Thursday, September 15, 2016

Staycation AT Siloso Beach Resort

It's been quite a while since our last staycation.
Okay I think our last staycation was last year..
Usually we will choose to travel to Bangkok which is so much cheaper, but this time round we decided to just stay put in Singapore since we are flying to Hong Kong in few weeks time..
Actually we didn't think even think of staycation at all as we noe we will need $$ for baby stuffs and etc but we - okay I really need a break, this explains the last minute booking
(PSST: we just booked the room on 31Aug HAHAHA..)
AND it's also our 11 years dating anniversary!
Another reason for mi..

Hubb had a wedding lunch to attend, leaving mi alone at home taking selfies all by myself using the new mirror camera.. I love it a lot! HIAO right!!

Thank you cousin for coming my house and bringing lunch for mi and even drove mi to Vivocity..
Give you a kiss!

Meet up with Hubb and here we go!!

On the tram to the resort after we tabao Old Chang Kee and Coffeebean!
Not sure when it had become a MUST buy a cup of Coffeebean at Siloso beach... Hahaha

Okay I looked shag over here caused suddenly headache  and fever attack! OH MAN! Please go away lah!! I need to relax and enjoy lei!!

First thing that caught my eyes!!
I think Siloso beach resort had a fantastic wonderful swimming pool!
It has one of the highest man made waterfall and the longest landscape swimming pool..
Best of all, as it is a eco friendly hotel, their pool does not contain chloride!!

I should have googled it before I set off de..
Yes, I decided to give it a miss as I worried I cannot take the pool due to pregnancy.. Oh well!
Read a few blogs with super bad reviews so didn't have much expectation with the room!
Simple small room with simple aging wooden furniture
Actually we are not that picky over the furniture lah, but what turned mi off is the cupboard is full of white ants and I have to use my insect repellent to spray!!

But the stunning sea view compensates all of it!
It will definitely be a prefect getaways with better well maintained room and furniture lah!

Hubb went for a dip while I stay in the room watching Doctors and gaining my powers!
Oh ya.. can catching POKEMON hahaha!

Went to have our dinner at Malaysian food street.. It was rather a super disappointment.. Not sure why I always give them a chance to cheat my $$$..
We wanted Astons but to our surprise, Astons had creased operation at Sentosa.. We went to Hard rock café and Chili café but nothing caught our taste buds..
In the end, we choose Malaysian food street as it nearest to the Astons previous location..
Ordered Hokkien mee (only 2pcs of squids, 2 pcs of pork and 2 slices of cabbage, NO MORE!!) and claypot chicken(they dun served dark sauce and chili!!!! WTH..)
Oh Please..
This was supposed to be 360 view lah.. Sorry it can't be show properly here..

Due to our not fulfilling tummy, we went to buy the Hao Da DA chicken cutlet.. Indeed it really big!

And so, we hanged around outside Universal studio just to catch pokemons.. Super lots of Magnemite, Voltorb and Shellder.. I managed to evolve all 3 of them lor.. Can imagine the catch right!! BTW... where is the PIKACHU nest!!
HAHAHA! We stayed till 9 plus before we headed back to our room.. Hubb oso dun wish mi to stay out there too long lah especially there's ZIKA attack everywhere!

Breakfast at the resort ~ it was the worse breakfast I ever had!!
Worse hashbrown, worse scramble egg!!!
Dun wish to stay any longer at the breakfast area!!
Hence we headed to MAC at beach station, it just walkable distance away from the resort lah..
 Ke lian de HUBB
He ordered the breakfast roll and it was super pathetic lah.. HAHAHA

Hubb went for a dip once again making mi so regret for not packing my swimsuit.. Told him to be back in the room by 11am as we need to check out at 12noon but he was nowhere to be seen at 1115am, moreover he already swam for almost 2 hrs lor.. Making mi worry lor..
In the end, I managed to catch him bio~ing girl at the side of the pool, which is mi lah..
Heng he manage to catch mi waving at him!!
If not, I think I will skinned him alive!!

HIAO~ing in the room!!

Check out lo..
Missing my bed so much!

Meet up with my cousin at Candylicous near Universal Studios..
They damnn power lah, they got annual passes for the family, can go USS anytime anywhen we want.. I remember last year when we got our annual passes.. Missing it too..
My cousin family more power lah.. They went in for just like an hour or two nia.. LOL
Oh by the way, this photo is taken by my new selfie cam wor.. I think this cam suitable to take selfies with kiddos..

Oh well..
This naughty boy in his terrible two!!
Must eat lunch at 1130am, sleep at 1pm if not, the sky will be falling apart lor..

Not possible to buy this huge lollipops so taking pictures with it.. HAHAHA

Kinda sad cause I just bought 2 cloud cushions from IKEA so Hubb dun allow mi to buy this pinkie cloud home!!
OKAY I noe I dun look sad here lah!! Still I'm berry SAD okay!!

Cannot TAHAN fluffy stuffs lei..
but but but!!
AM I going to share all my fluffy stuffs with my BABYYin ... ??
Okay MummyYin from now onward, DaddyYin gonna buy everything in double!! How great!!
 Ended our 2D1N at the Sentosa!
Simple but I love it!
Can't wait for my coming HongKong trip next week before I say GOODBYE to travelling(this year!)

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