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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My bendan baobei going Thailand tml morning 5am
ke lian rite...
i mean myself lor..
gonna miss him like crazy man..
not i wanna to be mushy but it's reali true
somemore he going there for 15 days leh till chinese new year den he will be back lor
which mean nobody pei wo go shopping liao
and chinatown too
boring lor...
nobody for mi to nag and shout and scream as
nobody going to hear mi night talk liao
i tink it's be even worse when he in BMT for his out-field
for like 1 week
now 2 weeks liao like going end of the world lor
i berry good rite
nv let him waited like tat lor
not even 2 days or even 1 day ba
see him la....
i'm still tinking wanna go my ah gong there stay 1
but dunno how to tell my bendan and his parents...
like berry bad rite
but i'm feeling extra lea
hopefully bendan can now and den msg mi lor as he buying the sim card over there
hear it's quite cheap lor to buy over there
actually though he go there juz to work onli but at least free flight
somemore can go out shopping leh
though it was saying onli 1 days off la
but at least at nite can go out eat den sure can shop oso mar rite
too bad he can't bring back my favourite 'Da Pian' or even other food lor
onli cuttlefish tis kind of stuff so kinda boring
anyway i dun need much ting
juz tat dog LV bag will do haha not real 1 oso ok la
still good la
still can out of singapore to shop
somemore even much cheaper den in singapore
not like mi
been waiting to go till going white hair liao lor
at least even juz to take the plane la
nvm anyway we planning of going Taiwan tis june
but dunno confirm 1 anot lor
so i juz gonna wait lor
muz reali take good care of yrself kayz
drink more water
remember to put cream ar
eat more tingy ar but dun anyhow eat roadside food ar
and...sob sob sob
remember to call or msg when u free
if not i will like tat time u went for yr outfield ar...
love ya..

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