Friday, December 12, 2014

10 more Days

Days are approaching!
Just 9 more days to #LovewithYinAndLoh..
Started to feel the busyness and tiredness..
Been so so so tired over preparing for our big day..
Tons n Tons of arguement, quarrels, unhappiness, tiredness, u even got to see the true self of who is truly called yr friend, who is not..
All this gonna end in juz 9 more days and I'm sure it will still my dream wedding as long as I dun bother dun care so much...
And as long as Hubb n mine heart stay as one!

Something to look for on our wedding..
1) Our guestbook ~ DIY by myself

Photo frames from Ikea
Pastel color paper from Daiso
Lace diy pen from Daiso

2) Candy Bar ^_^
Different types of jars from Ikea
Candy consists design kit kat, heart shaped  marshmallow, chocolate n strawberries pocky, n éclair and many more..
(Psst: Follow surprisingmylove on instagram to catch up more... you may wanna engage us too.. Simply quote "Stairway2Rinvin" for special price)

3) DIY Photo props ~ DIY by Hubb
Totally can't find the link where we download the templates.. Maybe you wanna google it.. :) Or Simply rent from surprisingmylove!

4) Photo Collation of all our friends' photos taken on our wedding..
This is for those who dun have instagram but still can view our photos..
Simply just hashtag #LovewithYinAndLoh

5) Memories photos
With the photo collation, we also get the photos printed either on polaroid film and even canon photo paper
(provided you hashtag ya.. )

Only think of all the above ya.. (all the above already drove mi (and Hubb) crazy lo...)...

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