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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Flight to Jeju

Yes... I'm back in SG.. Miss my home so much as we didn't have berry good experience in Korea.. Not sure why so many love travelling there hence I believe is mine and Hubb problems.. hahaha!
Well, I should say Korea is still a best place for buying masks and facial products!!

Planning a free and easy trip isn't easy. There's a lot of things to consider, to compare, to confirm.. 
It kinda fun and exciting, sometime frustrated but this is not going to stop mi from planning!
Oh yeah..!

1 night stay near Gimpo airport and flight to Jeju confirm.. All done by mi leh..!! Thumb UP! haha
**Okay let mi hao lian abit la... coz usually all itineraries are dine by Hubb, I only need to tell where I wanna go and what I wanna do.. So kinda feel proud of myself...**

This post is all about the issues I met while booking flight to Jeju..
Isn't that smoothly anyway..!
Had been doing all sort of researches and read up all the reviews by many bloggers.. Personal feel that it really help a lot..
Okay I read that it not recommend to fly to Jeju during Winter season, best timing would be Summer season..
Oh man.. please dun affect mi too much since I flying end of Winter season..
Before I went on, I read up that you will be entitled up to 50% discount for your flight to Jeju island but provided you're flying to Seoul via Korean Air or Asiana Airline and you got to book both flights at the same time to entitled the discount..
Anyway, it's only 45mins - an hour flight, you really dun have to spend so much on the domestic flight.. Still, it really up to individual, most importantly, you gotta enjoy yourself even before you travel... Trust mi.. It berry important..
To be frank, I did struggled while making the booking as there isn't much English friendly site for budget airline..

First hiccup:(
Was supposed thinking to book through Skyscanner but was not comfortable with the airline, agency and even the flight timing..
Not sure why and how, was supposed to book with Eastar Jet through Skyscanner - edreams.
Firstly is when you searched at night, Skyscanner show S$139.00, however, the next day not only there's no flight timing showing for Eastar Jet, even edreams were gone.. The same night it appeared once again.. Weird ar!

Second hiccup :(
We decided to go for another agency - Bravofly, which cost us $171.00 however, we realised the price is not include of hold baggage which hold us back..
Plus Eastar Jet website been down for 2 days so I give up the idea of booking this airline..
Just when we decided to give up the idea of going Jeju, (isn't it fantastic that I have 3 more days in Seoul!!!) I give it one more shot.. I searched for Air busan and Jeju Air which I think one of few recommended flight to Jeju.. 

Third Hiccup:(
Deciding which airlines..
1. Air Busan
Do note that Air Busan is a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines and this airlines offers much more decent seats and pricing. Asiana Airlines cost about S$279.00 per pax whereas Air Busan cost S$173.00.. OF course flight timing make a lot different.. (price through eDreams website)
One thing, air busan allow passengers to choose their preferred seat FREE.. IKR!!
(so this is one of the struggles I had while comparing Air Busan or Jeju Air.. Give this up all because the flight to Jeju was 725am which mean SG timing 625am)
2. Jeju Air
Thanks god for the easy booking English website which make everything goes smoothly..
Pretty surprised with the low price.. I booked direct through their website and paid KRW182,800 about S$222.00 for 2 paxs with preferred timing.. (they provided pretty lots of timings, so no worries) and 15kg check in baggage..)
Tip: If you are on budget flying, just let the system assign seat for you at zero cost. However, if you worry of not sitting together with your love one (okay, I admit!! I need to sit with my Hubb.. ), you may choose your preferred seat at KRW3000/KRW5000 which is about S$4-6..
Note that it required you to login before any booking, just login as guest using your email address. Just leave the membership blank while filling up passenger information.
Something to take note on:
Most booking system in Korea only accept VISA credit card payment so if your card is a MasterCard, your booking will not be able to get through smoothly..

Fourth Hiccup:(
Which is worse that can be happening...
I checked on the weight of the luggage and forget about the height and size of our luggages.. And sadly, our luggage exceeded the height limit!! ((H+W+L)sum of three dimension cannot be greater den 203cm ...)
Which mean we gonna leave our luggages in Seoul while we travel to Jeju.. We have no choice even though I'm not berry comfortable of leaving my luggage at the airport..
Fortunately, our first night Airbnb host(Ian and Leona) allow us to leave our luggages with them at their apartment.. Appreciate it alot..

Well, even though there's plenty of hiccups, we learn alot from it, at least I managed the whole Jeju booking all myself lei..

Friday, March 18, 2016

[Random] Counting down to Korea ~~~ 2 more days!!

I'm must be crazy!!!
Blogging through mobile at this timing!! Time check 12:45.. I just got in the room on the bed.. I freaking tired!! Just managed to wash and hung clothes and packed abit of my luggage... Ya.. Like finally 90% done... I'm so stress over wat to bring for Jeju and Seoul as we need to separate two luggage... 

Well, good new is I starting my long long holiday leave lo... 
Hmm.. Just for your info, I'm flying on Sunday not tomorrow ya.. Zzzz! Hahaha.. So planning to go bai bai.. Meeting my biao jie and baby Ethan boy.. 

Ended my day with Hubb with Ajisen and Starbucks.. Thank you for having 1 for 1 frapp promo.. And of course thank you for spoiling mi.. 

I have a wonderful Hubb who manage to settle our itinerary and even with annex.. Like a pro... Not bad wor... Will share share here after mi back from Korea... (Though I'm praying for the time to stop over at Korea... *Fat hope!!* =.=")
Can't help being so excited lei!! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

[Recipe] PebblePops for You!

Made with love Vday❤️
It's really not about money and it just the thought that counts..
SO...since I have been crazy over baking and stuffs, why dun I diy something for Hubb this year.. (when we just started dating, I had been doing DIY stuffs like photo frame and even cards and letters.. Those days!!)

Thank you for the Vday presents.. I love it so much especially the Soufeel necklace.. Love you!

Okay am glad that Hubb appreciate my thought.. Love ya.. (I totally will turn off when I put in effort and not being appreciated!! Well... I can't stop ppl doing that way and I just can't stop myself treating ppl good and not being appreciated.. Damnnn! 
That's life! so much about venting since this is a post full of LOVE..) 

Grab this sweet recipe from a Singapore blogger Rachell Tan (frankly speaking, she is so super young and I can say she is berry talented.. I admit ~ I quite like her style too.. )

Anyway... this is wat you will need.. 
Yes just this 2 simple ingredients ~ Fruity pebbles and marshmallows to make full of love... 
Heart it even more when "you dun require a oven to do this!!"
Step 1: Fill the fruity pebbles to about 1/3 of the brownie/cake pan
Step 2: Melt 20 pcs of marshmallows over berry LOW HEAT with some butter
*Remember to use a Non-stick pan
Step 3: Add in the fruit pebbles and slowly mix them together with the melted marshmallows and ensure they are well coated.
You should get a gooey mixture..

Yummmm... Looking berry yummy isn't it...
I already started munching here and there lo... Tell mi, how not to resist this...

Step 4: Fill them into the brownie/cake pan which you had used to fill the fruity pebbles, lined with baking paper (to ease removal...)
Gently smoosh the mixture till it fills up the entire pan evenly..

Step 5: Let it cool for about 3 mins, then remove the fruity pebbles from the pan once it's hardened a little bits..
Prepare some cookies cutters (mine is from Daiso for just $2!!)

Step 6: Now using the cookie cutters, cut the fruitly bars into shapes of your choices :D Of coz Heart shaped for Vday lah...

Step 7: Slot in satay sticks and prettify with ribbons..
All these not only easy to make ( I must stress on "no baking require " hahaha :p) and they are also berry instagram worthy..
Ain't they look great in photos !! Mostly importantly, they taste awesome sweeettt....

Super simple and easy for Vday if you are planning to give a lot of people presents...
Isn't it great!!
Whoopz.. I'm thinking to do this for Xmas already...
When flowers bouquet is too mainstream!! Pebblepop bouquet for Hubb for Vday...

Slept at 3am in the morning as our friends were playing poker at our nest (recently addicted to Poker lah.. shhhh...)

Woke up at 8am to make this pebblepop for Hubb before he wake up..
Manage to done everything in 1.5hrs including cooling time and packing... Another reason to make this pebblepops for your family and friends...
Extremely happy that I managed to surprise him and of coz happy that he love it so much despite it being so sweet...
I think I took more #selfie photos den my Hubb...
Psst.... Shouldn't it be Hubb making this for mi ??? :p hahahaha....

By the way, pebbles-pop is available for dessert bar for your guests too...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Counting down to Korea ~ 2 more weeks!!

2 more freaking weeks and I'm flying to Korea... 
I'm so freaking excited add a little of stress plus a little bit of sadness!! 
Of course I'm excited.. A country I have never been to and been wanting to go... Plus a free and easy trip is kinda excitement too,isn't it... 
I have nothing to wear (girl first problem!!).. okay someone is going to kill mi for sure..(I'm referring to my Hubb in case u guys are wondering...!! :( ) 
Even though I went to Europe in winter time, but the weather in Korea doesn't require mi to wrap myself up like a dumpling.. And I'm scare the weather may change anytime... 
So I'm stuck in nowhere... 
Spend like 3 freaking hrs and I only managed to settle my first 3 days (still thinking wanna change it anot!!..) Helpppp!!! 
Can't you feel my sadness after reading my stress... I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.. 
U noe!!!! 
That is really a disaster for a girl!! 
Okay I'm not those famous bloggers that many ppl would like to see their ootd almost everyday and they have quite a pretty shoot!! 
For mi.. Who cares!! 
Well Just for my own pleasure!! Hahaha.. Korea lei.. Cannot wear too anyhow lah.. 
Okay I'm still stuck.. 
What if the weather isn't that cold then we expected? Will we overdress? How many sets of clothing should I bring? Should I bring 8 days of supply or juz 5 days? Should I bring some that I dun really like to wear and throw it away once I wear it in Korea? Should I bring nicer clothes for ootd? Should I...????? 
Right now, my living room is in a mess and nothing is packed inside my luggage.. 
Oh well!
I'm still looking forward to Korea in 14 days...!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016 Chinese New Year is over!

February is over!! Can anyone stop the time please?? 
CNY is over and everyone is back on their work station.. Been super busy for the whole Feb, regardless with work or personal..

Okay never mind... Pls be QUICK! 
For once I actually want the time to pass faster and stop in March cause I'm flying to Korea end of March! 

Anyway, how's everyone Lunar Holiday?? Wanna ask this but realised it already ending of first week of March!! OMG! =.=

Thinking to blog abit of my #ootd lei but realised this year I like never really take alot of ootd and even photos.. Maybe could due to my sil still in the hospital, I dun think it nice to keep posting of family gathering.. (sorry I tink I shouldn't have even post any...!)
How should I start this post lei... Hahaha... 
I shall start with my eve of CNY and end with day 15... Seriously!!

Pretty nails to start off my Monkey year!
Our reunion lunch ~ Army stew... (get the recipe here! )
Can't wait to fly to Korea soon!!!
Second round reunion dinner with my in laws..

Bought new moon yu sheng from NTUC not knowing it doesn't include the different types carrots.. So paiseh... cause all along I thought it's included inside as I always buy for my family and my Xiaogu always prepare the carrots and I always thought she add on only... Whoopz! and I didn't realised how can carrots be preserved for so long... Omg!!!!
In the end, we used lettuce and some carrots we had in the fridge.. Heng enough!! It taste even better and we cleared it all!!

HUAT ar!
Cat and the fiddles cakes from bil.. We actually have this dinner becoz of this..
Thank for buying and we are so so so full!!!

10 slices of cheesecake with 10 different flavours.. Fit everyone tastes..
*Maneki Neko (Yuzu, lemon and Lime) ~ My Favorite of ALL
Modern Duke's Pudding (Oreo)
Over the Moon (classic New York)
Queen of Hearts (strawberry)
Paws of Fury(yuan Yang)
*Sweet and Smokey Taffy (salted caramel) ~ Hubb's favorite 
Sicilian Wild Cats (Tiramisu)
Caribbean Surfari(Pina Colda)
Russian Whiskers (Mango and Vodka)
Emperor Romance(Lychee Martini)
Okay starting my #OOTD for this CNY liao...
I still prefer my outfits last year...

CNY Day1
Mi ~ Dress from Voycestas Plus
Bag from Prada
Heels from Charles and Keith

Hubb ~ I dunno where to start... wahahaha! 

Every year without fail, day 1 photo with Hubb's ah ma.. Cute max hor!!
Our berry first time movie date with whole Yin family..

*Long long time ago*
Okay I dun quite like the movie la so I may not catch part 2 liao..
Loh family reunion dinner ~ BBQ
My cousin and family..
One of the boy full month.. not having a huge celebration due to CNY first day..
Well, Ethan.. you will have a big One for sure!
My big family missing my sister in law who is still in the hospital..
Oh.. her condition is stable already just waiting for her to wake up..
Been praying!!
Our family photo isn't complete without you! Jiayou!
CNY Day 2
Dress ~from BKK CTC
Shoe ~ Prettyfit
Bag ~ Victoria secret
Selfie with my nephew before all come snatching to carry him...
Cute isn't he!! Melted...!
He look exactly like his mother!!
End day 2 with a table food! So scary!!
Came here with a disappointment.. Not going to voice it out cause wishing I can forget about it which I dun think so la.. Just can't believe the owner actually reserve seats and guest has no seat and had to say she too full for the dinner..!!! 

CNY day 3
When everyone started working, mi off till day 8... wahahaha... (but I went back on day 5 for half day la... all thanks to one of my colleague from JP... tsssk!!)

No ootd today since I spent the whole day at home... wahahaha...
Steamboat at my nest with my family! *daddy requested*

How about a #potd!!!
Daddy scared mi with this 3 bags of vegetables!! hahaha
Not venting ya!! =.=" hahahaha alot of my friends say the vegetable during CNY was so expensive and especially the tangO was OSS everywhere.. 
But isn't it great to have a sell veg daddy!
Unlimited supply of vegetables ~ 5kg of tangO 5kg of pang cai, 1 big bai cai, 2 super huge broccolis and 20 packets of different kinds of mushroom!
Love my daddy so much!!
Poor Hubb have to go work and reach home at about 8...
AND we already started our Ban Luck liao lor!!
See the leftover pot behind the table...! hahaha... Of coz Left a huge bowl of soup with "liao" for Hubb with a bowl of abalones and rice!!

Okay gonna skip day 4 ~ like I say this year abit boring, I bought a lot of new dresses but no chance to wear.. hahaha...

CNY Day 5

Peepz over at our nest..
I love inviting and love the crowds at our nest.. But I hate washing and cleaning part.. Hahahaha... Wait till next time when we have maid ya.. ( though we have part time maid on Saturday la!!)
What is CNY without playing Ban luck!! hahaha
When the rest left and while waiting for Banana to come, Hubb teach mi and Ser to play poker
and we got addicted from then..
Hubb successfully hook us up! Been playing poker the whole CNY..  

CNY day 6

Again my house.. hahaha
Hubb bmt friends over at our nest..
Playing poker with his friends too...
One of the best hand ~ when the Q.J.10 waiting for  K.A at the flop!
Psst: Hubb's Q pair lose badly.. hahaha Well played!

CNY Day 7

Happy Vday to all couples out there! May your love bloom ever and ever!
It supposed to be my Hubb Vday gift but somehow it had became my prop of the day..
Gonna update the recipe real soon.. Please bear with mi!
Updated**** 14 Mar 2016 ~ Yeah... Recipe is here...
Somehow I had skip my #ootd for (WAAADDDDDD)SIX days!!
Here you are..!

CNY day 8

OOTD for CNY day 8
开工大吉so must be red red red!! More like pink actually!!
Who care! I love pink!
CNY day 9

Company lunch at Skinny pizza at 100AM (psst!!! who knows it close after we went hahaha... not sure if they close for renovation or wat...whoopz!! I dun think we ate a lot hor!!)
CNY day 9

With foodie explorers
I rem taking OOTD shots de but somehow I think I deleted away..!!!
Slap myself hard! Super love this dress so much de! hahaha
Mookata date at Tom yum Kungfu at Serangoon garden! Heart it when it renovated and not as smelly as before even when we are sitting indoor.. 
Not sure what did I do during CNY day 10... No photos nothing...

CNY day 11

With my parent company colleague..
Thank for inviting and sorry for not staying too late...

With the girles
It had been awhile since we last take photos together...
CNY Day 12

Dinner at Yishun Blk 431 ( I used to love the food de..)
Super disappointed with the food.. Why did your standard drop so drastic?? Why! Tell mi why!!
I rem loving the Thai Lime Chili steam fish de..
Aiyo.. I still keep asking my frenz to come here for dinner and kanna disappointed..
Not coming here anymore liao la...
Hubb's NTU friends..
Thanks for coming to our humble nest! Poker time!

 CNY Day 13

 Causal weekend OOTD
(Berry tired as we slept at 2 plus 3 am almost every day...!)
 Top and Bottom ~ Obdesign
Bag ~ Victoria Secret
Sandal ~ Vincci Malaysia
Pandora ~ Travel charm
Heart this couple sandal we bought at JB Vincci.. And Hubb is wearing the lady version de..
Shhhh! dun tell anyone!
But can you imagine how small his feet are! Damnn *O*"
CNY at Da jie hse...
Poker everywhere we go.. hahaha.. Kinda addicted everyone ya!! :p
Another long day plus we met an accident otw home though it actually not our problem.. WE just worried the driver may drove off so we stay on..
Poor Indian worker die on the spot and his friends actually ran off after he being bang.. Well... 

 CNY Day 14
It's my sil birthday...
Wishing her Happy birthday and speedy recovery.. You making a great recovery but Please dun let us wait... Comeon'

CNY Day 15 ~~~~ Last day of CNY liao.. 
Time pass damnnnn fast lah!!

Thank you Biao Jie for the accompanying the whole day..
Went to Loyang there pray pray and rushing here and there with your little Ethan.. Love you!!
元宵节 must eat tangyuan de..
Thank you Biao jie for preparing and thanks myself for the steamboat..
Fruity day lei...

Managed to blog it lei.. So proud of myself..
Been so busy with work and especially our Seoul planning.. Can't believe I flying to Korea in 16 days and my last 5 days in Seoul still not yet done... OMG!
So excited can..!!
Really different experience from planning Bangkok lor..
Speak of the devil******* :p
We just booked our Bangkok air tickets in May'16 lei... LOLL