Friday, June 20, 2014

Estee lauder private sale 2014

Late post once again..
This showed how busy I was..
Super thanks to Bettina! 
Thank for giving us the VIP tickets to Estee lauder private.…


As you all know
I had a wonderful hubb
he woke early with mi, accompany mi to the sales
of course with his credit card

 Look at the crowd!
This is the VIP crowd..
Just the VIP tickets holders
Ke Lian my Ai 
she was holding the normal blue tickets
which mean she can only go in after all VIP leave the room at 1030am
Sorry Ai...

Quote from Watson !
This is so true...
this is wat I always say to myself

Us after the crazy sales!
You can't imagine how crazy it was and how crazy we were
how crazy I was!
I spent the most, HOW GREAT!
should be Hubb spent the most!
see how fortunate I am!
Love you hubb!

After the private sales
after the goodbye
Hubb and I went to sing K at marina square and we had the lunch buffet
not much variety not much choice
but I like the free flow drink (gosh, I just can't goes without drink) 

CamMe time!
Pardon the bad quality of the photos
must understand front camera is like this de plus (sigh*) I'm using iphone 4 taking the Camme

Such a wonderful day!
Feeling so love!

My loots of the day!
This is my berry first time buying so many skincare and make up at 1 time!

Let mi see if I can remember the price...
Mac eyebrow pencil - S$10.00 each 
Mac Lip stick - S$29.00 for 2
Mac Blusher - ?? S$20++ each
Clinique - S$60 for the whole set
DNKY perfume - S$50
Mac make up set - S$35++
(include a mirror, blusher brush, a pouch, a lipstick and a lip-gloss)
That about it!
I tot I kept the receipt but I realized I lost it..
All I rem (hubb rem it) is I spent about S$230+ for all the above!
Really a good catch up!
I love the eyebrow pencil alot 
Thanks to Hubb 
he got S$20++ credit in his credit card 
just a week before the sales
we went to buy the eyebrow pencil for less than S$5.00  and I nv regret it
lucky enough
 we managed to grab hold of the last 6 sticks~2 each 
in the end cat gave it up and I bought her share

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