Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life changing matters

Something random Something personal about mi...

Been changing my lifestyle for a better health.. Yes, 2015 is not a berry good year start, my health is not doing well.. Been stressing and blaming myself so harming my health, my body.. At time, I cry to myself, blaming Hubb for not caring enough... I dun even wanna bring up to my family, even to my friends.. But now, I decided to face it bravely especially I have my Hubb strong support.. Right now, I'm getting better and preparing myself, my body for a next new stage of life..

Past about myself

  1. Everyday 2 full cups of kopi ka dai; breakfast at 9 am and tea break at 2 pm (Lunch at 1130 am)
  2. Every week 1 cup of Starbucks ICED GREEN TEA LATTE
  3. Every week 1 - 2 cups of bubble 70% sugar
  4. Almost every 1 can of soft drink; ice lemon tea and COKE
  5. No fruits
  6. No exercise for a few months
  7. I love chocolate, sweets and even chips
Present about myself

  1. Everyday breakfast before 730 am; Non fat milk replace coffee every morning; Kopi C siew dai for tea break as usual but less den a cup 
  2. Every month just a cup or 2; gonna give up my star member soon... :(
  3. Every month just a cup or nothing bubble tea with 25% sugar level
  4. Total no more soft drink at all for almost 5 months; even my all time favorite COKE
  5. Everyday 2 hrs after lunch, 1 slice of melon and some guava; if i'm hungry at night after dinner, jiu 1 apple or 1 orange
  6. Every night before bedtime, I will do 15 mins of Chris Powell exercise together with a simple bedtime yoga.. Someday after dinner, Hubb will drag mi out for night walk and Weekend go for a swim too 
  7. Haven't touch any snacks for a few weeks lo.. If seaweeds not counted den it had been months...

I hope I maintain myself, not to lose weight but to a healthier self..

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