Sunday, June 29, 2014

Shopaholic [Me] ...

I'm getting kinda excited, okay broke!

Been shopping since last may ~ since I'm back from Taiwan… Haven't really stop myself from shopping… But I juz love shopping especially shopping for new clothes and am still trying to stop buying

Dunno why~~~I still have this 'I have nothing to wear' feeling every now and then… think this gonna get the nerve out of my hubb… Though he had never a single time say mi as mostly is my own pocket $$$.. ( Is it ~~~ hmmm)

My loots from Taiwan~~~whoopz! My taiwan post still not yet ready… I dun even edit my photo still so slow… maybe I should post day by day instead of waiting all to be ready!

July gonna get real busy lo… Cause it's my birthday month~mi and hubb birthday month…

okay to my shopaholic topic…

7th Jun
Right after my Taiwan trip, went to Estee lauder private sales with my girlies and spend S$233.00 (ehhh… using hubb's credit card…hohoho)

14th Jun 
Went JB for massage and makan with Hubb, ZC and HJ
Brought back a few bags.. We was saying just massage and makan, strictly no shopping so never bring along any recycle bag.. End up Hubb and I bought the most.!
21th June
Not to forget my order from Orangebear TW/OBdesign had just arrived 2 week ago.. hohoho
and I just collect it at my in-law hse..
Tell you guys a small secret!
My cupboard is already full and half of it is NEW clothes..
Yippes..! Hubb still giving in to mi, letting mi buy... Thanks Hubb.. muacks! <3 p="">
27th June
It's Friday ^v^" Finally the week had ended and weekend is coming...
Was so happy with the color and design and I wore it without waiting and keeping it for month..
Normally I kept my clothes for like half a yr before I actually wear it... the longest was (giggling) 2 years and I still haven't wear it or I should say I dunno when I will wanna wear tat..
I can't stop buying...
Last week -
26th June
Thanks Bett for intro this new China website and yes, I ordered 5 necklaces. Haven't received it yet as it sent from China.. Hopefully by next week we will received it ba, will blog more about it.. (especially the price for it ~ it freaking shocking)
Fri 27th June
Laneige 70% off sale
Bought the following which only cost me S$40.00..
Water bank Kit - 2 for S$10.00
Water Bank Eye gel Cream - 2 for S$40.00 ( lucky mi, shared this with Bett..)
Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist - 2 for S$20.00
The rest was FREE..
Last shopping post --- Last weekend --- Last Saturday
Was suppose to go Courts to check out the price for Fujifilm intax printer before going up my in-law house..
Then went to Tampines 1 just to use the toilet ~ Really.. All thanks to Hubb lo, went in Uniqlo while waiting for mi.. Happen to see the cardigan jacket tat I wanna buy the last visit to JB and I bought it at S$29.90.. Whoopz! I didn't stop shopping after tat.. I saw New Look just at the corner so just walk in to see it there still have the skort tat I wanna buy... End up ~~~ Yes I bought tat skort (guilty) for S$49.90 less 10% ... 
Shopping make mi happy!
Hubb make mi happy, most importantly Fortunate!
Really feeling so fortunate to have Hubb to be there for mi, ensure that I always have support and dun have to worry much.. Frankly speaking, without him, I dun think I'm able to freely buy things (even rubbish).. Without him, I dun think I can leave my last company tat I worked for 5years and join my current company..
❤❤❤ Note to Hubb ❤❤❤
Thank for all your effort and giving and most importantly your LOVE
Thank for working hard
Thank for giving mi a better life
Much thank you which impossible for me to state every single word
I love you from the bottom of my heart

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