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Taiwan ~ Day 5~ Hualien to Taipei

Taiwan ~ Day 5
Checking out Hualien and proceeded to Taipei..
Like finally...
Love Taipei so much ~ my shopping craze shall begins! Carry on reading and you will get it...!

Hubb gotten his blur~ness from mi.. Okay I dun mean this blurry photo, seem like I wanna ppl to see the 大家扁食店 and the 小米酒 instead..
See my 反差 over here!
Top photo: Nah... Byeee and I will not be back here anymore face!
Bottom photo: Taipei...! Here I come... Wait for mi....!
Oh ya...
Thanks Hubb to walk over to the train station previous night to buy the train tickets..
He really goes the extra mile for his family and mi(of coz)
Doesn't we look alike.. my xiaogugu!
Hubb too anxious and led us to 'take wrong train'
This train master is really friendly and nice
taught us how to read the 'chim' train map and tell us wat to do, which station to alight and so on...
To be flank, most ppl in Taiwan are really nice and friendly so if you are lost, dun be afraid to ask for direction.. I'm sure most of them will be most willing to help u..
Ji'an station
wasn't supposed to be here!
No worries my dear.. still a good experience after all...! You already did a great job!
 Finally back at the back at Hualien station again to catch the train back to Taipei (yes... again)
Guess what!
This wasn't the train ticket that we bought but the train master told us to board this, to try our luck not to pay the top up price...
Guys, always remember to board the correct tickets and board the right train, as some of the train do not sell standing tickets (just like this red white bullet train) and if you were to get caught......(bear the consequences =.=)

Just joking...
You just have to pay the top up value which was double of the correct train fare...
kinda pain***
Cause we pay double the price and still got to stand at the door area

Hubb trying not to get wrong information, been checking and checking the train guide map...!
Mi happily trying to get him de-stress....~~~ Help mi take photo leh...!

A must eat in when taking the train 台铁!!
Sorry for the blurness due to the moving train..

The pork chop is super good!
Okay I started to miss it liao... Omg!
Our hotel stay for the next few days!

First impression:
Wow! I love the hotel... The services really good too...
just 1 thing, the room tat we got,
the toilet and the bathroom is separated and the wash basin in in-between both toilet and bathroom...!
hahaha... for such a plus size girl, the toilet is super small man... There's no place for mi to stand to take off my short lor....!
Other than the toilet, everything is great...
At least, Hotel Puri is so much better than Rainbow hotel and newer and cleaner tooo!..

Scenery view ❤❤❤
Room ❤❤❤❤
Meal ( We didn't book with breakfast as we wanna eat breakfast along the street!)

Yes, behind mi is the wash basin and the 2 toilet...

Super hungry us!
Went to have steamboat for dinner..!

With a wide variety of soup base, food(especially for the pork shabu shabu) , drink and desserts, it really worth a visit...
And we actually came back again on our last night...

Freshly sliced shabu shabu!
SO shiok man!

Not like other buffet which serve dispenser drink,
here, they serve freshly brew coffee, juice and others more...
they even serve coke and sprite in the glass bottle lor...
Taiwan is so good!

Look at the variety!
Just take 1 each, I bet you already berry full lo....

Even the maggi mee.......
Help mi pls!

This is the soup based I was talking abt...
Super lots right!

Happy Peeps with happy food!

Dessert time!

All of us got so interested on the self serve ice cream...!

Indeed we had lots of fun just doing the ice cream...

All having lots of fun with the super ugly self served ice cream...
Must try when u all were there too..!
Went to my favourite guy, favourite idol shop
To my disappointment, I didn't manage to get all the stuffs I been aiming for... kind of many stuffs are limited edition..

Finally end our tiring Day 5...

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