Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Europe Honeymoon Day 3 ~ Italy Venice

26th December 2014

Despite the room was rather disappointing, the dinner was bad, once see the breakfast table brighten up my day..
Hubb and his coffee!!
Mi and my breakfast
I simply love breakfast, especially bread... I just wun get sick over it..
(Hubb says, he shall see how long will I tahan to eat croissant, egg and bacon everyday... !hahaha.. we shall see..)
Check out hotel and moved on our tour to Venice..
Morning shot on the bus
Hubb looking great lei... 我真的真的愛他!
Thank you for making all my dreams come true..

Waiting to board the private water taxi to the heart of Venice

Beautiful scenery along our way that melt my heart...
Too bad we had to sit down in the water taxi so unable to capture any photos without our reflections through the glass window..  
Walking towards St Mark's square and St Mark's Basilica

Though we have to like rush all the way there cause we have limited time, I still wanna stop to take photos.. 

Bridge of Sighs
Rin (our tour manager of this trip..) told us that there's many stories behind this bridge.. One of the legend which says that the bridge offer the prisoners a last time time to see the outside world, thinking back, regretting what they had done wrong, started sighing..
But some saying, the sighing was due the prisoners can see anything outside from that angle...
Not sure you guys know which one I was saying, hahaha.. I referring to the bridge in the middle  with the 2 square on it..
Not able to pose with the bridge of sigh
A photo with all tourists taking photos of the the bridge of sigh..

Reached Piazza San Marco where St Mark Basilica and San Marco Campanile..
We had our guided tour at St Mark's Square and St Mark's Basilica..

Our day tour guide..
Shame on mi!
I totally dun remember what she was told us as I was busy taking photos.. haiz..
anyway, even if I had pay attention, I dun think I remember any of it... so... you noe what I meant ya!

Beautiful isn't it...
Though I may not be Christian or Catholic, but I truly fall in love with all the building and churches we went to..

Right before lunch, we headed to the glass factory, where they showed us demonstration of glass blowing.. everything was cool.. It really a eye opening opportunity for many of us..
While most of the families buying the classy glass, mi outside taking photos (just like most of my tour members do)

After that, we had our tour with Gondola and had a lot of fun especially the tourist in front us paid some $$$ for the guy who row the gondola to sing.. Such a wonderful view with a beautiful music..

The only with kiddo family in our group

We had a "guided tour" to walk  to the restaurant for lunch..

No la... just that a staff from the restaurant had to meet us at the St mark Square just to walk us to the restaurant, and I remember we had to walk a berry long way just to get to the restaurant..

As usual, I posed with the drink which I dun drink.. hahhaa..

Panorama view right before we leave the beautiful place..

Kinda sad that we only have a few hours here and already spend an hour just to walk to the restaurant..

I got to know from my girlie that right here, there's a factory outlet called Barberino factory outlet.. Due to time constraint, we dun have a chance to shop here...

Again back to the bus, back to road trip and reached Hotel Datini..

#ootd at the lobby
Like cannot see what I wear hor.. hahaha

Even though we were given 2 queen sized bed, Hubb and I will still squeezed in 1 bed..
Lovely ya..


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