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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Countdown 9 more days to see my bendan liao...
been missing him so much
already pass 6 day liao
yesterday waited for my bendan to call
i even bring my phone with mi to toilet lor
but he still didn't call
till i already fall aslp den he call
i chat with him till berry blur last nite
of coZ
but i noe wat we talk abt la
i'm reali happy tat he told mi he missing mi alot
i oso lor
been countdowning to 6Feb lor
lucky before u went there i go develop some photo for u
dun worry la
another 9 more days to go though time pass abit too slow for mi la
i noe i can manage it de
yesteraday went shopping at bugis with my cousin
i bought 3 skirts
which i tink yr mummy dun like it
but i like lea
later today going city plaza with lijuan
gonna spend money again
tis month i reali spend alot lor
next month reali gonna save up liao
if not reali eat grass lor
say wanna save money till now not even a cent haiz...
pass few days been berry busy with my work
gonna finish up all my stuff before i pass down my work
my last day working here will be on 20th feb
yesterday i pass my resignation letter to my Exec but was reject from her
asking mi to tink abt it first
i'm noe i'm bad
she been so good to mi yet i juz go off like tat...
i'm reali sorry
but i gonna tink of my future first mar
I juz had my lunch
rite now super doper sleepy
juz gonna doze off liao
wat time will my bendan call again tonight.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I had a job offer at Holiday tour yesterday..
with the help of my frenz who work over there
and i went for the interview at Orchard...
i tink many of us got hear holiday tour before ba...
they had a berry good and big background so much beta den my current company Siam Express
wat should i do?
since yesterday morning, i get the news
been tinking the whole morning lor
I noe it's a berry good offer though the pay was like onli 40 buck more onli la
it's not the money i going for anyway..
As wat every1 tell mi,
over at Holiday Tour i will had beta future
or even much more beta den at my current job
But true enough...
many of my frenz had nv hear of my current job but wwhen i told them holiday tours
they will like 'Orr tat 1 ar'
kinda weird rite
both do the same ting
both is tour
but i is doing outbound and inbound
my current job is onli outbound
there's alot i tinking for..
i had to adapt new environment again
frenz who close to mi will noe tat i dun reali like to change job
actually i had decided and make up my mind last nitez
after talking to so many ppl
like my boy and his mummy...
at least alot of ting will be even clearer to mi
my boy mummy even help mi draft a resignation letter lor..
so monday i will like tender it
i juz weak..
i juz scare to face it...
rite now,
i clear of everything liao...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

bendan reach Thailand liao...
it's like finally of the day i receive his msg..
today morning send him off to his base camp there lor
Kinda bu she de
but cannot let him noe if not sure like drag here and there
later his daddy will like nag again
first time dun have bendan by my side reali not use to it lea
i mean first for so long and not in singapore
today time like pass so slow lor
i been waiting and waiting
coz muz wait till nite den can chat with him maybe 3G
i wanna see him
i berry scare
berry worry
berry like i have nothing to describe my feeling lor
countdown 14 days left...haha

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My bendan baobei going Thailand tml morning 5am
ke lian rite...
i mean myself lor..
gonna miss him like crazy man..
not i wanna to be mushy but it's reali true
somemore he going there for 15 days leh till chinese new year den he will be back lor
which mean nobody pei wo go shopping liao
and chinatown too
boring lor...
nobody for mi to nag and shout and scream as
nobody going to hear mi night talk liao
i tink it's be even worse when he in BMT for his out-field
for like 1 week
now 2 weeks liao like going end of the world lor
i berry good rite
nv let him waited like tat lor
not even 2 days or even 1 day ba
see him la....
i'm still tinking wanna go my ah gong there stay 1
but dunno how to tell my bendan and his parents...
like berry bad rite
but i'm feeling extra lea
hopefully bendan can now and den msg mi lor as he buying the sim card over there
hear it's quite cheap lor to buy over there
actually though he go there juz to work onli but at least free flight
somemore can go out shopping leh
though it was saying onli 1 days off la
but at least at nite can go out eat den sure can shop oso mar rite
too bad he can't bring back my favourite 'Da Pian' or even other food lor
onli cuttlefish tis kind of stuff so kinda boring
anyway i dun need much ting
juz tat dog LV bag will do haha not real 1 oso ok la
still good la
still can out of singapore to shop
somemore even much cheaper den in singapore
not like mi
been waiting to go till going white hair liao lor
at least even juz to take the plane la
nvm anyway we planning of going Taiwan tis june
but dunno confirm 1 anot lor
so i juz gonna wait lor
muz reali take good care of yrself kayz
drink more water
remember to put cream ar
eat more tingy ar but dun anyhow eat roadside food ar
and...sob sob sob
remember to call or msg when u free
if not i will like tat time u went for yr outfield ar...
love ya..

Monday, January 21, 2008

What a Day to start!!!
Today stupid MRT disruption thingy making mi sweat early in the morning
there's no train service from Tanah Merah to pasir ris
of coz I'm late for work liao lor
when almost 9,
I'm still over at Tampines
on the free shuttle bus which i waited for almost 45 min
and kanna ppl push here and there
and with unorganized MRT staffs
making mi taking their free shuttle bus
from Tampines to Pasir Ris
den from Pasir Ris to Tanah Merah
and the whole journey was like standing
Oh my Goodness 1 lor...
somemore traffics jam lor...
it's like 1hr plus when i reach Tanah Merah
so i was super doper late for work lor
i reach office at around 1015
cool rite
tonight sure got big news lor but i nv see any reporter around lea
if not,
those aunties who scold the staffs there will like rushing toward all the camera there
nagging all the way
But can't blame them lor...
Of all times,the choose the most busy hours
when ppl all rushing to work lor
somemore the management didn't do a good job lor...
still wanna increase the rate when service is like tat...
Can't they do something even better den tis meh

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happily ever after!!!!

But wat a face lor!!!!
Haha...I juz being wu liao la,coz i'm like all alone in the office coz all late
aiya coz today no Government again today...
dunno wat time they will be in...
Yesterday went meet my bendan's mummy they all,
buy new year clothing
sad enough i can't even found any pair of heel i like for new year
clothing more worse lor
big size clothing reali hard to find,find liao oso berry expensive lor...
but wat to do
anyway i dun mind wahaha i mean being big size...
tis year hopefully i can find dress lor haha
Later meeting my Biao Jie go buy new year stuff help her carry of coz
dunno i will spend any money anot lea
no money liao
tis month spend reali lots lor
going to more den half my pay liao lor
plus i still got half year bonus lea
haiz...next month will spend even more sia...
I haven't even start my saving lor
my 15k in a year

Friday, January 18, 2008

Been sick for the past few days...
with slight cold cum bad flu cum bad cough...
My bendan last nite kanna my sickness lor...
He was sick last nite,same as mi,cough and flu...
but ask him see doctor he dun wan lucky today morning he's alright if not i sure wun let him go back base de lor...
Tis week i super busy with my work stuff...
have so much work to do till i can onli go back after 7 lor... too bad...
word from my head say if cannot finish stuff muz try to stay at longer lor
but of coz can claim hrs but onli on non-peak months lor which is haha
April or May lor...
Anyway,today i already claim quite alot liao coz gonna go KK hospital for check-up...
Lucky mi dun need waste my AL...
Goody rite...
ACtually tot i dun have to come back office de but in the end i'm back here blogging...
Den now suddenly say i gonna go to pasir ris to give cheque...
ya it's good if i'm going home later but no lor i going meet bendan's mummy and his brother maybe him at Square2 shopping, shop for New Year stuff...
Kinda sianz diao liao lor...
somemore cheque muz reach there by today 7pm...
i dun care gonna go off early 1 lor but how early...
As yesterday i rush finish all my tis week stuff,i today totally nothing to do lor
somemore no moood to do anything lor...
kinda weekend mood liao but tml still gonna work
going meet my cousin help her carry thing
i mean accompany her go buy new year stuff lor if not she all alone as her bf at Oversea
for like i tink 6 months so this few months will abit stick to mi lor...
next week my bendan going thailand lo..
*You beta dun go hay wired ar if not wahahaha u gonna get it*
berry fast hor...
lucky for mi,he's onli go there for 2 weeks so b4 Chinese new year eve,
he will be back with mi to go count down ba...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bendan baobei...
oh he's reali d good catch man...
evrything of him is so great except for his ego and temper..
other den all tis,he reali berry good..
berry to his gf who is mi la..
he can dun eat good ting or even wear nice nice all becoz of mi
he wanna make mi happy
he juz wanna buy ting tat i like for mi...
haha but when i buy ting for him..
it's going to have earthquake man...
he going to nag at mi the whole entire day
but i dun care...i juz wanna him to feel love juz like mi ...
It's our 28th months anniversary le...
Berry fast we going stepping to our 3rd years lo...
when going to marry mi ar...
Now staying together like seldom got romantic time liao lor...
i love staying with u and yr family...Every1 reali treat mi as one of them...
but somehow sometime i'm reali berry tired..
flankly speaking,i dun have to do all those ting 1 lor
but when i see yr mum alone do till so tired,i reali can't bared seeing her like tat
I wonder how u and yr brother can make it lor...
watsoever la...
I noe u being treating mi super doper good
i reali feel love when i'm with u though at time reali cannot stand u lo
1 more week,u going to Thailand,throwing mi all alone in Singapore
i reali going to miss u alot lo...
Promise mi muz every day 3G or even sms mi hor...
I dun mind pay for the hp bill lor...
hopefully tonight u can go off early den we can go celebrate eat goody food
I reali miss those days when u send mi to and fro from work and home...
I noe when u ORD den going NTU,
u going to have eveb less time for mi
or i should say i'm going to stay home more often liao...
so during tat 2 months holiday
we going to enjoy more k....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This few day been berry busy with my stuffs at work...My workloads been increase ever since my both Account Executive work onli half day in the morning...I can't even finish up my stuffs but with my this pay i dun tink i will work till late 1 lor...i mean i will go home on the dot no matter wat..wahaha...who ask them to give other transport claim but not account stuffs...unfair rite when i dun have ops have den they go home earlier den mi...I cannot take it 1 lor... Yesterday receive a msg from my sis,asking mi to clear my stuff at SK as she changing rooms with her brother as the room is smaller surely can't fit in my stuff liao lor.I dunno wat my mum is doing or perhap i dun wan to noe...as long as she happy this way go ahead lor...i can't do anything but at least i got even better shelter den wat i had at SK... prehap becoz i not reali related over there and i juz can't stand them...I noe every1 have their own ways of living so i can't blame them anyway should reali thank her/them for letting mi realise how xin fu i was....Thank soo soo much... Thank you for letting mi treasure now even more...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

First week of 2008 ending soon..
It's kinda too fast for mi to tink and imagine...
imagine on the berry first day went shopping alone
while bendan having driving lesson and on nowhere he came rite in front of mi
giving mi such a surprise...
On the Sencond day
mi went watch movie with my bendan,finally got to watch Alvin and the chipmunks
On the third day,
went eat pizza with my Prince as my bendan got guard duty
too bad for him lo..
On the fourth day...
home sweet home lo,cannot alway go out de if not berry not nice to see man..
On the fifth day,
i'm rite here working..
now got to go liao...finishing work liao
bye everyone

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Second day of New Year and i'm rite here working..
nothing special happening lor
working as per normal nothing else
Yesterday went shopping all alone as bendan got to go for his driving lesson
so he throw mi all alone at Tampines Mall
bad rite
I bought super lots of ting sia soend like over 50 bucks
but Guesss wat happen when i about to go back home
Bendan juz dash in front of mi
i was like so shocked when he of no where came out
as wat he say we are both fated to be together tat y we dun need to meet up
we sure will meett up some where
It's reali cool man, i mean i'm reali berry happy and surprise
First time lea...
Actually wanna watch Alvin de but again it's full house lor
hopefully today can get to watch it if not DVD again lor
Got to rush finish my work liao
super lots of thing to do as both my Account Executive from this year onward work onli half day
so it's like i'm the onli one full day lor
die oso no 1 noe

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 liao
i hereby wishing all my friends a successful year ahead
i had a wonderful countdown party last nites
when watch movie with my bendan again haha
at PS super lots ppl and i can't get to watch Alvin so we watch I AM Legend
ermz...not bad la but i still prefer The WarLords.
i spell correct liao ba
maybe later today will go and watch the Alvin ba...
we went home ard 7 plus but wait for tat bus for like 1hr plus lor so we reach home around 9
we waited for bendan's parents till 1 den they come home
say hao countdown together but in the end they are at their relative hse
so i count down with my bendan onli lor
Isn't it wonderful!
i wishing u and mi happily ever after
more and more loving
less and less quarrel
we have 18 more days to er ren si jie muz treasure ar
if not u going thailand i going to bored to death de lor
promise to call mi whenever u can
phone bill on mi ok [reply 'NO' Please]