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Friday, June 26, 2015

Just whining ~

Okay.. Decided to update a little before everything got pile up..

Yes I just got back from Bangkok with my family.. 
Yes I just came back from Bangkok last month..
But who care!
I love travelling despite going back the same country over n over again.. 
Stop tell mi ~ "Hey you should go Hongkong instead of Thailand n Taiwan" 
Hello! Why bother where I go!! I go where I love to go.. Can't I?? 
Yes.. I going Phuket in July.. My birthday month n i gonna celebrate overseas!! 
Yes, I'm blessed with my Hubb and I nv took him for granted.. I know he worked berry hard juz to give mi the life I always want since young.. 
Not having a prefect family background (who dun have story? Mine?? Nothing great ~ how about having a mum who sold u away when she lost money when gambling! How about having a daddy who work out of his life juz to get mi n bro back? Stop telling mi what to do in life??!! Chill... I grew up strong..)
Sorry out of track... 
Where were I?? Oh.. Huh ah... I juz back from Bangkok last Sunday... This trip is more like a rest n relax trip will do up a post soon; real soon but dunno when.. I was so so so busy la.. Wat did I do this whole week? Hmmm..
Monday~ my first love first hero birthday! Love him every bits...
Tuesday ~ Back at work.. Shag... Went over my ah ma hse cause it's my ah gong 5th year death anniversary.. Till now I still feel sad and guilty for not taking photos with my gong.. None of us have.. Maybe this is the reason why.. I always love to take photo with my daddy n ah ma.. 
Wednesday ~ Finally got my nails done.. Hate it to see my yellowish nails.. Been trying all means to cure it but fails!! 

Thursday ~ Had a quarrel with Hubb.. Still whipped up dinner for him after work.. Tired max!!
Friday ~ yes you heard mi... It's Friday.. Can't believe time flies like nobody business.. 
Going USS after work to join Hubb for his company event.. Kinda shy and excited.. Hahahhaa.. 
My #ootd ❤️ pardon my not ready shot...  But this is the best shot my hubb took as there was soo many ppl at the bus stop this morning.. Hahaha..! 

My weekend oso gonna be great as well hahaha... 
Saturday ~ Attending Hubb colleague's wedding lunch.. And my family coming over my hse for steamboat.. 
Sunday ~ FIL told mi last night tat he ordering those good good durians on for Sunday.. He always dote mi.. 😘

Monday, June 22, 2015

Europe HoneyMoon Day 4 ~ Siena Rome

27th Dec 2014

It's actually freezing out there and I actually wearing 3 tops plus a jacket to be wear later... hahhaa
but I really love the weather so much.. (psst: I missing it already!)

Just wanna take a photo right before everyone came down for breakfast.. I shy ma...
Think I noe why I was so excited the whole morning...
Coz we are going to the luxury outlet!
The Mall Outlet Centre
Via Europa 8 
50066 Leccio Reggello (FI)
The weather is really no joke plus we have to stand in the cold just to queue to Prada the only store that require us to queue and queue..
I got my first prada wallet here!

You can't imagine the crowd here.. Tourists la... (okay... including myself)
Rin kept reminded us that once you eye any bag, just tell the sales staff to write down your number when given when u walked into the store..
We even encounter...

Me: Dear.. this bag berry nice hor.. Last pc liao lei...
Hubb: hai hao la... u wanna see other design first...
Me: okay lor... put on hold first...
Jus a sec after put down tat bag... This ZG tourist just tell the sales staff, she want it...
So in the end... I only bought a wallet here...

Hubb and his go pro.. 
Everytime wanna mi to go pro with him hai wo so paiseh when everyone looking at us..
Kinda disappointed...
We only had 2-3 hours at Luxury outlet, just Prada already spend over 1 hour..
What to do...

Tour Group..!

Heading to Siena for lunch and guided tour around the streets...
Kinda wasted as it was raining and Hubb dun allowed mi to take out my pinkie out to capture the beautiful scenery especially the streets and the bricks building...
Our coupons for lunch..
Yes just as what you seen.. 1 slice of pizza and 1 drink plus 1 ice cream.. Definitely warm our heart from the cold...

This is where we got to use the cute coupons!

Candid shot of my Hubb..

The weather is so cold out there perhaps this is the reason why I managed to capture this.. wahahaha.

Pizzas that dun suit mi at all...

Full range of yummlicous beautiful ice cream..
I really dunno which one should I choose, all look so yummy.. Oh man!
Beautiful isn't it..❤❤❤
In the end, I choose the safer choice since I dun really ate the pizza at all and I still feel so hungry!
I really enjoy the gelato ❤ especially in the cold..
See how greedy I am!

Okay... 1 for Hubb and 1 for MI la..

And we started our tour without my pinkie camera..
Hubb totally dun allow mi to take it out at all...

I only remember all of us had to walk in the rain, not just walk along the street but oso climbing up and down the slopes.. Kinda tiring..

Thank God...
I managed to 'steal' some photos from my tour group mates..

And so, it's dinner time..

After a long ride, we reached the city of Italy, Rome to rest our feet for the night..
Our hotel stay of the night... much better hotel like finally..

Supper before bedtime...
I just wanna eat the maggi mee we bring along with us to Europe..

I missed Europe so so so much...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A day Singapore Zoo and River Safari

Well spent Saturday at Singapore Zoo and River Safari with my younger brother and cousin..
Just back from the Zoo and decided to just start updating before everything got stack up... hahaha! Not as if many alot people are reading at least I wanna kept all my memories here and for me to flip through every now and then.. 
Our day started quite late, we reached Singapore at about 1++ , surprisingly the crowds wasn't that bad except for KFC... hahaha
Yes.. We started our day with the super crowded KFC with tons n tons of tourists.. Oh well, maybe it just happen to be lunch time.. 
Let's our day beginning..

Happily let the kiddos led the way...
anyway my main purpose was to see the Koala bears ( I love to call themm Cola bear...)

I just being biased ~~~ over this white tiger...
I always love to see the white tiger, or I should say I love all type of tigers..

This lovely tiger still cat walking in front of us, walking forward and backward..
SO cool and smart isn't it..
Can you see the calf? It only 2 months old..
And it really shy, kept hiding in the water and peeping every now and then...
Though I had been travelling but I never had a chance to go Australia.. T_T
A non stop growth mammals, most mammals stop growing after they reach a certain age. Kangaroos grow throughout their lives..  
Koala Bears!
I heard we can carry the cola in Australia.. OMG! 
I think I will fall in love again if I can carry the cola but I know I wun cause I'm scared!
Sadly, we are only allow 10 mins to be in the viewing gallery.. How sad..!
And we had to queue for 30 mins to be in the viewing gallery..!

By the time we walked out, it started to rain.. Oh man! It gonna be so stuffy...
Lucky enough, the rain stopped after few mins so we moved on to the next stop...

And we stopped at the elephants show area... It's only 230pm and elephant show start at 330pm but we decided to choose a good seat and wait for the show to start..
Cheeky us!
They are really cuteeee and funnny..

Orang Utan
Penguinsssss are birds but they only "fly" underwaters...
Well... ended our Zoo tour short and sweeet... but seem like we miss alot of animals but who cares when we enjoy ourselves..

Kiddos with their long waited ICE-CREAM...
Didn't noe that the River Safari closed at 6pm and panda viewing closed at 5pm...
It already 520pm but we still rush to River Safari..

Kudos thanks to the staffs at River Safari.. You guys rocks our day... 
We were told that the panda viewing will be closing at 530pm today and ask us to rush in by the exit..
We reached the Panda viewing at 526pm and YEAH... JiaJia Kai Kai here we are....

First greet by the ReD panda..
Slightly larger den a cat with a fox like face..

When we only have 4 mins with JiaJia and KaiKai, both of them are way far far ahead.. 
I'm glad the kiddos enjoy themselves like I enjoy myself...
Bought the Kiddos JiaJia and KaiKai plushies..
Buy 1 free 1 (2 for S$29.90)
Didn't manage to get Hubb to buy for mi.. Oh well...
Pardon the auntie look here... hahhaa...!
Great well spent Saturday...!

Oh man... I miss DATING with my Hubb already.... 

PSSST: Can I have JiaJia and KaiKai PLEASe.... Hahahaha....