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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happily ever after!!!!

But wat a face lor!!!!
Haha...I juz being wu liao la,coz i'm like all alone in the office coz all late
aiya coz today no Government again today...
dunno wat time they will be in...
Yesterday went meet my bendan's mummy they all,
buy new year clothing
sad enough i can't even found any pair of heel i like for new year
clothing more worse lor
big size clothing reali hard to find,find liao oso berry expensive lor...
but wat to do
anyway i dun mind wahaha i mean being big size...
tis year hopefully i can find dress lor haha
Later meeting my Biao Jie go buy new year stuff help her carry of coz
dunno i will spend any money anot lea
no money liao
tis month spend reali lots lor
going to more den half my pay liao lor
plus i still got half year bonus lea
haiz...next month will spend even more sia...
I haven't even start my saving lor
my 15k in a year

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