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Sunday, July 31, 2016

[Korea] Yongduam -> Mysterious Road -> Loveland -> Innisfree and Osulloc Tea museum -> Jusangjeollidae -> Teddy Bear Museum

Really gonna thank my Jeju driver, Mr Seoung (we called him Shawn).. You can read from his fb page, all are compliment wor..
Not to say, he really go the extra mile for all his clients.. He will first wanna know which of the places we wanna go and planned the way..
Thumb up!

Even Yongduam wasn't one of attractions we planned to go..
I super love this place but one thing similar to going with tour and book yr own driver is we have limited of time spend there..
All with the same motive ~ limited time to many attraction.. Well... I'm so wanna go Jeju once again.
As u can read from the photo above..
Er... sorry for the blurriness, hope can see it over at your end..

So, Yongduam is a rock formation on the shape of a dragon's head.. Hmm... I dun remember capturing picture of the dragon... All the photos are uploaded here lei.. loll

Hearsay you will be blessed with pregnancy if you touch the nose and the cheek of the stone guardian!

Where can we miss this chance!!!

I shall officially announced it here or maybe with another blog post ba.. Yes I'm pregnant but no, not made in Korea.. Still I do believe the stone guardian! Thank you!!

Okay is this the dragon they were saying??

Haenyeo also known as sea women or female divers

Source from Wikipedia
Today, things have changed. The haenyeo are celebrated as one of Jeju’s most valued treasures. The Korean government shows its appreciation for the unique contributions of the haenyeo to Jeju’s culture by subsidizing their gear and granting them exclusive rights to sell fresh seafood. Furthermore, in March 2014, the government requested the UNESCO to add haenyeo to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Next stop ~ Mysterious road

Frankly speaking, I dun find it special and actually I dun catch it at all!!
Maybe it's just mi!! 

I think I love the surrounding rather than the road!! Whoopz!

AND we moved on to LoveLand

You may wanna read more here!
So not going write it anymore but definitely one of the must go places!

Same goes for Innisfree and Osulloc experience as I already blogged about it..

Read more over here!!

Columnar Joint (Jusangjeollidae) at Jeju Jungmun Daepo Coast

One of the random place Mr Seoung brought us, which wasn't requested by us..
Love the cold wind and beautiful scenery!
Rugged cliff face formed from angular volcanic pillars of rock & listed as a national monument.

This was taken by one of the Korea photographer, I just took a quick snap...
Hearsay this was taken when high tide period!
This is our view =.="

Still not a bad view isn't it...
Such a beautiful view where can just take a shot or two
One of the con when you with guide...

Die die insisted Hubb to help take a few more shots hahaha...!
Vain pot mi!!

Pro is you get to take beautiful couple shot
which I love it so much!
Beautiful sunset scenery!
Heart it max!

We ended our day at Teddy bear museum..
One of my favorite place and must go place..

Read more here!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

[Bangkok] Jeanrin Goes to Bangkok

Firstly wanna apologies.. Didn't know it already almost 3 months since I'm back from Bangkok.. Dammit!! I miss it so much!!
Hubb's parents been asking us to join them in Aug/Sept but thinking Hubb not able to take so many leaves and we are flying to Hong Kong in Sept, we decided to give it a miss.. Well, this time his parents bo say wanna pay for us lei..
WHoopz!! Not one of reason for not joining lah!!

One and the only Bangkok trip for 2016
and till I go Bangkok again!! (almost tearing lei...)

Well, this trip is proudly sponsor by my mummy oso known as my stepmother ~ flight tickets and daily meal expenses.. We only got to pay for the accommodation ( of coz paying for her la!) nia..
How fantastic right!!

Booked Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok
simply because I want to stay in a different hotel plus the price is right.. Around 22035 thai baht which is about S$877.89 for 2 rooms
Plus it connecting room coz my brother find it weird to slp with my mummy alone and I dun wan to separate from my Hubb..

Our first meal of the day ~ Fuji Japanese restaurant
One of the food we can't miss it when we are in Bangkok.. Well, too bad mi not able to eat raw food this time round.. Shhhhh

As my mummy say I cannot pray so Hubb shall pray for two, hmm three I mean...

One of the must eat when I fly to Bangkok!!

MK steamboat restaurant! 

But we came here for the roasted meats not for steamboat!
Steamboat is just for veg and for the spinach noodles.. 

Specially seasoned by my Hubb to mi!

My loots of Day 1

not sure since when, but it became a must buy Melissa when I fly to Bangkok
Die die must buy 1 to 2 cause it damnnnn cheap lah!!

Oh ya another good find!!
Thanks to my Minmin mentioned to mi that she bought her Pandora to Australia for cleaning and told mi to bring along to Bangkok to try..
Indeed it's FREE cleaning!

I bought 1 charm there which I never really compare the price.. whoopz..

We spend our Day 2 at Platinum mall..

It's been ages since I went to eat at the food court and I miss the food here!!
Especially the oyster omelette!

Went to fitting for the boys' shirt after lunch and shopping at Platinum mall!
Anyway this trip is more of accompanying the boys to tailor made, even though we have 4 full days, I didn't get to shop much plus I can't walk that much 

Moved on to The EmQuartier for dinner, actually it mainly for Pierre Herme!

Well, it's kinda disappointing and expensive..! 
The taste is not even close lor!!

Oh man..!! 
Missing Europe so badly!!

Dinner at Roast

First time we didn't order Breakfast set and it's a super good decision!!

As much as I misses Bangkok, I miss this super yummy Truffle Alfredo(homemade tagliatelle, bacon and mushroom) 
I swear this is the best pasta I ever had! 

Even my picky brother agreed with mi!! 

Psst: We even ordered one more time when the staff missed our pork rib order! Well, blessing in disguise wahahaha!

Definitely one of instagram-worthy dessert!! 

One of the reason for mi to keep ordering every I visit Roast!!

BAKE cheese tart
Hearsay you need to queue like hours just to buy 12pcs of the cheese tarts..
Surprisingly, there's no queue at all so we decide to just buy 2 to share even though we are super full..

Kinda regretted as it tasted super yummy! (Well, at least Hubb love it!!)
We bought it again another day at Central world!!

Went to Chatchuchak morning market the next day!
Well, Hubb dun wish mi to be too tired hence he kept finding tons of reason to end the day berry early!!
Even so, I managed to bought a few dresses and cardigans.. AND he bought a few bags at his favorite shop!
Hubb is good man, he can really remember how to walk back to the shop even though we alighted at different gate almost every time.. TAT why I love travelling with him without any worries..!!

One of reason why we keep going CTC!!
Grilled pork chop!! Da~bomb!!

Never wanna miss any chance to get to eat this!

Dinner at Ban Khun Mae

Was supposed to have dinner at Som Tam Nua as it super highly recommended by our friends..
Sadly disappointment after we seen the menu..
And so Som Tam meant payaya salad, and the whole menu is much more of Som Tam, not even Tom yum soup in the menu!!

Well and so we walked back to Ban Khun Mae since it was just across the street..

Last day breakfast
Dim sum at Novotel Siam square

Actually I totally forget where did we actually went to after breakfast..
But I know we are back at Central World for After You..

PS: forget to ask for no sugar for my iced Horlicks and it tasted super doper sweet! Have to rush Hubb to ask them for no sugar for the Iced Thai milk tea.. I think they are berry surprised when Hubb went to tell them.. Basically they drink n eat super sweet.. They even put sugar in their food!! Wo de tian ar!!

All time favorite ~~~ Shibuya Honey Toast

The only snacks I bought back this time round and it also not for myself but for my friends.. So not myself!! But well, thank Hubb for stopping mi from buying lah cause me also not able to eat so many junk food!!

New flavor ~ Honey butter chips and cheese seaweeds found at Big C supermarket so bought it back for my friends so not sure about the taste..
Well, not much to update lah, not even much selfies, not in my forms actually!!! As you all can see/read, this trip is more like a eating trip.. Every day 3 meals without fails exclude tea break n supper!!

Need to get back to my Korea post liao lah.. Been dragging for months already..
SO so so sorry..