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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Seriously Jetlag!

Hello from Venice!
I had so much fun this 2 days in Italy Milan...
Went to a few churches which I seriously forget the name of it... but it really catch my attention... The interior and exterior is really a wow! Even picture on the wall has a story which Heard tat even Sg priest (sorry is this the correct name to call?) come to tat church, see the interior oso wun noe the story behind it... Interesting isn't it...
Let leave this in my other post entry ba...
I'm having serious jetlag!
Been 2 nights...
Woke up 2am (sg timing: 9am) and can't go back to slp.. super shag N tired but I just can't go back to slp at all.. I bet I gonna slp on bus liao...
Any solutions?? 
My bff told mi to keep myself awake during the day, no matter how tired I was, juz dun slp... so tat I will feel berry tired and slp throughout! 
But seriously,  the min I board the bus,y eyelids started to feel heavy and dozed off especially 1 of my tour member snoring deeply on bus!
Heard today will be a long and tiring day...! Lots of walking... Hopefully I wun wake up at 2am on my third night...
Okay gonna rest awhile lo...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

~~ Officially Mrs Yin ~~

Hello! Juz remember  I forget to post this post...
IT'S second day in Italy Milan... 

I am officially and customary Mrs Yin now! 叫我任太!! hehehe
I hope my family and friends had blast in #LovewithYinAndLoh, just like Hubb and I did..
I am so excited to blog and share many of our DIY.. Hahaha..
Seem like I gonna had tons and tons of stuffs to update... but with so little of time ~~
I'm flying off to Europe tonight * _ * I'm so excited!

So I shall see you peepz next year!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year...! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On flight Check list!

Omg! Europe, I'm coming!!! Just sneak in to update my blog for awhile...

Last checking on my carry on luggage!

Making sure all entertainment on hand,on board! music,games and movies is a must.. especially u are going to have long long flight...
For mi..! is just rest sleep dream... =.="

Small pillow or neckrest, for mi is Thaithai (if travel with hubb) or Vinnie (if travelling without hubb by myside)


An empty water bottle - yes kinda weird and funny.. we can only bring empty bottle n refill at the waiting area before boarding the plane.. Think only apply to budget airline! Maybe not!

Ear-phone - I just can't leave without it..

Chocolate/Biscuit - Normally will prepare some especially travelling with budget airline.. This ti,e with Emirate, with food and drink but I still prepare some for emergency!

Face mist - Always pack it but I seldom use it... wahahaha...

Last but not least, my hp and camera...

Preparing to leave home for airport in just less than 3hrs...

Seriously.......... I'm so excited!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Taiwan ~ Day 7 ~ Taipei

Taiwan ~ Day 7
Here we go..
Do I look like I'm rushing my Taiwan post...?? But seriously... it's super late post already..
And I'm flying off to Europe..

Day 7
Had our brunch at Ding Tai Fung..
A must eat, must go place whenever I'm in Taiwan, Taipei..
Price wise is actually slightly cheaper (also depending the exchange rate lo)
Wat different and special is~~~the amount of food given was much much bigger den you get in SG..

See la...
All busy on the phone... (including mi oso la... =o="
Pickled Cabbage 泡菜 and house special 小菜
Steamed Shrimp and Pork Shiaomai 蝦仁燒賣
Chicken XiaoLongBao 小籠包
we also ordered Truffle and Pork Xiaolongbao ~ photo came out to be almost the same... hee!
Mini Pork Xiaolongbao小籠湯包
Pork Chop Fried rice (with egg and white rice) 排骨蛋炒飯
Must order!
Super recommend!!!!
even in SG, whenever I go eat Din Tai Fung I will definitely order this (size does matter!)
Shrimp & Pork Pot stickers 蝦肉煎餃
Pork Sticky Rice Bun 鮮肉粽子
Pork Chop Noodle Soup 排骨面
many branches to choose from but normally I will go to FuXing branch or Taipei 101
List of Din Tai Fung branches here!
I heard the best outlet is TienMu which I been wanna go but kinda 不方便 and hard to find...
Highly recommend to go there early as the queue will be berry scary, especially at Taipei 101
Shopped along Zhong Xiao Fuxing area after eating...
actually is wanna go Melissa shop but sadly no good discount this time round so never bought any!
Oh.. normally if have discount right, each pair about NT990 ( abt SGD41.25.... WHAT!!!!)
Nothing much to shop so we move on... to Wu Fen Fu 五分埔
Famous wholesale clothes market ~ Shopping Paradise!!
Think only hubb and mi enjoy ourselves ba...
Bought this 'wanted berry long watch' the min we stepped in
but the face screen cracked after I wore it for less than 5min... (think it broke after I took this pic!!!)
Sooooo sad... 
Almost wanna go back to buy another 1 but hubb stopped mi....

Open 7days a week
Preferably to come after lunch...
But please dun go on Monday as it's WHOLESALER day
some shops will totally ignore you...
You can take MRT to HoushanPi station or SongShan railway station...
There's always another way ~~~ TAXI

Next stop: RaoHe Night market 饶河夜市
We walked about 10-15 mins from Wu Fen Fu 五分埔... you can always ask around, No worries!
From far, you will be able to see this temple..
My xiaogu was saying, ' Lai take photo here to show I came here before..." Hee!

nice shot right! (I take 1 leh)

Xiaogu and mi queuing up for the famous 胡椒饼/Pepper
Okay.. I must say it's worth queuing ONCE if you nv try it before..

I dun really like this night market...
Reason is way too crowded and nothing much to shop except for PG Mall
but still nothing much for mi to buy!
Mi looking shag and tired!!

Back at XimengDing..
My worse day for trip just happen...
I was so tired and hungry and pissed off with a lot of stuffs...
but Hubb and his family keep standing to see a artist doing some art work..
okay I must say he is really good ~ using different kinds of sprays, spray spray here  spray spray there den da~tang!
I know Hubb love it but I dun think spending an hour plus and seeing him do 3 artwork is worth spending the time la..
Okay I know I know... I'm not tat artistic and my mind is all about shopping..
plus I really in needs of toilet
plus my Xiaogu kept niam~ing...
My mind just flooded..
Okay I burst out during dinner time this explained why there's no photos taken here...
out of no reason
my xiaogu joined in the fun..!
Slam head!
Ended the day with throwing Xiaogu alone in the hotel room and Hubb and mi went out..
Yes Just the 2 of us...!
After this trip...
I think it still better to go holiday with just Hubb..
at least we just need to take care of ourselves and not so tired...

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Taiwan ~ Day 6 ~ Taipei

Taiwan ~ Day 6

*Trying to post as much as I can for my post Taiwan trip... Wedding post coming up la... Europe trip post oso coming up la... #tireddiemi Wahahaha...!*

Normally mi n hub will not book room with breakfast when we fly to Taiwan, Taipei especially..
Coz there's too many food we wanna eat and
usually Taiwan hotel serve traditional spread like porridge and plain bread with jam which I dun wish to waste my tummy space on this... 

Started our morning with yummy, awesome breakfast at JSP ..
This is one of the most unforgettable breakfast experience in Taipei ba and I will definitely be back here for breakfast..

How to get here!
Ximen Mrt station Exit 1
Walk about 2-5 mins along Hanzhong street
Opening hours: 6am to 12noon

I totally forget the price of each and the menu tat I took was so blurry...
But I rem the price is about NT100 each, and no more than NT200...
Never Mind...
Will go back once again...

Pork floss and egg pancake
Bacon burger
Fried Chicken Burger - This is so unforgettable yummy!
Must try!

Right now...
I'm already craving for this..! 
Oh Gosh...

Next stop
Tamshuai ( Danshui)
Beautiful scenery that melt my heart
of course with the beautiful persons too...
My wonderful hubb 
The one who help planned the whole trip 
The one who making sure everyone is safe n sound
The one who making sure everyone enjoy themselves
The one who carry my shopping bag no matter how tired he was..
I'm glad I found the one!
My love one
Simply love Taiwan so so so much!
I so wanna go back right now lor..
Happened to see this beautiful dog 
but this dog totally dun like us to take photo lor... 
still, I manage to take 1...
The worse food ever...
It was once a super yummy delicious HK foodies restaurant..
I remember it was 2008 when I first step in,the smell of the roasted meat was so tempting and I also rem my in-laws and hubb ask for more rice lor...
hence this time, my in-laws kept insisting to go back so hubb goes all means to find this restaurant..
but this time.....
the berry first impression was bad, berry bad, super bad...
The restaurant smelled..
the seats smelled..
Super spoil my mood
(especially with another voice keep saying this and that! Omg... that really a torture!!)

I only ate the cabbage and rice (how wrong can this two goes!) 
All dishes left almost more than half, sorry that we had to waste the food but it really unbearable...
luckily I stopped my MIL from ordering 1 whole chicken... 
sorry but I will never wanna come back again...
PS: sorry I totally forget to take note of the shop, anyway this is the only and one HK restaurant u can find at tamshui, so no worry if you worried u step in here...
Next stop: Taipei Main station
Actually unplanned to be here but as most of us were tired and hungry, we decided to pit-stop at Taipei main station to catch some rest and food...
after the super oily and yuck food, we decided to rest our feet and fill our tummy at 
CoCo Ichibanya Curry house..
first time in my life, I love curry rice...
I think we like over-order liao..
but yes... we finished all of it....

Hubb super angry with mi ~ over here... 
mi not using FB, not using instagram but checking my office email doing some catch up at work..
How can we forget Krusy Kreme when we at Taipei Main station...! 
(okay I can't resist anywhere any plce of Krusy Kreme!)

Got a hard time to find this queue... 
yes the queue is not outside the shop but a few shop away, at a quiet corner!
but luckily the staffs was use to this system, and YOU ARE IN TAIWAN! 
No cut-queue incident at all..!
Lai... I clap for you!
Only original glazed is mine!!
When the rest went back to hotel to rest, hubb and mi went to tabao dinner...
As I mentioned before in my 10 things i miss about going taiwan

金峰鲁肉饭 ~ Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice
Nearest mrt station - Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall MRT Station
or simply take taxi (yes, I love taking taxi, especially chatting with the taxi uncle or auntie)
Not wanna miss it... 

My loots of the day!