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Monday, January 21, 2008

What a Day to start!!!
Today stupid MRT disruption thingy making mi sweat early in the morning
there's no train service from Tanah Merah to pasir ris
of coz I'm late for work liao lor
when almost 9,
I'm still over at Tampines
on the free shuttle bus which i waited for almost 45 min
and kanna ppl push here and there
and with unorganized MRT staffs
making mi taking their free shuttle bus
from Tampines to Pasir Ris
den from Pasir Ris to Tanah Merah
and the whole journey was like standing
Oh my Goodness 1 lor...
somemore traffics jam lor...
it's like 1hr plus when i reach Tanah Merah
so i was super doper late for work lor
i reach office at around 1015
cool rite
tonight sure got big news lor but i nv see any reporter around lea
if not,
those aunties who scold the staffs there will like rushing toward all the camera there
nagging all the way
But can't blame them lor...
Of all times,the choose the most busy hours
when ppl all rushing to work lor
somemore the management didn't do a good job lor...
still wanna increase the rate when service is like tat...
Can't they do something even better den tis meh

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