Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Counting down to Korea ~ 2 more weeks!!

2 more freaking weeks and I'm flying to Korea... 
I'm so freaking excited add a little of stress plus a little bit of sadness!! 
Of course I'm excited.. A country I have never been to and been wanting to go... Plus a free and easy trip is kinda excitement too,isn't it... 
I have nothing to wear (girl first problem!!).. okay someone is going to kill mi for sure..(I'm referring to my Hubb in case u guys are wondering...!! :( ) 
Even though I went to Europe in winter time, but the weather in Korea doesn't require mi to wrap myself up like a dumpling.. And I'm scare the weather may change anytime... 
So I'm stuck in nowhere... 
Spend like 3 freaking hrs and I only managed to settle my first 3 days (still thinking wanna change it anot!!..) Helpppp!!! 
Can't you feel my sadness after reading my stress... I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR.. 
U noe!!!! 
That is really a disaster for a girl!! 
Okay I'm not those famous bloggers that many ppl would like to see their ootd almost everyday and they have quite a pretty shoot!! 
For mi.. Who cares!! 
Well Just for my own pleasure!! Hahaha.. Korea lei.. Cannot wear too anyhow lah.. 
Okay I'm still stuck.. 
What if the weather isn't that cold then we expected? Will we overdress? How many sets of clothing should I bring? Should I bring 8 days of supply or juz 5 days? Should I bring some that I dun really like to wear and throw it away once I wear it in Korea? Should I bring nicer clothes for ootd? Should I...????? 
Right now, my living room is in a mess and nothing is packed inside my luggage.. 
Oh well!
I'm still looking forward to Korea in 14 days...!

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