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Monday, September 12, 2016

11 years dating anniversary

11 Sept 2016
Times really flies ya..It's our 11 years together..
All I wanna say (although I always say it and you may be tired listening to it),
I love you, I really do..
Thank you for being there for mi, whenever I need you..
Thank you for spoiling mi..
Thank you for loving mi!
Thank you for letting mi love you!

WE supposed not to spend $$ for anniversary prezzies de but all thanks to the recent Comex fair lah..
But it really a great deal though kinda impulse buy!
Still, thank you Hubb for spoiling mi once again!
We only paid $188.00 for baby G casio watch and a selfie mirror camera (the lens is just behind the mirror wor!)
(PSST: hope you love your Theta Ricoh 360cam, though not pay by mi lah, but at least I helped you save $300 lei!!)

Whipped up a simple SALMON dinner as per Hubb request!!
 First time cooking with salmon, and I can't believe it turn out to be so yummy!
At least for our liking lah..
Okay except for the cheese baked salmon.. Cheese types matter!
I'm glad Hubb love it and he finished it all up.. Muacks!!
Okay I admit that I'm the culprit to your TUMMY..

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