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Bangkok trip for our 3rd years ROM anniversary

Bangkok ~ 9 - 12 May 2015
Already update my Europe trip up to Day 10 lo.. I hope I can finish up real soon...
But right now, I think I should get my hand on on Bangkok trip first cause I going again in June with my family..
At least, Bangkok is kinda easier to update den Europe as I already went to Bangkok many many times and every time  also went to the same old places so kinda easier too.. : )
My travel companions together with my Hubb of coz..
Love my Hubb deep deep.. 
He keeps his promise to bring mi see such a beautiful bed of sunflowers...
My favorite flower ~ Sunflower 
'Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It's what the sunflowers do.'
Been travelling here and there many times a year.. But we always book with promotion fares.. Hoohoo..
First time travel with TigerAir and surprisingly, I dun have a bad experience with them in fact I love their 'Boardmefirst'.. 
The feeling of board me first is shiok man.. cause you can beat the crowds and board the plane first..
Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars!
As usual, we choose a hotel recommended by my girlie Min.. 
Budacco hotel
She mentioned that the hotel location is more convenient for us to travel around as Budacco is located in the central of Pratunam Market and walking distance to Platinum Mall..
Though hotel given us a free upgrade to Oriental Room which I been wanna book de, but the room bed was bad, the blanket was bad, the room is with ants here and there.. The air-con placing was bad too.. Only think is the toilet was clean and nice and the room with a table and bench to sit and have out snack and supper.. :)

Hotel room price is berry affordable and the room is berry pretty with different theme color..
Map below for your easy reference, show the driver if needed as not many drivers know this hotel yet as it located in a small valley.. 
Gentle note: Just drop at Baiyoke Sky hotel, back facing the hotel, walk straight ahead, first turn right den turn right, you will see a valley with 2 big sign of massage signage, one of them is Blue Spa..
Oh ya, super recommend Blue Spa massage.. Not sure how good is the other shop, maybe u can try it..
Hotel location ~ ❤❤❤
Hotel Price ~ ❤❤❤❤
Hotel room ~ ❤❤
First meal in Bangkok, of coz that must be Mcdonald Pork burger...
Though it dun tastes as good as I first ate it but it had been a must to have it everytime in Bangkok..

Tuk tuk had been my favorite transport in Bangkok..
Just 100 baht to 150baht can bring you to everywhere.. Just remember nothing more den 150 baht ya..
First stop to Talad Rot Fai is also known as Train Market.
There's actually 2 Talad Rot Fai as I heard from many of my friends.. The berry first one behind Seacon Square (previously located near Chatuchak Weekend market)
Second location opened in January 2015 was much closer to Bangkok, just behind Esplanade Shopping Mall, two minutes walk from Thai Cultural Center MRT..
Ratchada Train Market is open from 17:00 to 01:00 Thursday to Sunday
Though it's not as big as the first one but it had the same vintage style and retro gear..
Even a vintage van selling vintage snacks, many can reminds you of the snacks that you ate since young..
We found a new snack ~ Croissant Taiyaki
You can find it once you step into Esplanade Shopping Mall..
Second day shopping started...
We started our day at Erawan Shrine... It always a must for us to go there to bai bai... 
Next stop Chatuchak weekend market in which Hubb and I dun really like to shop here as we always dun get to walk throughout as it was too big and too hot to walk finish the whole market..
Psst: I still coming back everytime we back in Bangkok.. wahaha...
Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

I always love to eat to this...
Eat this while it's hot and spicy and eat it in a hot weather!
When you can find alot of stall selling coconut ice cream etc everywhere...
But this Grilled Honey Roast Pork s also known as 'Moo Yang' in Thai.. 
Hubb fallen in love with this ever since we first ate it years ago.. I believe he always agree to bring mi to Chatuchak market every time we travel to Bangkok..
The meat is so juicy, soft and tender.. You gonna tried it for once... I bet that once wun be the last time.. 
Add a bun if you wan but you can definitely can it without that bun..
They sell pork chop by weight ~ 100g : 45baht
We always order 200g for 2 of us and we never had enough of it but we always love fighting the last piece..
They are located at Area 22, Soi 4, near the area where Porcelain wares are. and right in front of the porcelain wares are most of the food stalls..
We are done after less than 3 hours and we moved on to Union Mall... Of coz we nv walked finished the whole market..
Heard it also a wholesale market , just like Chachutak market just that here is a shopping mall..
I dun think so..
The stuffs selling actually much higher even higher den Platinum Shopping Mall.. 
Another must eat when I'm back in Bangkok... MK restaurant...
Roasted meats ~ from duck to char siew meat and roasted crispy meat..
All are so yummlicous, delicous, I totally have no idea why but it's so tender and well cooked, especially with the gravy! 
We always use the gravy to eat with the spinach noodle... Try it...
Banana Pancake with chocolate and condensed milk, tasted totally like our roti prata..
It is berry sinful so we always ask not to add in the condensed milk..
Seem like this trip is more like a eating trip.. Somehow, I simply miss the food here...
After You Dessert Cafe at Siam Paragon
Dun take the hype to order those fancy shibuya toast.. 
Trust mi!
Just order the Shibuya Honey Toast, it's simply too good to be true..!
First time order room service in Bangkok.. (Okay sorry Hubb just remind mi that this isn't our first time but second time ordering room service!)
First time order Tom Yum Maggi Mee in Bangkok
First time having complimentary popiah by the hotel..
Got a new passport for both myself and Hubb but we got it at 40 baht higher.. Too hurry and anxious to get one in the end got it at a higher price...
Note: the logo and leather name suppose to be free, just have to pay the holder will do.. 
Dun be like mi.. Hur hur...
But I still love it...
Third day in Bangkok
Simply love the Hello Kitty cap I bought from Taobao...
Just cannot explain how Taobao change many Singaporean life, okay my life..
First stop of the day ~ Roast Coffee and Eatery
Address; Seenspace Thonglor 13, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Here is mi with the roast breakfast set (350baht)
Menu stated 2 eggs so I tot we can order 2 different kinds of eggs... So i  ordered scramble egg and Hubb order sunny side up.. The best part is the waitress never tell us that can only choose 1 kind of egg but using 2 eggs.. So I'm kinda disappointed that I can't have scramble egg that morning but lucky the crispy bacon is a DA-BOMB....! Super doper crispy together with the yummy saute mushroom! Thumb up!
Full of yummlicous foodies on the table!
How to be disappointed for long with this...
Must try!
Strawberry Waffles (240 baht)
How can one dun pose with the photogenic Strawberry waffle?
Roast is really worth a visit, if you can afford the time to pay Thong Lor a visit, hop on a taxi to Thong Lor and have a lovely brunch to start your prefect day before all the walking and shopping.. Beside Roast, there's After you and even Mr Jone's Orphanage... No harm to pop by, I promise..

And so, we hop on a cab and headed back to Big C supermarket.. Although I been to Bangkok so many time, I just got to know that there's many Big C supermarket in Bangkok.. wahahaha.. And I always go to the one opposite Central world..
Our trolley before and after..
We just spend 2000baht on tibits!
My strong man! 
Though from Central world to our hotel is a walk-able distance but to carry that heavy box to walk that distance is killing..
Plus I still wanna go Central World to shop my melissa and wacoal.. Sorry Hubb..
I insisted to carry that box to walk through Pratunam Market while Hubb went to buy Sab sab wanton mee...
My poor sore arms!!...
It tastes as good as dine in, minus point is that, there's no special queue for take away order!
All cook by orders.... :(
Opertating hours: 9.00 am to 3.00 pm
Ever since Glow Pratunam hotel was built, Sab sab wanton mee shop can be find easy... It just situated in a lane beside Shibuya 19 shopping mall which is also Glow Hotel.. 
Shopping at Platinum Shopping Mall ~ sorry no photos here cause my legs are killing mi! Gosh... 

Walked to Central World temporary food fair to get dinner and got us a 10baht chicken rice, 20 baht orange juice and 100baht chicken..
Seem like we dun really shop much except for myself and my Wacoal
Now, Hello Kitty House Bangkok
Siam SQ1, Bangkok
Directly opposite Siam Paragon
Pink kitty, Pink chair, Pink banquettes, Pink creamer, pink sugar servings, Pink bottles..
Even the safety cone is in Pink..
How sweet can it be!
I dun really like hello kitty from young.. 
In fact, I just fallen in love 3 years ago, all thanks to Mcdonald.. But Hubb know mi well, not that I love Hello Kitty, I just love everything with soft toy, from teddy bear to craftholic to hello kitty, I love them all.. 
I always love to visit Hello Kitty cafe in Taiwan.. It always bring the younger side of mi out..
The food may not be fantastic but I like... And I always wanna go back..
But this time in Bangkok ~~~ Once is enough
Main reason is the price of it isn't that cheap especially it dun taste that fantastic to worth the price..

Omg! I just googled and realized I missed out something real big! 
Dubai has Hello Kitty Spa, how come I dunno about it and I just spend 3D2N in Dubai without knowing it at all... Gosh... 
Taipei has Hello Kitty Cafe, Dubai has Hello Kitty SPA, Bangkok has 3 in 1; Hello Kitty Cafe, Hello Kitty SPA and Hello Kitty Shop..
Though I wun come back for the dessert nor the shop but I might come back for Hello Kitty SPA..
I'm sure I will love it ba..
Shall I?
Strawberry Cheesecake - 160 baht
Taste funny ~ Sweet and Sour taste.. I think the sweet comes from the cheese and the sour comes from the strawberry.. Dun really like it maybe recently I quit sweet stuffs already( I think I'm too sweet to eat sweet stuffs already!! shy***)
Rainbow Crepe Cake - 150baht
Simple but taste not bad, I like...
As long as you dun pour the strawberry sauce on to the whole cake, maybe juz dip dip abit ba.. you will definitely love it if you dun like sweet stuffs..
Trying to look good but so hard especially perspire the whole day 
Best pictures of all liao...
My strong man, hmmm... I mean my sweet man..
Sweet strong man!
Should have drag Hubb to follow mi downstair.. Coz I'm alone so kinda paiseh to ask people to take photo for mi.. Hurhur... And I missed the third floor, I think I have to go back already..
Oh... forget to mention..
Hello Kitty House Bangkok has 3 level
Top floor - I missed it but based on others blogs it should be another dining area. Many instagram worthy.
Middle floor - The main level where the main door is, also where you ordered and collect your Hello Kitty..
Bottom floor - This is where the Hello Kitty Shop and Hello Kitty Spa is..
I love the Hello Kitty Chair lei... TaoBao have?? hahaha...
But I know Hubb is going crazy soon, not because of the sweetness of the cafe but the Hello Kitty song which they played over and over again and again..
I think I already in daze with hello kitty, I dun even remember singing to it over and again lei.. hahaha
Had a berry sweet and long day..
Back at Hotel 
Before packing our luggage, take some selfies first... anyway our luggage berry easy to pack lei as I didn't buy much during this trip.. Wahaha...
Selfie with the super cute Rilakumar mini bottle
Where can say we been Bangkok when we never eat mango sticky rice!!
Just bought it near our hotel alley.. and surprisingly it taste so good..  
Fourth day - Last day
又爱又恨 feeling..
爱 because I miss my bed my comforter  my nana, okay I miss my bedroom..And I'm coming back in June already so nothing to sad about..
恨 because I going back to reality, back to work already!
Selfies when on the way to airport
We wore the I love Bangkok tee, alot people looking at us lei... Kinda paiseh lei..
But do you we care... Lovely... 
Our luggage weight before we came and before we go back!
See... I never bluff...
Cause Hubb always berry GCS (hahaha... he taught mi this de... Guess what does this mean... hahaha)
We reached airport super early, among the first few to check in..
Settle our lunch at airport!
Hungry mi, see the greedy mi~~~
Yeah.. Finally done with my Bangkok and I already can't wait to go back..
Oh ya.. Jus recover from gastric virus attack, doc says it could be due the food I eat in Bangkok so I bet he referring to the street food ba... hahaha!
Do you think this can stop mi..? 
We shall see it soon..
Yes as I mentioned, I going back in June, in just 1 month time..

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