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Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's been a month plus i last update le...
Had spend my days berry well
Guess wat..
I get on my berry first aeroplane - SQ plane le
Sorry for not updating earlier
sorry for not posting any pic over here...
Soon.. Please give this IT idiot some time okay..
I'm trying, reali trying
Oh...back to the topic
Two weeks ago,
I juz came back from Taiwan- my dream country
I reali love Taiwan,it's reali reali cool and fun
It's winter over dere at that time and i love it
Went to Yang Ming Shan, Wu Lai, Shihlin Night Market, Xi Meng Ding and many many more
I stay at Paradise Hotel which is a street across Xi Meng Ding
Cool rite..
Wat's more is...Loh Zhi Xiang shop is juz at the corner near the hotel
I went in...ya like finally
Quite disappointed coz nothing much inside and berry expensive
so didn't bought any thing
Lucky my uncle's wife sister bought a tee over dere
so i got the paper bag
Sorry dun reali feel like updating
LAZY-Ya I am and I dunno y..
Christmas had juz pass
This spend abit more den previous years as my current workplace is bigger
and more ppl
I got lots of chocolate this year
of coz my pooh and kuromi...
aiya i juz wanna stop over here...
sorry buddies...didn't manage to jio you all out
one day,one fine day okay
Prince-we been drifting.. reali drifting
How are you lately..Please do take good care ,free dun forget to ask me out kayz
Bendan baobei-Dun forget out plan, reali berry excited
Let's save up for our new world...

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