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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Taiwan ~ Day 4 Cingjing to Hualien

Taiwan ~ Day 4
Morning View from our room door..
Still abit of rain and cloudy but fantastic view..

Just 1 night stay seem like not enough.. 
but the weather isn't a good time to extend 1 more night..
I will be back soon!

Complimentary breakfast
It's bread and I love bread... and this is so homecook and yummy!

My fluffy eyes and face!
still so hiao and wanna take photo..

Finally the weather is getting better but we moving on to Hualien already..
thanks Cingjing for being a great host... 
will definitely be back!

My strong man!
Fake fake act cold only... I mean ya the weather is freaking super cold
but hubb totally no need any jacket at all..
Power right... this is my hubb!

Overall experience at Guan Xing Yuan (观星园)
Scenery view ❤❤❤❤❤
Room ❤❤❤
Meal ❤❤❤❤

Will definitely be back at CingJing as I didn't get to go to many places due to the weather
definitely with my hubb only or maybe friends..

Though the weather was bad, I still enjoy myself alot..
I love cold (but not rainy) weather..

Magnificent view ar...!

He helped the family with the heavy luggages..
no matter how bad or how cold the weather is, my this hubb dun even wanna put on any jacket!
even the whole grp fallen sick throughout the journey 
he also the last man standing!

Aiya... I lost the contact of this driver too...
Love his van and service a lot.. One of best driver I had met...
Kinda sad that I lost the contact... Hurhur!

I'm actually sick over here after the round and round car ride...
Super Giddy!

Anyway, on the way up to He Huan Shan 合歡山...
All super excited, but one by one KO~ing!
Dun judge a book by it cover!
All expect my hubb were down(giddy and nauseous)
FIL already first 1 down... 

Finally we reached at the top of 合歡山
it was like 6.5 degree and it freaking killing mi (us)
only hubb can take it..
he managed to get down the car and took the pictures..!

Really wanna thank hubb for taking the pictures..
at least it shows I been there before... kekeke!
Flankly speaking!
It is super doper cold but according to hubb...~ it really worth it, kinda pity for not getting up to see this view...

Beautiful right!

I mean the below picture leh.. =.="

Pit-stop at one of the hill top café
of coz to use the toilet, a scary dark toilet~~~OMG!

But if you happen to drop by somewhere there, dun forget to try their hot peach honey tea!
They also selling the peach honey in glass bottle too...
Dun think  ~ you wun regret to get 1 home for sure... (okay, coz I regret for not getting it)

I smell foodies..
Driver brought us here so not sure the exact place, all I remember was we were quite near to Hualien already...!

First stop 長春祠- Changchun Shrine
a landmark and a memorial shrine complex in Taroko National Park in Taiwan

Main focus was ???

My bloated fluffy face still hanging with mi, especially I'm down with headache..!

Shag and tired us!
How can we not taking photos when we are on holiday!

I miss Taiwan so much!

Finally a photo with brother in law!

❤❤My cute bendan baobei hubb❤❤

Second stop : Taroko National Park 太鲁阁-燕子口 Swallow Grotto(Yan Zi Kou)

The key feature of Yan Zi Kou is all the holes caused by the long term erosion by the river and ground water which the holes become a nesting location for swallows hence the name Swallow Grootto or Yan zi Kou..!

I just realised I never took a picture of the 'Indian Chief'

A position to capture this, is to find a small store selling fruits and drink..
Still can't find it?
This means you are not looking hard enough and not listening...
Open up yr ear and eyes when you are there...
You sure can see it..!

Finally check in Green Hotel Hualien

Kinda bad experience this time round, had sand flies bite all over my leg even my xiaogu and FIL oso kanna it...
so much different from the first time we were here 2 years back!
Not going back here anymore... even though the location was good, located directly opp the train station but the room was really badly maintained especially the bed & the bedsheet.. Gosh!

Photo credit http://www.tripadvisor.in/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g297907-d2450404-i38507680-Green_Hotel-Hualien.html

Walked to 自强夜市 (not recommended at all, my legs almost tears off!)

A super must try syrup fruit stick!
The best fruit stick in Taiwan!
I choose strawberry with sour plum powder and it super yummy!

okay dun try it with condense milk ~ tasted super weird!

Bad day due to long walk and caught in the rain several times!
End up tabao~ing our dinner back to hotel, as my body totally KO (back to hotel vomit!! gosh) ...

our feast was like OMGGGG!

Scenery view ❤
Room ❤
Meal ❤

I believe there should have more nicer and better hotel..
anyway I wun be coming back to Hualien liao at least not in this few years ba... 

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