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Thursday, June 30, 2016

[Korea] Summary of LOOTS of Korea trip

Not sure when can I update my whole Korea trip, I swear I'm trying my best already..

Thinking I should post my loots first...
Frankly speaking, I dun think I bought a lot, somehow nothing much to buy for mi too..

More like I bought the whole supermarket back to SG ba..
Must buy in Korea (even many ppl requested to buy all stuffs in Airfrov!!)
❤ Honey tong tong
so far I bought 3 flavours back, Honey butter chips, honey tong tong Original and Honey corn soup
Personally I dun like the original honey tong tong coz got a weird taste. Honey corn soup and honey butter still not bad.. A lot of my friends love the corn soup de..
❤ Spicy Tteokbokki Snack (I love this the most!!)
❤ Seaweed - Any kinds oso delicious ~~ I swear!!
❤Crown Churros snack ~ abit regretted to give this to my part time maid and Hubb dun get to eat it
❤Cheese dry cup ramen - Personally I dun like it, I prefer the spicy noodle and I can eat it almost everyday lei.. But Hubb love it.. and many of friends kept asking mi to try this..
❤ Jagabee - Honey butter flavor

Few more goodies which berry hard to buy it back but maybe you guys can try it there..
❤Binggrae Milk - Banana milk
❤Sweet pudding - Personally love the honey pudding!

 ❤Ice wine and rice beer ~ Surprising both taste great and isn't it special to see it in can style!

Well, so much on food, let's move on to my beauty buy~~~

I must say I control well enough ~ maybe mi not so vain lah hor!!

Mostly is buy for friends and colleagues lah... How not to whack the masks when it selling like less a dollar when SG is selling at $3..
I bought like 200pcs of faceshop masks as it selling buy 10pcs free 10 pcs.. AND you still can claim back TAX too!! Walao!! How to miss this lah!!
Personally I dun really like Faceshop masks, lucky we managed to clear it by giving to Hubb colleagues hahahaha...
And the remaining will be my Hubb mask liao lor..
My best buy!!
❤3CE products
The loose powder is da~bomb please!!
So far I think it only selling cheap in Korea nia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand is selling steep!
Oh man!! WHy liddat!!

❤Natural republic products
Mainly helping my friends to buy or buy for friends de...
Oh ya, so regret to buy the Ginseng products cause it making my skin so sticky after use! Gosh!
The hand cream smell lovely as mentioned from my friends..

❤Innisfree products

I love their masks the most!
Especially the manuka honey mask and aloe vera mask..
Just realized I haven't try the nose peeling mask lei.. Must go back try liao lah!

Just a bonus post cause it's the most easy to blog de..

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

[Korea] Jeju - Osulloc tea museum, Innisfree Jeju House, Canola(yellow) flowers season


Apologies for the late post and update..
Currently super busy and always tired, everyday without fail, 11pm knock off!
Everything happen for a reason lah!!

Indeed, we had a wonderful time in Jeju island.. 
Special thanks to our driver, Mr Seoung (Shawn) 
We just have to give him the list of places we wanna go and he will plan the route straightaway without wasting much of our time.. 
Also have to thank his prefect 'wedding' style photo shoot and I totally love it... And I even guess it right that he was a freelance photographer for wedding photo shoot too.. 
You can sense it from his way of taking photos..
Well, he speak quite fluent English and a little bit of Chinese which I think it more than enough for us to communicate.. 
Definitely going to contact him again if I'm going back to Jeju..

Starting from the Osulloc tea plantation - 
Osulloc tea museum 
425, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Similar to the one I visited in Taiwan.. ( Oh man, I missing Taiwan so so much!)

Osulloc tea museum 
425, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

Nothing much in the Innifree Jeju house..


It was called Osulloc tea museum for a reason, displays of different kinds of tea and also how tea is brought to the table..
Mr Seoung guided us around..
As a tea lover MI, I love the smell of the place.. Kinda peace!!

Mr Seoung even asked one of the staff to make tea for us, not like for the two of us lah..
Cause before he start making the tea, he rang a bell... *Ting Ting Ting*
Oh man!!
The crowd!! Suddenly Hubb and I were surrounded with, not sure if they are tourists or locals!! but they are killing mi..
Making Hubb and mi look like them..

Well, thank you Mr Seoung for getting us the front view and we managed to get the first 2 cups of orange green tea.. Phew!!
Wonder if those tourists understand wat the staff say or they just waiting for FREE tea..
I almost wanna walk away but I was right in front.. Oh Man...


Definitely my favorite, been a huge fan of Matcha

when Hubb bring this whole tray to MI!!

Sorry Hubb... The first came to my mind was,"shit, I should go queue to buy it..'

Tat's Guy and Girl thinking
Hubb will only buy wat I told him to buy.. Hahahaha..
If I were the one!! I can't imagine it..

Still Thank you Hubb!! muackz

Worth the queue lah..
You aboslutely wun regret it de.. I promise!

We then came to a field of yellow flowers or also known as canola..
It's everywhere in Jeju..

I may have miss Cherry blossom (Happy bird!! we managed to ccatch a few blooming cherry blossom tree!!)  but seeing this yellow flowers making mi fall in love once again..
It really getting more like taking wedding photos, just that we are not wearing gown and suit.. Hahahha

oh ya...
We got to pay 2000 won the two of us for this beautiful view!
It's definitely worth every penny!
(those obasans oso need to maintain the field lah..)

Field of beautiful yellow flower

Times to times, I can't help to think that isn't it great to have a guide with us so we can take couple shot..

Admission off 1000 won is definitely worth it..
Actually it is also for the obasan efforts for maintaining the whole field of intsagram worthy yellow flowers... Woohooo!

OF course along the road, there's plenty of yellow flowers and you dun have to pay for taking photos with it..
But I guarantee you wun get such a beautiful view ❤❤