Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend~mahjong & steamboat ~ IT fair & koufu birthday

Weekend well spent!  
Went shopping with my xiaogu and sweetheart cousin at amk market.
We went from 1 market to another. .
Wondering why market right..
Actually we wanna but those 'skirt short' at 1 of the market 
In the end

They nv open on a Saturday. .at market leh...
Sadly after a not nice breakfast tat market.. we realised the shop nv open...
Picking up our heart
Walked to another market
Lucky enough
Xiaogu bought 2pcs and cousin and mi went home empty handed.. 
I dun care
I definitely went back for it..
Mahjong time!!
Steamboat for dinner♡
How lovely is it!!! 
I love steamboat I love gathering I love food..
Coz only xiaogu win so she paid for all the ingredients. .
It still our $$$ 
Thanks xiaogu!
Sunday love
With a glance. . It's Sunday already. . But it is a super busy Sunday..
Kick off with brunch at pastamania..
Selfie while hubb w3nt to buy food...
As we need to help hubb's brother to byy laptop
Headed to MBS for IT fair with headache..
*Thanks hubb*
Another love♡♡♡TWG macaroons 
And yay.. 
I love macaroons! 
Rest our feet at coffeebean bistro at mbs

Hubb having mint tea 
Mi having passionfruit tea
Too yummy!
Next stop.. 
Jurong east ~ westgate and jcude
Though just stay awhile at each shopping center
Coz we need to head to restaurant opp jcude for dinner
We managed to buy character stand for SML and our wedding
So happy!
Dinner at Boon Lay Raja restaurant
Food still hai hao nia..
Just manage to snap this crabies..
I admit tat I had the most wonderful lovely hubb
Whenever Having crabies < everything tat has shell>
Hubb will definitely help mi to de~shell
How well he de~shell the crabbie!
Fantastic right!
It tasted YUMMY too!! 
Managed to finish before 12mn before it's Monday
Night off.. 

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