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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Second day of New Year and i'm rite here working..
nothing special happening lor
working as per normal nothing else
Yesterday went shopping all alone as bendan got to go for his driving lesson
so he throw mi all alone at Tampines Mall
bad rite
I bought super lots of ting sia soend like over 50 bucks
but Guesss wat happen when i about to go back home
Bendan juz dash in front of mi
i was like so shocked when he of no where came out
as wat he say we are both fated to be together tat y we dun need to meet up
we sure will meett up some where
It's reali cool man, i mean i'm reali berry happy and surprise
First time lea...
Actually wanna watch Alvin de but again it's full house lor
hopefully today can get to watch it if not DVD again lor
Got to rush finish my work liao
super lots of thing to do as both my Account Executive from this year onward work onli half day
so it's like i'm the onli one full day lor
die oso no 1 noe

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