Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Love Chit chat and Chill

Okay! Weekend is over.. and I'm freaking sick once again.. have sore throat ;( It so painful lor...! cannot take mc so (clear throat) I'm so going to work tomorrow.. yeah!

First birthday surprise for my girlie last Friday... she tot we will sing birthday song during lunch.. haahaha..! just gonna do unexpected! glad she was surprised when min min appeared with the cake!! 
den brunch at SrpMkrt (will do a post for this, but it really fantastic!)
ya... ; ) 
I mentioned first birthday surprise!

second surprise birthday party for my girlie at her nest.. aiyo her hse really ulu sia... cabbie uncle ride round her estate for like 15min before we finally found her blk.. tsktsk!!
yeah! surprise success! Happy birthday girlie! 
my girlie n her hubb!

mi with the birthday girl! 
we dun allow her to change her pinkie short... hahaha!

The feast!

chill and chat till 2 plus.. so freaking tired! 
yes I'm old liao... 

Slept at 3 plus and woke up at 7 to open door for my PT maid.. normally is hubb open door de so I can sleep till late morning but this time round I let him slp coz he been so tired at work... finish work at night 12mn and still came by my girlie hse just to accompany mi home.. whoopz! okay I admit~~~我是幸福的!

WHO say having PT maid dun have to do housework...! ;(
I still have to wash (machine wash la) and hang clothes.. wipe the sofa.. feather dust the whole hse.. but instead PT maid helped out alot alot.. esp iron the clothes if not sure 累死我咯! hahahaha!

Yes... :) I love impromptu meetup... hubb's family came by our hse for dinner and chill and some mahjong session..
Ordered 933curry bread for the family.. and I fell sick after eating the mutton.. Nothing got to do with the bread.. juz mi.. 发热!

Let's have more chit chat n chilling session!!! 

Time flies...
Today marked the last day of Chinese Seventh month.. 
Soon is lantern festival and then mi n hubb 9th year anniversary and then finally our wedding big day... 
How excited!! =)

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