Thursday, June 5, 2014


Yes! Loving couple isn't loving for 4 days le
All thanks to maggi mee!
Story started ~~~ On monday when he had to go for his RT so I had to settle my own dinner. Juz happened tat day I dun feel like eating maggi mee so I jio Ai for dinner.. Kinda last min impromptu dinner!
Shit happens!
Who knows he will call mi before we finished our dinner! And yes I nv ans his call
8 missed call!
But becoz the phone was in my bag the whole time and I didn't heard it ringing at all…
Ya he got angry coz he was worried abt mi...Worried something happened to mi!
I did texted him tat I will be meeting Ai for dinner and who knows~I never took out my phone out at all after that… Maybe I'm too engrossed eating and complaining and chatting.. But it like only 730 and I didn't expected he will end tat early!
Ya I know he will be angry and I tried to call him back but he choose not to ans just to get me back!
Wth rite! I was planning to go orchard with ai and shit happens!
I was hanging there whether to go or not go and he NEVER ans
So I sent him a text 'stop playing' ... Okay this pissed him off!
Oh man! Having headache due to the stress over work and hot weather
This happens…
I dun wish to quarrel at all… Especially to such a small matter! I noe I need to be like 小女人 to make things better.. So in the end Ai had to go Orchard by herself (so sorry… but u put mi aeroplane tonight liao so fair ar! Whoopz)
Reached home before him and tried to pei yang feeling, cool myself down...!
But but but He came home with the 包青天 face
Wao liew! I where can take it! so I went to bed straight without talking..
Got slightly better on Tues… But still tat face…
Text with small note
Talk with tones
Slient dinner~~~
Slp early !
Who will expect huge fight going to happen the next morning(Wed)!!
Yes! We caught in a big fight, pulling and pushing~~~I hurt myself, both hands swollen, arm kinda sprained but who cares! He really broke my heart this time round!
Woke up late.. Rushed like crazy~~~blowing my hair and putting makeup and I still have to prepare breakfast And he juz sit there!
Wat pissed mi off is his idiotic face… yes tat stupid face tat make things worse!
I started to get angry coz we got to rush for 8am bus and 755am we are still at home…
I admitted tat i started to put thing down hard and he pissed mi off by saying
'Dun wan to do dun do laaaaaaaaaaaaa'
Wth! I'm not maid okay! Even my Daddy wun say this to mi! Okay!
I clapped for u man!
After all the hoo haa…
I even set aside all the maggi mee ingredients and da~dang! Tat face again and this time his turn to slp early FINE ~ Ii just keep everything back to the fridge..
Best part!Normally he can't even wake up at 715 and this morning he woke up at 645 just to leave mi behind at home! Stupid mi still think of making breakfast for him…
I even wanna prepare tonight dinner…(Cold laugh to myself)
I wun give in this time~I wun!
This is just too much!
If u dun care abt mi~ I wun bother abt u either!
This is wat we called

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