat to choose!

Still thinking should I get 1 more different color..

I'm really excited for my honeymoon Europe trip la...
of course I'm excited to #LovewithYinAndLoh, just different kind of excitement..

Wanna get a proof of commitment...
Hubb promised mi to bring mi to Korea next year during their winter season.. OMG!
When When When...

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hate it to the max....!
Worse October ever... 
from eye to body to now throat... 
when can this end..!

Been having MC since beginning of the month, this really not a good things plus it's almost end of the year liao leh... Just a month, I already on at least 5days MC  and some days I had to take time off to go for review...
Not wanna talk about how bad my health is la...
Simply hope this SICK DEMON will leave mi alone...
#LovewithYinAndLoh is just 50+day ahead only, I dun wish to be a sick weak bride...

❤ Note to my Hubb ❤
I know this is TOO Extreme but I just wanna tell you that I love u so so so much...
Thank for being there for mi especially at this period of time.. Thank for making the most 幸福 girl in this whole world... Thank for making mi the ONE that even the doc envy mi...
I promise I will work harder to get back my health and not letting you worry...
Love you...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Taiwan ~ Day 2 ~ Taichung ~ 東東芋圓*Carton King*Lavender Cottage

Come'on...! It 's just Day 2... Omg... I really must buck up on my blogging if not, how am I going to blog about our wedding and Europe trip...! 
Okay let's get going...


yum yumm!

Eggs overloaded
Of coz this is not for mi and hubb but for his bro and bro's gf
Breakfast not too bad...
at least it's international breakfast spread and not those Taiwanese style with just porridge and bread....!

Filling our stomach as we will be having a long long day ahead!

30 mins of rest before we headed off 
take photo time!

First stop ~ 東東芋圓

Kinda different from our SG blackball
I prefer SG style and taste


I prefer the amount of the balls given in Taiwan!
Can we mix both together~~pls plss?

Second Stop ~ Carton King

Second time visit Carton King
I dun feel bored at all instead I enjoy myself alot!

Plus this time we have mission..
we were given some kind of card and all we have to do is to explore the entire Carton King and get the stamp which indicate the name of the area and chop on the card..
once completed
we can redeem a gift which (sorry) I totally forget wat I get liao..

Still good job, good idea for this..
at least we wun miss out any of the attraction..

not sure did we go the same Carton king when we were here the last time
cause I dun rem last time had Carton King Zoo
or did they just added in!
it really an eye opening for us!

' My FIL caught a DEER by the mouth' 

'I'm so scared'

'Who scare who' Roar!
my hubb so cute over here!

See... All this
Purely done by carton/card board!
Berry powerful right!

Olivia trying to be camouflage! 

Please Ignore my 'dudu' !!

Welcome to Carton king Zoo

Teacher of the day!
"Listen up"
"it all for your own good'


This Aaron uh trying to make mi laugh... 
I also trying hard not to laugh
Stupid Hubb took his own sweet to take the photos just to wait for mi to laugh!!
dot dot dot!

I seem to forget to smile over here!
"act fierce nia"

Wishing Tree

And I wish I wish!

Black bear
so who scare who over here!


Eiffel Tower ~ my love my fav
'Can't wait to see it in real life for my honeymoon'


Parrot: Hi Kevin~~~
Hubb: I'm not scare of you!

Feeling so small here!

Trying to follow "My love story"
Thanks Xiao Gu for the wonderful capture!

This carton is super solid!
at first i was like reluctant to sit on it but the girl working assured that I can 
it really can hold my weight man...!
I was so freaking happy!

I always feel so thirsty and always looking for water..
Must try drink!
It really refreshing and taste good!
I even bought the tea home! (I haven't brew it yet~ whoopz)

Third stop ~ Lavender Cottage

2 years ago I came here with hubb and his NTU frenz
but we didn't managed to get in as they having their 尾牙(some sort like our year end dinner)
kinda sad
Lucky us this time!


Group photo before we headed in!

This time I shall skip riding it~~~

Indeed I am!

Lavender with huge teddy bear

Lavender water mist
This prevent mosquitoes bite too..

was told that lavender season just over hence not much to be seen

the fatty bum bum me!

Though the season just over
I'm still happy and excited to see the beautiful purple(okay getting abit black)


This show

With my xiao gugu
Though through this trip I get to see the other side of her but still I will always love her...          

'Delivering the dream'


I just can't control myself here!
There's Lavender 
There's tebby bear..
I love this place!

We are just meant to be together
Feeling love!
We took this photos when both of us are not around 
we simply saw it when viewing back the photos!
How loving!

Didn't noe my hubb was such a vain pot 
just like me!!


Oh Giraffe..
Do you miss mi as much as I misses u?

Mailboxes.. cute right!
You can also purchase the postcard and drop it in..
I do believe most ppl will actually mail it to themselves..
Kinda like this idea but I nv did it..

Saw the gardener cutting the lavender..
so I walked to him and ask for a stalk and the wonderful gardener gave me a bunch..

I had to dump it away the next day
as all of it turned black on the berry night...

See a whole bunch of lavender
Feeling so xinfu 

Thank you Gardener!

In case you guys was wondering
Entrance fee is NT$200 per person and it totally worth it
as the entrance ticket also include a NT$200 voucher which you can use to buy souvenirs or even to dine in at the restaurant.

Thumbs up!

At the restaurant in the middle of the cottage
Simply love the food so much..
Triple Love!

This is what I can order..
夏日陽光豬排 - Grilled Pork Rib
Served with rice

Shooting with food!
Bet you guys get what we trying to say from first glance right...!

Finally Hubb's order came!

薰衣草蜜汁嫩雞 - Lavender and Honey Chicken leg
Served with rice

Find out more at their website 

It really worth all your time and effort and of course monie here... 

Next stop

Been wanna come here long long ago but never had a chance!
Surprising we make it this time
since we paying for the driver, how can we let him go so easily...
Our $$$ like hard to earn hor...
(we never ill-treat him leh... we buy food too la...)

 It's all about Love Love Love ❤❤❤
Kinda similar concept with Lavender Cottage as both open by same Boss!
*You purchase for the tickets and get double the price of voucher to offset against your purchases regardless of souvenirs or food or drink or even ice cream!

For mi, if I had 1 more chance to choose to go either one of this 2 places...
I will definitely choose Lavender Cottage..

❤ I Love you! ❤

All kinds of language of 'I love you'

Crazy us (okay crazy mi)
Bought 6 different bottles of 'I love you' 
in the end
we gonna bring all up to Cingjing farm the next day where there's no fridge..!
dun taste really great...! 

❤Love spoon❤
Someone wrote her love for my hubb!
Jun Jun :(

Aiyo really fall in love with this lovely place
though nothing we can do over here but simply feeling love!

Great place to take photos too..

So shy!
Ppl walked past and looked at mi doing the 'sarang hae yo'

Trying so hard not to put all my weight on..
 though maybe I think too much la~ or is it..?


❤Love vows❤

Maybe I shall use this for my big day..
Due to the hot sun, I just couldn't get the right angle to take the shot!

Totally forget the name of this and everything!
All I rem was ~ this chicken bite super yummy...
Must try!
Save your cash rebate voucher on this instead of the ice cream ba..

Back at hotel
Having a long long day but this dun stop us from going to Fengjia night market..
Take photo Take photo!

Sad enough..!
Hubb dun allow mi to bring my pinkie to night market and I'm using redmi
so not much photos taken at the night market..

Not to forget
My loots of the day..
Missing Taiwan so much!

Driver of the day:  林先生 0932505727

still prefer 李先生..

❤❤❤Link to Taiwan Day 1 here❤❤❤