Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sample store

Finally successfully joined Sample Store..
Been wanna join since Jan'14 but due to email activtation never received till date..
so decided to use another email account..
and i so happy that i did..!
So can you too!
Click on below to sign up for free sample!!

You will need points for redemption.!
Plus point is all new members will be given 8 points!
so u can start redeem sample straightaway
just like mi!
(i just redeemed hada labo n darlie toothpaste.. hohoho!)
for each item redeem, 2 points will be deducted..
Not sure if can exceed 8 points,
so i shall start writing reviews on the samples that i had redeemed
even on those products I never redeemed but had used b4...!
tsk tsk!!
shake head!!
of coz this oso can help others, so why not?!!
But of coz, you can check out up to 4 samples each checkout.. 
cool rite..! 
To earn points for free samples~~~
write reviews for the products that you had redeemed..
for each review u will be given 2 points,
in no time,
you can start sampling..!
how cool can this be?
Can't wait for my samples to come to my doorstep...

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❤️Try before you buy it!!❤️

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