Sunday, September 11, 2016

24th Weeks and counting

Deciding name

And and and

Our baby got her name too.. Yes... It's her ~ a baby girl.. Super excited and I started shopping already..

First name I came across and fall in love with it ~ Jezzebel. Isn't it sweet and beautiful..!! Who knows.. Hubb googled the meaning of the name and he totally objected it(cause mainly is evil meaning.. )  Anyway alot of my friends objected this name too.. One even say too flirty name liao.. SO I gave up this name..

Hello Jiselle~~

And So,
our baby girl name Jiselle.. Many voted this name too and most importantly our baby love it.. Really.. I have the sixth sense feeling she love it.. LOLL

Can't wait for our 20th weeks detail scan, that when everything confirm stable..

20 weeks scan

Had my detail scan with Thomson medical at Novena.. Wasn't went that smoothly at the beginning as Baby Jiselle wanna stick to her comfort zone, all curb up and hide at the bottom.. Doc have to press so hard just to measure everything..

However, Baby Jiselle gave her parents a super surprise before we ended the session, Hubb and I really shed a tear when we saw it.. When Doc say, Okay last shot and everything done...., next moment, baby Jiselle raised her hand by her ear!!! Doc say bb waving goodbye wor...


Touched.. Teared..!!

Till date, Hubb and I still cannot forget the prefect moment ~ our baby girl gave us.. Just can't wait for my next scan!!

22 + 6 weeks

Kept mumbling where's my baby bump!!!

I still can't get the prefect baby bump shot to share it.. Oh man.. Blame my fats! I think Hubb gonna kill mi soon.. Every now and then, I will ask Hubb, do I look preggy? Can see my baby bump?? HAHAHA!! As usual, I still waiting for your movement and kick.. Blaming my fats again!!

Zika Attack ~ reached Yishun already and it's getting mi more and more paranoid.. I agreed I wasn't that concern till the new mentioned that there's a case in Yishun which is totally no link to the Aljunied cases, meaning new case lei.. How not to worry!! If say I'm paranoid, can you imagine how paranoid my Hubb can go to..!! Well, I dun blame him lah as I know he meant well for both mi and baby Jiselle..

Stupid mosquitos lah!

Just hope the 2 pregnant women will be fine and recover soon... and hoping for this attack to tide down real soon lor!!

23 + 1 weeks

DaddyYin saw yr movement for the second time.. This time round he managed to grab my mobile just to capture the prefect moment for MummyYin.. And we can't stop watching the video over and over again, smile to ourselves.. BabyYin love spicy food just like MummyYin, so DaddyYin please buck up ya, if not how you going to bring us out for yummlicous food ar..!!

Stupid DaddyYin decided to disturb you from your sleep by shining the touchlight from his mobile on MummyYin's tummy.. MummyYin feel you, feel your jump!! DaddyYin missed it and he tried again the next following day... YES.. Mummy Yin feel you again and scolded DaddyYin, telling him off that I will help you revenge de... But BabyYin, please dun blame your daddy cause he really excited and really wanna feel your kick, feel your movement..
To be frank, Mummy Yin at times also wanna do it again.. HAHAHA!
But no worries... No more next time!

24 + 1 weeks

11 Sept 2016 ~ Daddy and Mummy 11 years dating anniversary. We decided to announce your gender to the world, to our group of friends on this special day..

Love sharing the joy together with you!!

Just always remember Daddy and Mummy always love you!

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