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Saturday, December 27, 2008

On the cab,on the way to the airport and I'm super doper
First timer is always like that de mar

Bendan baobei's favourite pic of all..

Me with his family

His family photo

I'm seated next to the window
I can see everything outside-take off and Landing
I'm super excited
I'm flying

Before landing to Taoyuan Airport
See my face*
No-one could be more excited den me le
His bro and me
Both of us reali love Taiwan

In our hotel room-3 of us

My Show-Xiao Zhu
He helding his autogragh session on the 14th Dec
I going back to SIngapore on 13th Dec
Haha... I nearly extend my stay lor

Bendan's dad buying the custard puff and Biscuit
which bendan favourite
Too bad did not buy much
Dun worry
I will be back

Duck tongue sticking out from bendan's mouth

UFO catcher
Bendan been playing it coz it super cheap
Lesser 50 cents per games
Y not

Did not edit before..
Cool rite

Our favourite chicken cutlet
Juz behond our hotel
Best of the best we ate liao, Muz Muz try

Bendan's mum eating Ah Zhong mian xian
Uncle jealous lea
Aaron with another bowl of Mei Xian

Breakfast at Xi Meng Ding
The shop is juz opp the 3xiong mei-mango shave ice

Yes...Mixed fruit ice

Miramar ferris wheel
Too bad
dun have de chance to take the ride

Xiao Zhu Poster
I'm in it

Owl at 101

This is to show that we had paid to go up the building
Taipei 101

Xiao Zhu at Watson
Dun jealous
I had juz tackle him

Night lighting at Taipei 101

My favourite shop
I bought reali lots of items here

Bendan's daddy
Oh no!
The cow boy

Fried ice cream
I love it
We can juz eat it even when it juz taken out from the oil
It not hot at all

Fried mushrooms
Bought from the shop below at Tamshui

Muz buy and try

Fisherman's wharf after sunset

Qin Ren Jiao
Me and bendan are in this pic
Too bad too dark

We did not let go our hands at all
Even when taking pic

Almost there..

I'm flying
Oh no!

1705 hrs
The sun setting soon and fast

Beautiful rite

Tat's me

Bendan baobei

This photo was nice

It's reali reali hot but cooling
You wun noe how it feel when you not there

30 cm Ice cream
Bendan been looking throughly for this

See the different
Do i look excited?

Over at Yang Ming Shan
Uncle's walking stick and he had hide it
He will collect it 5 years later

Before we climb up the Yang Ming Shan
I love the beehoon soup
Simple with not much ingredient but it reali tasty
And I try my first Smelly beancurd
It's reali yucky but Bendan's family like it

On the bus

Milk tea in a toilet bowl-for guy to shh shh
We had our lunch at Modern toilet
The concept is reali cool, the food still okay

Curry Rice
Does it looks like-ermz......?

Look at the chinese name of this drink..

Waterfall at Wu Lai - Nei Dong


Nice photo

This is I tink is Taiwan reservior-Tink i spell worngly

Look at me!
I'm reali enjoying myself

I took this pic

The Taxi driver cum the attendant of the park

Main entrance of Wu Lai-Nei Dong

Wild pork saugages

The shop lady is reali berry friendly
I should most ppl in Taiwan are berry friendly
except for the rich
If ever you gonna go Taiwan
dun ask direction from The Rich or you will regret

Cool idea

Over at Yong he city
rite after our dessert at Yong he beancurd

Worse thing i had eaten
Oppz sorry
but to those who recommend me to eat the Yong He beancurd
Thanks alot hor
It's reali not nice at all
I purposely go over Yong He city there
Met a rich rude Lady
Making my mood like shit
In the end
I dun like it at all
The Soya milk got the charcoal taste-Auntie say it's the bean taste
You tiao berry big yet no taste
If you wan, still can go try lor

Dun try this shop too...
The service soo soo
The ice also so so
This dun have
That dun have
Try the shop opp this shop reali big different
Too bad
who ask we all wanna try different place different food

This two is the worse

Ours ice is beta abit onli hor

Bendan's favourite saugages
We tot they sell the whole ting but actually they cut into slices
Not much at all

Last night over at Taipei
We ate steamboat juz under our hotel
Still okay la
Not much variety for us to choose from as they serve more on Beef
Bendan's bro favourite
He ate super lots when he cannot eat much
Lucky my bendan still good boy nv eat at all
Our last day over there
I found my favourite grill cuttlefish

I dun wanna go back
I reali dun wan

I will be back soon
Gonna save money for my next trip le

Oh ya...
Dun forget to go their 7-11
Cheap and lots of stuffs
My favourite drink
Vitagen in bottles
Hey frenz if you all gonna go there some days
Rem to try this and dun forget to take few bottles back for me
I love the grape favours