Friday, March 21, 2014

Charmaine's special day ❤ My ke lian de S4

Lag of blogging, but I have so much stuffs to blog about!
from SML event to sea aquarium to my frenz Rom to many more...
I had been really busy this 2 weeks..
let start off with my @SurprisingMyLove 2nd event 'gym opening'
of coz it's a great success great ending!
if can.. will post more about it!
Went to watch Lightseeker musical at Rws last friday
thanks Ai for the tickets!
Went to my ex classmate Rom on Sun at NSRCC
such a wooloo place man!
Wanna post some photos here but not sure why iphone cannot save phoot from FB
at least still can use the old method 'copy and paste'
Congrats to WeiChew and Charmaine for your special day!
❤Have a blissful marriage❤
❤Mi  with the beautiful bride❤
Ex~PSB classmates

What a Wednesday!
as mentioned on my header
My Samsung S4 decided to leave mi 
I dropped it on the floor, and da~tang!
Black screen!
Not those spider web crack but still...
my phone cannot be use!
Sad to the max!
Feel so handicapp...
It been 1 year plus since I last use my iphone (okay beside playing games)
Really Not use to it!
Esp blogging using iphone is so hard!
Some1 kill mi pls..
Kill mi for being so clusmy!
Repairing it will cost mi about S$237.50 at Samsung service center
so thinking to go JB this weekend to see if i can get any cheaper...
Heart pain!!!

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