Monday, May 23, 2016

Random mood TODAY

Hot Sunny day followed by weird Sunset color followed by heavy rain followed by stuffy night! OMG! Just like my mood today..

Have a fantastic day with two fantastic news! One is mine and the other is Hubb.. and I shall share Hubb de cause I find it kinda funny.. hahaha..

It started he went for a full body check up a few weeks ago and he received a call from the nurse from the clinic last week, told him Doctor wanna talk to him regarding his result. As he was too busy with his work, he never question much.. LOL.. Well.. so he made mi and himself worry lor.. I even asked him to go early to get his report instead of waiting till 230pm.. hahaha.
So ya... so actually everything is perfectly well for him just that his bodyfat abit high and his cholesterol is LOW(this is super funny!!~~~) Most of time I heard ppl on the high side, first time ever at the low side.. Doctor suggest him to eat more expensive fishes, example cod fish and salmon.. hahaha.. Okay an excuse for more cod fish for mi liao..

Not the time to say mine fantastic new.. Will update in another post.. Hahaha Secretive ya..! Stay tune

AND then

My biaojie whatappz mi telling mi that grandma called her to complain about mi.. This made mi puzzled. What did I do sia?!!

AND so

My grandma complained that I say to my step mum tat she always biased, when young, only beat mi instead of my brother even is not my fault..Oh please! I always put that on my mouth de lei.. This time round not sure why my grandma so angry which we guess my stepmum may add tons of salt and pepper.. I was like WTH.. I dun blame her at all. I blame myself for believing ppl over and over again..

Must be wondering why out of the sudden my stepmum go tell my ah ma right..

Thing happened our last trip to Bangkok with my step mum n brother n Hubb(paiseh I will work harder on that post but actually nothing particular to post about lah... too busy with my korea post liao...)
One night while Hubb was in toilet for like dunno how long, my brother, stepmum and myself was chit chatting.. Chit chatting about almost everything, especially when we were young.. From how my uncle forced us to slap one another and we actually slapped one another(we even had to eat paper lor..) anyway that is our childhoon and we laughed over it.. Fine.. But we did say Bkk say bkk forget it..
Who knows.. She break her word for telling my grandma saying I complained how she caned mi instead my brother when it wasn't my fault.. and my grandma actually quite sensitive and she can't keep mum de and so she called my biao jie to complain and of coz my biao jie told mi about mi and ask mi to go comfort her which I dun think there any need of that..

Just a penny of thought and venting lah..

Got to rest liao..

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