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Friday, March 18, 2016

[Random] Counting down to Korea ~~~ 2 more days!!

I'm must be crazy!!!
Blogging through mobile at this timing!! Time check 12:45.. I just got in the room on the bed.. I freaking tired!! Just managed to wash and hung clothes and packed abit of my luggage... Ya.. Like finally 90% done... I'm so stress over wat to bring for Jeju and Seoul as we need to separate two luggage... 

Well, good new is I starting my long long holiday leave lo... 
Hmm.. Just for your info, I'm flying on Sunday not tomorrow ya.. Zzzz! Hahaha.. So planning to go bai bai.. Meeting my biao jie and baby Ethan boy.. 

Ended my day with Hubb with Ajisen and Starbucks.. Thank you for having 1 for 1 frapp promo.. And of course thank you for spoiling mi.. 

I have a wonderful Hubb who manage to settle our itinerary and even with annex.. Like a pro... Not bad wor... Will share share here after mi back from Korea... (Though I'm praying for the time to stop over at Korea... *Fat hope!!* =.=")
Can't help being so excited lei!! 

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