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Europe Honeymoon Day 1 & 2 ~ Italy - Milan

 24th December 2014

Thank you foodies explorers kakis for sending Hubb and mi off for our Honeymoon.. 
so excited! 
Well, I came with well prepare..
Neck rest, tablet and phone fully charged, face mist and many more...
My necessaries on board!
On board with Emirates lo..
Yes we flying with Emirates with EU holidays
Read about how friendly the cabin crews was but I dun really experience it especially when flying back from Dubai to Singapore.. 
Of course not going to mention it as this suppose to be a happy HONEYMOON post ❤️

Transit in Dubai
While waiting to transit, grab a drink and chill, totally forget the price but I know it not cheap yet I still have to get it...

Can't live without my Starbucks coffee..

Oh MAN...
my bloated face!

25th December 2014 

Merry Christmas!

Finally after a long haul flight, we touched down at Italy ~ Milan..
Pardon my shaggy hair and face.. 
Feel like screaming and wishing every one on plane Merry Christmas but okay "I shy lei"..

Surprising my jet-lag wasn't that bad and didn't affected mi much during the Europe Love Trip..
Yes I mentioned Europe ya... coz I had the worse jet-lag experience in Dubai when going home!! 

Ootd: Pink jacket and pant from @obdesigntw
Gloves from Uniqlo
Boots from Timberland 

Started our tour straight after we touched down.. 
This is one of the cons for booking tour package but other den this everything was great!

❤️ First stop ~ Castello de Sforza 
Originally a military fortress with defenses improved by Leonardo da Vinci
I having a bad hair day and bloated face, all close up pictures all damn chui.. OMG... 
Y dun travel agent planned the itinerary for us to go hotel to wash up.. I really need to wash my hair and touched up, I wanna take nice photos... 
❤️ Photostop at the magnificent Gothic Duomo Cathedral 
One of the famous buildings in Europe
Largest Gothic cathedral and the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world

Entry to the cathedral is free but getting to the roof costs £6-8 
Due to it Christmas season especially on the day itself the queue was horrible and because we followed tour, due to time constraint we also unable to queue for it... 
Not too disappointed la..

How can a Christmas in Europe without a Christmas Tree..
In Singapore, every malls and whole Orchard Road is fill with Xmas deco but over at Europe is just a simple Xmas tree with simple deco and it's just too pretty..
Simple is always the best deco..

 ❤️ First meal in Europe ~ McDonald

hahaha... When all our group members went for restaurant, for pasta and pizza
Hubb and I decided on McDonald 
coz I just wan to eat Mac (and I make a berry good decision lei!!) 
I love this ordering system which make us easy ordering.. 
but NO CHILIES sauce make my fries tasted hmmmm...

Visited the Xmas market after lunch
Everything look so yummy so interesting, and of course a berry wonderful experiences
I'm glad we choose a great time to travel...

Cheese making in process...! 

❤️ La Scala Opera house

We was told that it's a rare occasion for this free entry open house, so we decided to queue for it as we still have time...
In the end, we spent 30 mins or more queuing up but spend like only 5 mins as the guided tour was in Italian and I'm not allow to take any photosss...

So we traveled hours and hours just to get our dinner..
Not to my taste!!
Pasta was okay.. The fish tasted uncooked with the jelly jelly feel.. Yucks! The chicken was especially cook for mi as the tour manager noticed that I didn't ate the fish but the chicken wasn't good either so I didn't finish it... Tiramisu was okay too..
Okay I started thinking of the maggi I bring over!! hahaha

In SG, every order we ordered came one after another till our food all served to the ttable but
In Italy, we had to finish up the first dish before the next dish served..
I almost wanna request them to serve together with my pasta..

❤Plaza Hotel

Finally reached hotel to rest our minds, our body...
My first night in Europe, Italy Milan was rather disappointing..
Cause I always think that things, food almost everything especially the hotel will have a high standard at least compared to Singapore but somehow it dun seem be the way as I think and believe..

Oh well!!

End of day 1 and 2
and I so wanna fly, fly to Europe please....

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