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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sample store

Finally successfully joined Sample Store..
Been wanna join since Jan'14 but due to email activtation never received till date..
so decided to use another email account..
and i so happy that i did..!
So can you too!
Click on below to sign up for free sample!!

You will need points for redemption.!
Plus point is all new members will be given 8 points!
so u can start redeem sample straightaway
just like mi!
(i just redeemed hada labo n darlie toothpaste.. hohoho!)
for each item redeem, 2 points will be deducted..
Not sure if can exceed 8 points,
so i shall start writing reviews on the samples that i had redeemed
even on those products I never redeemed but had used b4...!
tsk tsk!!
shake head!!
of coz this oso can help others, so why not?!!
But of coz, you can check out up to 4 samples each checkout.. 
cool rite..! 
To earn points for free samples~~~
write reviews for the products that you had redeemed..
for each review u will be given 2 points,
in no time,
you can start sampling..!
how cool can this be?
Can't wait for my samples to come to my doorstep...

Photos credit by https://www.samplestore.com/site/home
❤️Try before you buy it!!❤️

Monday, March 24, 2014

MH370*Switch by timber*JB KSL

Malaysia Prime Minister had announced that MH370 had ended in the Indian Ocean..
So sad so heart~breaking
my heart goes out to the families!
Though it has been more than 2 weeks, let prays for miracle
miracle that there will be survivors!
at least we will get to noe wat actually happen on the flight...!
I know miracle does happens...
I hope miracle happen to my S4 too..!
went in JB thinking I can repair there cheap cheap
in the end~~~
It even more ex than I repair in SG
Wah piang
It even more ex den I first bought my S4
I rem I got it at S$298.00
*shake head*
no choice
have to stick with my Iphone 4 till next year
coz hubb no wan let mi use his plan to get iphone 5s gold
wat to do
somehow agree with him
if he got a new phone and sell it and get double the price
why not right!
so let's wait for miracle***
Too busy during the weekend to blog
okay excuse
pardon mi la
my S4 leh
loving with hubb last friday
went dating at Switch by timber
i love this kind of sweetness
thanks hubb for everything
'though i think is i foot the bill coz they having uob cc promo 10% off'
Lychee kirin ichiban frozen beer
I love beer
I love fruit beer
I love froZen beer 
crazy hubb got 2 kirin beer 
think he wanna get drunk lor..
and thank to him 
i nv get to eat the duck pizza~~~ 
i dun care~~ i gonna go back this few day for it!
pardon the 'not bright' photo
sweet note from hubb❤️❤️
i'm just sitting in front of him 
so sweet
however this note is trying to tell tat he's drunk.. wahaha
we ended our night early just to catch the train and we gonna rest early for the next day to JB with ai..
First ting we step in msia is headed straight to
'kam long curry fish head'
it taste really good
though we had to queue for an hr but it all worth it.. 
I must have this every time i come in to JB
Headed straight to Ksl after 'brunch'
to do nails and massage
normally i do my nails at Nails studio but it fully booked till 430pm 
so decided to give it a miss and do our nails at Dream nails deco..
this cost mi rm138 + soak off rm20 
which is abt S$61.24
kinda ex but i love it
i love the feel of it.. 
this not paint by normail gelish paint so i think it worth it ba.. 
in sg
simple gelish with 1 tone already cost abt S$50 - S$60 
we had blackball before we went for foot massage
taste as good in sin but twice cheaper
wat to do.. 
and we had the most disgusting not nice dinner at sushi king at JB KSL
i remember the last time we tried is not like tat de..
the sushi was fresh and nice but this time really yuck!
hubb says he will never ever step in to sushi king anymore!!! 
u can imagine how bad is it!!
didn't realised time passes so fast
it already almost 9 after we buy all the 'tu chan' 
and we had rush to take the shuttle bus to city square interchange..
photocollage done right after we get back to SG ard 11plus..
selfie again!

oh ya..
 it's 7 more days before we closed our #naraya box at toyout post at vivocity
there's lots of designs of tissue holder and comestic pouches to choose from
so why wait!! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Charmaine's special day ❤ My ke lian de S4

Lag of blogging, but I have so much stuffs to blog about!
from SML event to sea aquarium to my frenz Rom to many more...
I had been really busy this 2 weeks..
let start off with my @SurprisingMyLove 2nd event 'gym opening'
of coz it's a great success great ending!
if can.. will post more about it!
Went to watch Lightseeker musical at Rws last friday
thanks Ai for the tickets!
Went to my ex classmate Rom on Sun at NSRCC
such a wooloo place man!
Wanna post some photos here but not sure why iphone cannot save phoot from FB
at least still can use the old method 'copy and paste'
Congrats to WeiChew and Charmaine for your special day!
❤Have a blissful marriage❤
❤Mi  with the beautiful bride❤
Ex~PSB classmates

What a Wednesday!
as mentioned on my header
My Samsung S4 decided to leave mi 
I dropped it on the floor, and da~tang!
Black screen!
Not those spider web crack but still...
my phone cannot be use!
Sad to the max!
Feel so handicapp...
It been 1 year plus since I last use my iphone (okay beside playing games)
Really Not use to it!
Esp blogging using iphone is so hard!
Some1 kill mi pls..
Kill mi for being so clusmy!
Repairing it will cost mi about S$237.50 at Samsung service center
so thinking to go JB this weekend to see if i can get any cheaper...
Heart pain!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend~mahjong & steamboat ~ IT fair & koufu birthday

Weekend well spent!  
Went shopping with my xiaogu and sweetheart cousin at amk market.
We went from 1 market to another. .
Wondering why market right..
Actually we wanna but those 'skirt short' at 1 of the market 
In the end

They nv open on a Saturday. .at market leh...
Sadly after a not nice breakfast tat market.. we realised the shop nv open...
Picking up our heart
Walked to another market
Lucky enough
Xiaogu bought 2pcs and cousin and mi went home empty handed.. 
I dun care
I definitely went back for it..
Mahjong time!!
Steamboat for dinner♡
How lovely is it!!! 
I love steamboat I love gathering I love food..
Coz only xiaogu win so she paid for all the ingredients. .
It still our $$$ 
Thanks xiaogu!
Sunday love
With a glance. . It's Sunday already. . But it is a super busy Sunday..
Kick off with brunch at pastamania..
Selfie while hubb w3nt to buy food...
As we need to help hubb's brother to byy laptop
Headed to MBS for IT fair with headache..
*Thanks hubb*
Another love♡♡♡TWG macaroons 
And yay.. 
I love macaroons! 
Rest our feet at coffeebean bistro at mbs

Hubb having mint tea 
Mi having passionfruit tea
Too yummy!
Next stop.. 
Jurong east ~ westgate and jcude
Though just stay awhile at each shopping center
Coz we need to head to restaurant opp jcude for dinner
We managed to buy character stand for SML and our wedding
So happy!
Dinner at Boon Lay Raja restaurant
Food still hai hao nia..
Just manage to snap this crabies..
I admit tat I had the most wonderful lovely hubb
Whenever Having crabies < everything tat has shell>
Hubb will definitely help mi to de~shell
How well he de~shell the crabbie!
Fantastic right!
It tasted YUMMY too!! 
Managed to finish before 12mn before it's Monday
Night off..