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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shopaholic [Me] ...

I'm getting kinda excited, okay broke!

Been shopping since last may ~ since I'm back from Taiwan… Haven't really stop myself from shopping… But I juz love shopping especially shopping for new clothes and am still trying to stop buying

Dunno why~~~I still have this 'I have nothing to wear' feeling every now and then… think this gonna get the nerve out of my hubb… Though he had never a single time say mi as mostly is my own pocket $$$.. ( Is it ~~~ hmmm)

My loots from Taiwan~~~whoopz! My taiwan post still not yet ready… I dun even edit my photo still so slow… maybe I should post day by day instead of waiting all to be ready!

July gonna get real busy lo… Cause it's my birthday month~mi and hubb birthday month…

okay to my shopaholic topic…

7th Jun
Right after my Taiwan trip, went to Estee lauder private sales with my girlies and spend S$233.00 (ehhh… using hubb's credit card…hohoho)

14th Jun 
Went JB for massage and makan with Hubb, ZC and HJ
Brought back a few bags.. We was saying just massage and makan, strictly no shopping so never bring along any recycle bag.. End up Hubb and I bought the most.!
21th June
Not to forget my order from Orangebear TW/OBdesign had just arrived 2 week ago.. hohoho
and I just collect it at my in-law hse..
Tell you guys a small secret!
My cupboard is already full and half of it is NEW clothes..
Yippes..! Hubb still giving in to mi, letting mi buy... Thanks Hubb.. muacks! <3 p="">
27th June
It's Friday ^v^" Finally the week had ended and weekend is coming...
Was so happy with the color and design and I wore it without waiting and keeping it for month..
Normally I kept my clothes for like half a yr before I actually wear it... the longest was (giggling) 2 years and I still haven't wear it or I should say I dunno when I will wanna wear tat..
I can't stop buying...
Last week -
26th June
Thanks Bett for intro this new China website and yes, I ordered 5 necklaces. Haven't received it yet as it sent from China.. Hopefully by next week we will received it ba, will blog more about it.. (especially the price for it ~ it freaking shocking)
Fri 27th June
Laneige 70% off sale
Bought the following which only cost me S$40.00..
Water bank Kit - 2 for S$10.00
Water Bank Eye gel Cream - 2 for S$40.00 ( lucky mi, shared this with Bett..)
Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist - 2 for S$20.00
The rest was FREE..
Last shopping post --- Last weekend --- Last Saturday
Was suppose to go Courts to check out the price for Fujifilm intax printer before going up my in-law house..
Then went to Tampines 1 just to use the toilet ~ Really.. All thanks to Hubb lo, went in Uniqlo while waiting for mi.. Happen to see the cardigan jacket tat I wanna buy the last visit to JB and I bought it at S$29.90.. Whoopz! I didn't stop shopping after tat.. I saw New Look just at the corner so just walk in to see it there still have the skort tat I wanna buy... End up ~~~ Yes I bought tat skort (guilty) for S$49.90 less 10% ... 
Shopping make mi happy!
Hubb make mi happy, most importantly Fortunate!
Really feeling so fortunate to have Hubb to be there for mi, ensure that I always have support and dun have to worry much.. Frankly speaking, without him, I dun think I'm able to freely buy things (even rubbish).. Without him, I dun think I can leave my last company tat I worked for 5years and join my current company..
❤❤❤ Note to Hubb ❤❤❤
Thank for all your effort and giving and most importantly your LOVE
Thank for working hard
Thank for giving mi a better life
Much thank you which impossible for me to state every single word
I love you from the bottom of my heart

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy birthday Daddy♡

22 June 2014
Happy birthday Daddy… 
organised a bbq session with my brother for the whole family… 
using xiaomi hai wo take photos all so lag and not clear quality! 
Hard to post photo liao la… 
Thanks biao jie bring her 'instax share smartphone printer'… 

it super useful, nice , small, and instant print and most importantly I love it… 
(Blink blink ~ To my hubb~ hmm… my birthday is coming~~~)

Dear Daddy,
though I seldom mention, seldom say it
I wanna tell you that I love you 
Thanks for giving your best for the family
without you
there wun be mi and my brothers
Thanks for working so hard for the family..

This is my daddy..
always pose for mi to take photo.
I love you Daddy..
Happy Birthday to you!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Estee lauder private sale 2014

Late post once again..
This showed how busy I was..
Super thanks to Bettina! 
Thank for giving us the VIP tickets to Estee lauder private.…


As you all know
I had a wonderful hubb
he woke early with mi, accompany mi to the sales
of course with his credit card

 Look at the crowd!
This is the VIP crowd..
Just the VIP tickets holders
Ke Lian my Ai 
she was holding the normal blue tickets
which mean she can only go in after all VIP leave the room at 1030am
Sorry Ai...

Quote from Watson !
This is so true...
this is wat I always say to myself

Us after the crazy sales!
You can't imagine how crazy it was and how crazy we were
how crazy I was!
I spent the most, HOW GREAT!
should be Hubb spent the most!
see how fortunate I am!
Love you hubb!

After the private sales
after the goodbye
Hubb and I went to sing K at marina square and we had the lunch buffet
not much variety not much choice
but I like the free flow drink (gosh, I just can't goes without drink) 

CamMe time!
Pardon the bad quality of the photos
must understand front camera is like this de plus (sigh*) I'm using iphone 4 taking the Camme

Such a wonderful day!
Feeling so love!

My loots of the day!
This is my berry first time buying so many skincare and make up at 1 time!

Let mi see if I can remember the price...
Mac eyebrow pencil - S$10.00 each 
Mac Lip stick - S$29.00 for 2
Mac Blusher - ?? S$20++ each
Clinique - S$60 for the whole set
DNKY perfume - S$50
Mac make up set - S$35++
(include a mirror, blusher brush, a pouch, a lipstick and a lip-gloss)
That about it!
I tot I kept the receipt but I realized I lost it..
All I rem (hubb rem it) is I spent about S$230+ for all the above!
Really a good catch up!
I love the eyebrow pencil alot 
Thanks to Hubb 
he got S$20++ credit in his credit card 
just a week before the sales
we went to buy the eyebrow pencil for less than S$5.00  and I nv regret it
lucky enough
 we managed to grab hold of the last 6 sticks~2 each 
in the end cat gave it up and I bought her share

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Poulet dating with hubb

 First time trying French Casual Dining Restaurant
This really caught my attention
I like the service, the food and the place

Thanks Hubb for bringing mi here.. 
I love it..
Just 2 pages of menu and it took mi quite a while to order..
plus I just can't believe the price range
I always have the thinking that French cruises are all expensive overprice
I'm impressed at the affordable price at Poulet


Poulet means 'chicken' in French
so of course the specialty is no other than chicken

Poulet Roti (S$15.80 half / S$28.80 whole)

Chicken with home-made mushroon Chardonnay sauce
I simply love the sauce so much
noticed someone ordered their Baguette (S$2.00) after we finished the chicken
I go 'should have order it to dip the sauce'

 Ganny Smith Chicken and Egg Mayo Sandwish ( S$8.80)

Breads..Sandwishes... Baguette..
my all times favourite
Must try this!

Peach Clafoutis (S$7.90)

Rustic French-baked dessert served with peach and vanilla ice cream
I love ice-cream
I love peach
but I dun really like this combination of both
especially the peach is serve baked

1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
6376 9087

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Supperman ((^ω^))

Impromptu lunch at Supperman!


Who still can say "no Supper man!"

Lunch set menu
which include 1 main dish, 2 sides dishes and 1 drink 
What more!!
Service charge and GST are absorbed!


Laksa seafood Linguini S$19.80
with pumpkin and carrot soup and salad with Balsamic vinegar
Quite special
Taste like laksa! :p
Price inclusive of latte too

Cereal Chicken Cutlet S$16.80 
with truffle fries and penne Aglio Olio
Taste abit weird but special
kind of like the taste!


32 Maxwell Road, Maxwell Chambers #01-06
Singapore 069115

How to go:
Alight at Tanjong Pagar station Exit B

65 62240338


Yes! Loving couple isn't loving for 4 days le
All thanks to maggi mee!
Story started ~~~ On monday when he had to go for his RT so I had to settle my own dinner. Juz happened tat day I dun feel like eating maggi mee so I jio Ai for dinner.. Kinda last min impromptu dinner!
Shit happens!
Who knows he will call mi before we finished our dinner! And yes I nv ans his call
8 missed call!
But becoz the phone was in my bag the whole time and I didn't heard it ringing at all…
Ya he got angry coz he was worried abt mi...Worried something happened to mi!
I did texted him tat I will be meeting Ai for dinner and who knows~I never took out my phone out at all after that… Maybe I'm too engrossed eating and complaining and chatting.. But it like only 730 and I didn't expected he will end tat early!
Ya I know he will be angry and I tried to call him back but he choose not to ans just to get me back!
Wth rite! I was planning to go orchard with ai and shit happens!
I was hanging there whether to go or not go and he NEVER ans
So I sent him a text 'stop playing' ... Okay this pissed him off!
Oh man! Having headache due to the stress over work and hot weather
This happens…
I dun wish to quarrel at all… Especially to such a small matter! I noe I need to be like 小女人 to make things better.. So in the end Ai had to go Orchard by herself (so sorry… but u put mi aeroplane tonight liao so fair ar! Whoopz)
Reached home before him and tried to pei yang feeling, cool myself down...!
But but but He came home with the 包青天 face
Wao liew! I where can take it! so I went to bed straight without talking..
Got slightly better on Tues… But still tat face…
Text with small note
Talk with tones
Slient dinner~~~
Slp early !
Who will expect huge fight going to happen the next morning(Wed)!!
Yes! We caught in a big fight, pulling and pushing~~~I hurt myself, both hands swollen, arm kinda sprained but who cares! He really broke my heart this time round!
Woke up late.. Rushed like crazy~~~blowing my hair and putting makeup and I still have to prepare breakfast And he juz sit there!
Wat pissed mi off is his idiotic face… yes tat stupid face tat make things worse!
I started to get angry coz we got to rush for 8am bus and 755am we are still at home…
I admitted tat i started to put thing down hard and he pissed mi off by saying
'Dun wan to do dun do laaaaaaaaaaaaa'
Wth! I'm not maid okay! Even my Daddy wun say this to mi! Okay!
I clapped for u man!
After all the hoo haa…
I even set aside all the maggi mee ingredients and da~dang! Tat face again and this time his turn to slp early FINE ~ Ii just keep everything back to the fridge..
Best part!Normally he can't even wake up at 715 and this morning he woke up at 645 just to leave mi behind at home! Stupid mi still think of making breakfast for him…
I even wanna prepare tonight dinner…(Cold laugh to myself)
I wun give in this time~I wun!
This is just too much!
If u dun care abt mi~ I wun bother abt u either!
This is wat we called

Sunday, June 1, 2014


It's really not easy to blog travel post
I'm so busy
( =.= )
okay I'm lazy..
still trying hard on Day 2 of Taiwan 
I'm trying, I really am!
My English is not great but who cares
I blogged for keeping memories!
I love to take photos, many many photos 
 I'm not professional but who cares
I just the love how hubb and mi laugh and jokes of our past, our looks
especially by reading back my blog
Dun you think that feel so good!
Just done with my online shopping with OBdesign Taiwan
Been trying for weeks but fail due to the dunno wat security by OBdesign system
I even tried to contact their customer service
though they replied but didn't solve my problem
all i know is I had to keep trying everyday
so happy that Finally I can order it again..
5 pcs of dresses
ok la
PS: I did went to their outlet during my last visit which is less than a month ago
I must be crazy
must be out of my mind
who cares
I using my own $$$ (okay mostly my hubb $$$... shhhh)

Thought of the day with hubb
I wanna be Lady boss
I wanna open shop 
so I gonna work hard to that
please support Surprising My Love ~ photobooth
For just SGD100/=
1) A page to display the latest 20 photos on the event day
2) Also an admin page to view all event photos
(which include the person who posted the photos & number of likes to the particular photo)
so why wait!!!
Click to find out more!!
and quote "Jeanrin Yanling" to get S$5.00 off
Happy Instagram~ing