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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This few day been berry busy with my stuffs at work...My workloads been increase ever since my both Account Executive work onli half day in the morning...I can't even finish up my stuffs but with my this pay i dun tink i will work till late 1 lor...i mean i will go home on the dot no matter wat..wahaha...who ask them to give other transport claim but not account stuffs...unfair rite when i dun have ops have den they go home earlier den mi...I cannot take it 1 lor... Yesterday receive a msg from my sis,asking mi to clear my stuff at SK as she changing rooms with her brother as the room is smaller surely can't fit in my stuff liao lor.I dunno wat my mum is doing or perhap i dun wan to noe...as long as she happy this way go ahead lor...i can't do anything but at least i got even better shelter den wat i had at SK... prehap becoz i not reali related over there and i juz can't stand them...I noe every1 have their own ways of living so i can't blame them anyway should reali thank her/them for letting mi realise how xin fu i was....Thank soo soo much... Thank you for letting mi treasure now even more...

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