Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bad encounter with Seahorse 海馬牌

 Been a loyal customer with Seahorse 海馬牌 and always believe in their well known brand and high quality in their products..
But What I had encountered last weekend made mi super disappointed..
Not wanna blame on anyone at all...
But wat the customer service from Seahorse 海馬牌 was totally rude and unacceptable hence Hubb decided to post on their FB wall and MI here complaining...

The whole incident started off with...
Yes, it's our mistake..
We shouldn't have order the mattress and bed frame at different company which cost us a big wooha..
 We ordered our mattress from Tilam King and the bed frame from Seahorse 海馬牌(as we eyeing for it for a berry long time) ..
The bed frame came 1 week earlier and we love it a lot.. 
But when the mattress came and both put together, we were shocked..
It was totally unacceptable!!!
Total height for both mattress and bed frame added up to a total of 33" tall..
That almost half of mi lor.....
The whole issue is we bought the mattress first and had all the measurement to show the staff at Seahorse and even indicated that the mattress we got is 10" high. The sales staff have indicated and assure us that the bed's height is alright.
But when the mattress was placed on the bed frame, it was way too high up, till my waist area sia... so every night I had to jump on the bed la.. WTH..
What if coming year we decide to have baby...?
How am I going to jump up the bed?
We understand that the customer service is out of office on Friday after 6pm hence Hubb woke up early the next morning abt 9am+.
Firstly, Customer service girl was pushing all the fault to us saying we should have consider the height since we getting the 10" tall mattress.
True enough, we are partly at fault for buying a tall mattress and believe in the sales staff sweet talk...
But we really need to find a solution to help us out despite having to loss $$ as we need to need like super urgent for our "An chaung" for our wedding in just 8 days away.. How can we not worried??
The customer service girl kept insisting that it was our fault for not checking properly and even raised her voice in a sense of frustration coz the conversation is getting nowhere.
Yes, she asked for our number and told us that the sales department will contact us. But before Hubb could say anything else other than phone number,
You are a customer service crew and don't tell mi that you don't know that hanging up on a customer is not right. Seriously, we are impress with the items but seriously displeased and disgusted with the customer service operator you have hired/trained. 

the sales department called us at the later afternoon and told us that as there's no defect we are not allow to exchange or refund..
IT obviously that the sales staff simply just sweet talk to us, convince us that it fitted in well, and we purchased it and da~tang 1 sale closed...
After all the woo ha... Hubb suggested that no point pushing fault here and there, just help us to move the bed frame to another blk which is 2 blk away (which is my Xiao Gu blk)
Understand that the staff had to confirm with the HQ which based in HK and can only revert to us on MON unless we absorbed half of the delivery cost... WTH
since our case is VERY urgent and we can't wait till MONDAY hence we agreed!
And I'm glad that everything had resolved and we just got the bed frame moved to my XiaoGu house today and our new bed frame from Tilam King will arrived this coming Saturday..
*Praying hard nothing goes wrong anymore...*

Oh ya...
wanna thanks XiaoGu for accepting our king-sized bed frame, if not our S$700 gonna gone waste...

Not wanna post much about Tilam King, since this post is about the bad encounter with Seahorse 海馬牌 but really appreciate the help from them... Will definitely do up a post after I got to sleep on it after my wedding...!

Hubb and mi had learned our lesson..
Never buy mattress and bed frame from different company cause we wun know who to look for when you needed help...
Most importantly...
Never trust 100% on sales talk and promises...

A big thumb up for Tilam King, especially to the Director Tony Tan and Jeremy, who really did a great job in helping us with this wooha...

Check out their boutique...

8 New Industrial Road, 536200
6288 8666

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