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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Europe honeymoon confirm!

Feeling excited…
Went to Natas fair yesterday…
After walking n searching n asking round n round…

Europe trip confirm! 
Booked our honeymoon trip with Eu holiday…
13days Italy Switzerland Paris with free 2 nights stays in dubai!
Pocket burnt!
But another dream come true… 
Thanks hubb… 

Can't wait for big day n honeymoon!!
December pls come fast!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

SPRMRKT ~ Girlie Cat's Birthday

22nd August 2014

I did mentioned in my previous post..
It's our girlie Cat's birthday..
❤❤HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again and May all your dreams come true❤❤

Anyway this post is more about the café we went for lunch last Friday..
Simply wonderful Good and nice brunch café

A must order!
Truffle fries with Kelp @ S$12.00

Simply too yummlicous!
Speak of the devil... I miss it already...!

Eggs Benedict @ S$14.00

Egg Royale @ S$17.00
Additional mushroom @ S$3.00

Dish of the day!
Herb Crusted Fish & chips @ S$18.00

This dish is not on the main menu
I believe they only have this on Friday!

Our feast on last 2 weeks Friday! (Pardon our half eaten fries!)

Dun forget to make reservation before you headed down to avoid disappointment...!

Location: 2 McCallum Street Singapore 069043
Opening Hours: Mon and Tues: 8am - 9pm
Wed to Fri: 8am to 11pm
Sat and Sun: 9am - 6pm
*Last order: 1 hr before closing

Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Love Chit chat and Chill

Okay! Weekend is over.. and I'm freaking sick once again.. have sore throat ;( It so painful lor...! cannot take mc so (clear throat) I'm so going to work tomorrow.. yeah!

First birthday surprise for my girlie last Friday... she tot we will sing birthday song during lunch.. haahaha..! just gonna do unexpected! glad she was surprised when min min appeared with the cake!! 
den brunch at SrpMkrt (will do a post for this, but it really fantastic!)
ya... ; ) 
I mentioned first birthday surprise!

second surprise birthday party for my girlie at her nest.. aiyo her hse really ulu sia... cabbie uncle ride round her estate for like 15min before we finally found her blk.. tsktsk!!
yeah! surprise success! Happy birthday girlie! 
my girlie n her hubb!

mi with the birthday girl! 
we dun allow her to change her pinkie short... hahaha!

The feast!

chill and chat till 2 plus.. so freaking tired! 
yes I'm old liao... 

Slept at 3 plus and woke up at 7 to open door for my PT maid.. normally is hubb open door de so I can sleep till late morning but this time round I let him slp coz he been so tired at work... finish work at night 12mn and still came by my girlie hse just to accompany mi home.. whoopz! okay I admit~~~我是幸福的!

WHO say having PT maid dun have to do housework...! ;(
I still have to wash (machine wash la) and hang clothes.. wipe the sofa.. feather dust the whole hse.. but instead PT maid helped out alot alot.. esp iron the clothes if not sure 累死我咯! hahahaha!

Yes... :) I love impromptu meetup... hubb's family came by our hse for dinner and chill and some mahjong session..
Ordered 933curry bread for the family.. and I fell sick after eating the mutton.. Nothing got to do with the bread.. juz mi.. 发热!

Let's have more chit chat n chilling session!!! 

Time flies...
Today marked the last day of Chinese Seventh month.. 
Soon is lantern festival and then mi n hubb 9th year anniversary and then finally our wedding big day... 
How excited!! =)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Only!!!

Back from lunch with a cup of Artease passion fruit green tea with aloe vera 50% and i really need to ask for more more ice! The sun is killing mi... plus my n one of my girlies walked to 1 bank to another...

Freaking tired n shag.. and having headache with neck-ache.. yawnzzz!
so thinking to blog a little, with a little of rubbish, add a little boring over! Do u feel mi....!!! kekeke! right now my eyes are shutting (half closed liao..!!)

Not been working since morning.. the momentum is not up yet.. I had been yawning and yawning.. Really need a break... maybe a short trip plssss! 
Well.... YES, i'm hinting!! Can we plssss...

Friday is coming(tomorrow... this shows how time really flies)...

Been looking forward to Friday la.. gonna have a small surprise for my girlie.., okay 2 surprises... Can't wait leh...!!

Lolll... whole world is in ALS ice bucket challenge trend right now.. The challenge is about pouring a pail of icy cold water over your head and challenge another 3 other people to do the same within 24 hours or donate $100 to ALS associate.. mi oso been watching all the videos.. Really love how the world show their awareness! But if any of my friend challenge mi, i think I will just choose to donate... I wun do it for the sake of doing it.. I mean I'm not famous to influence anyone.. I'm not Andy Lau nor Nicholas Tse nor any artistee.. I'm just myself.. anyway they will need the donation more than the challenge ba...

Oookay.. enough of resting n gonna get back to numbers.. anyway it kinda tiring to blog with iphone...

* ^__^ *.....

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday ~ Who cares!

Finally done uploaded and save all my Taiwan photos as draft..
Yes, ya... since May'14... I know I know... Not easy leh, even though I never edit any of the photos..
Whoopz..! Soon soon soon! Hahahahaha!

Monday is not blue for mi today but sickly.. Having headache and fever over the weekend.. though today was slightly better but still went to see doctor as migraine really hurt.. Thinking I should rest at home...

But instead of resting.. I made some ready made muffins, wash all the clothes and clean the house.. Fit right... !
And.. OMG.. my back is killing me..

Nothing much happen today.. Going to make dinner for myself and hubb.. Woooooooo!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend ~ Sex Tape ~ OSIM U-Shape

Weekend is over!

Spent the weekend with hubb, just hubb.. It has been so long since the both of us spend time for just the two of us...

Fallen sick~high fever, headache and backache.. Gosh! What a day man!
Finally, took out my LOVE candy dish, cake stand and all the poms poms out from the storeroom.. and Yaaayyy..

Photo: Big poms poms for my candy bar! 

♡♡ 4months and 4days to #lovewithyinandloh ♡♡

I managed to do one of the pom! See how beautiful it is... Can't wait for my big day to come! #lovewithyinandloh
Oh ya...
SurprisingMylove berry first candy bar will happen in Nov wor.. Stay tune!

Finally movie date with hubb... last movie that we catch in the cinema was transformer lor...

Still abit not feeling well.. went to eat at Sakae Sushi (their system change till so bad... hate it!).. Anyway, I totally no appetite at all and feeling cold so never really eat much..

Thank Hubb for insisting of buying Starbucks Hot green tea latte.. My all time favorite!

Catching the movie 'Sex Tape'.. I love Cameron Diaz, so does Hubb.. Her acting, her role still as good..

Moral of the movie ~ quote by Hubb
1) the cloud is very powerful. If you don't understand it, stay away from it.
2) Remember the real reason, why people make out
3) Cameron Diaz is still so hot

Went shopping after movie date with hubb.. and I finally persuaded Hubb and bought Osim U-shape.. Thank hubb for approving it... Love you..!

My strong man... the prefect one!
I really dunno it to be so heavy and bulky.. This hubb insisted not to take cab from Orchard.. so he dragged and carried all the way from Orchard to Yishun and finally cabbing home..

Thank hubb for being my prince.. The one and only one!
I will definitely make good use of the U-shape.. Starting tomorrow la....!

Monday is here lo...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Just a quickie update!

It's the month of Aug… 4 more months to go for #lovewithyinandloh ! How excited lor... Have super lots of stuffs to prepare...

Been so freaking tired due to super pack July… Couldn't help much coz it's my BIRTHDAY month… kinda of super pack with meet up…

Plus tons and tons of stupid stuffs been happening in my office ~ okay sub company n somehow I'm kanna drag in the picture! Plus I kanna say fierce.. Where the hell do I look fierce! Just becoz I dun talk or jio for lunch..
Juz can't stand it… somehow like shit stirrer ~ hate it… worse is we actually trusted her so much!

Understand that this kind of person is everywhere.. but this is kind is way up level lor... Talking to her now, is like making mi hair stand.. Maybe I'm not that of person, obviously I dun like you but  will still smile and happily talk to you..  THIS IS TOO IRRITATING... yuck! This make mi think of someone (snake)! Gosh!

So much of her! Shoo!

Some happy stuffs here... Wooo..!

Yeah.. finally received my wedding invitation from Hotel.. will soon send for printing.. How exciting right!

Oh ya..
And SurprisingMyLove's candy bar is finally up.. first candy bar will be in Nov..! Though it's hubb's friend plus we will be sponsor~ing her baby girl..

Yeah..! Hippie hippie!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

My birthday prezzie & treatss

I'm blessed with my hubb, his n my family, my Ai, my colleagues n friends…

Thank you for all your blessing n birthday gift…
I love it alot!

My berry first prezzie!
Thank u so much hubb…
I super love the instax printer to the max…
Thank for being the first… way first!

Den my sweetheart cousin…
Thanks for the birthday treat for hubb n mi and also this cute nanoblock!
Super cute!


Of course this wun be done by mi! (ˇˍˇ)

Thanks hubb for doing up for mi!
So pretty rite!

HAhahaha…ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)

Immediately the following day Cat bo pian have to give mi super early birthday prezzie too..
Selfie stick and Bluetooth! Find familiar right! Scroll up ba! Hubb bought mi the selfie stick too..
She mus have been thinking if it over the weekend..
Okay la.. I appreciate it..
the Bluetooth really come so handy!

Meet up with my butts for dinner! W
as saying this meet up wasn't for my birthday celebration la..
but mouse treated mi for a massage before dinner and also treated mi for the dinner..

Mookata Session at Tom yum KungFu (still thinking should I blog abt this wonderful place)

Overall experience was great!
Just kind of a little way too hot (could be becoz I wearing 3/4 sleeves as I dunno we are eating mookata)

we had another meetup just a few days apart!
Appreciate it la..!

my ah wang bought this for mi!
Fall in love with the Eiffel Tower necklace lor....! This is just me!
Thanks Nu Er..

My wonderful sweetheart cousin bought cake up for mi and hubb lo..
was telling her no need for that especially with her preggy tummy! Anyway... I'm so excited for her baby lo!

Buffet dinner at Triple three with Hubb's family!
Celebrating 3 of our birthday
Me and Hubb and his bro...!

Oh ya... Thanks Aaron & his gf for the Royce chocolate! My fav too..

With my Ai at Grub!

Love the food especially Mentaiko Fries! ( must must order this, bu ci hui huo hui leh! Really!)
Missing the Churros in this pic!

Thanks Ai for the Whips cupcakes (flanking speaking, it tasted kinda of ___ due to I ate it the next day without toasting it after putting in the fridge)
And also my request of instax films...
Prefect timing for my printer and my big day!

Love you many many!

With my bestie girlies
Misses those days working together~ gossiping, chatting , laughing all!
Kinda sad one by one left..
All thanks to K~whatsoever!

Lunch at Eat at Taipei ~ Miss Taiwan so much! Omg!
The food!
Overall, bad!
the chicken cutlet was uncooked, so we had to ask them to take it back.. thought they will serve a new piece but it obviously they re-fry the chicken and served! Slam head!
Mee sua tasted awful till not even half eaten..
The braised rice still tasted okay .. Milk tea sucks!

Will not come back liao ba!

Anyway, thanks girlies for the cake(we 4 girlies cleared it all by ourselves, how cool.. ^_^"

Oh ya... one more one more!
Thanks Jun for bringing to try out the HOT Yoga
even though I had a berry bad experience but really appreciate it.. at least I tried before liao..

Sorry if I had missed out any of the thank you list...
Too many celebrations at one go but no time to blog!

I have a wonderful 28th..
Thank you to all of you who are a part of my life..
Thank for all the treatsss, all the prezzies and all the lovesssss!

Really love it...
Thank you!