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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I had a job offer at Holiday tour yesterday..
with the help of my frenz who work over there
and i went for the interview at Orchard...
i tink many of us got hear holiday tour before ba...
they had a berry good and big background so much beta den my current company Siam Express
wat should i do?
since yesterday morning, i get the news
been tinking the whole morning lor
I noe it's a berry good offer though the pay was like onli 40 buck more onli la
it's not the money i going for anyway..
As wat every1 tell mi,
over at Holiday Tour i will had beta future
or even much more beta den at my current job
But true enough...
many of my frenz had nv hear of my current job but wwhen i told them holiday tours
they will like 'Orr tat 1 ar'
kinda weird rite
both do the same ting
both is tour
but i is doing outbound and inbound
my current job is onli outbound
there's alot i tinking for..
i had to adapt new environment again
frenz who close to mi will noe tat i dun reali like to change job
actually i had decided and make up my mind last nitez
after talking to so many ppl
like my boy and his mummy...
at least alot of ting will be even clearer to mi
my boy mummy even help mi draft a resignation letter lor..
so monday i will like tender it
i juz weak..
i juz scare to face it...
rite now,
i clear of everything liao...

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